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Andrea And The Spiritual Roommate – Season 1 – Episode 3

👻Andrea and the spiritual roommate👻

Episode 3

Story by Crownway Amef

Anny’s scream caused Jeremy to faint and he fell to the ground. Anny knelt beside unconscious Andrea crying profusely, she tried to touch her but she couldn’t because she is a ghost.The strange voice brought Aramis to the scene..Anny sensed danger and she quickly disappeared. Aramis saw Jeremy lying flat on the ground and a lady with a gunshot wound.He carried her to a convenient place and treated the wound for her,she regain consciousness and Anny appeared to her
Anny:Andrea,Andrea are you okay?

Andrea:(weakly) uh..yeah I guess
Then Aramis went to her

Aramis:who are you talking with

Andrea:Who are you

Aramis:are you okay,how is the pain?

Andrea:what happened to me

Aramis:Are we really answering questions with questions

Anny:That stupid fellow shot you

Aramis:my friend mistook you for an evil spirit

Andrea:so your friend can kill spirit with a gun

Aramis:ah not really I can’t tell you that part but I’m sorry

Andrea:its okay thanks for saving me

Anny:Andrea I keep getting negative thought about them

Aramis:uhm young lady if I may ask you a favour and if you won’t find it rude please can we pass the night at your place?my friend is still unconscious

Anny:No Andrea

Andrea:And why will I want to risk that?inviting two young men into home as a young girl living alone

Aramis:please don’t judge us like that and for the fact that a young girl like you is living in this forest all alone that’s brave enough for me to be scared

Andrea:Just keep it in mind that I’ll be watching you

Andrea allowed them into her house and the following morning they set to leave.

Aramis:Before I go,can I know ur name?

Andrea:I don’t feel like telling you so fuck off

Aramis:I guess I’ll have to tell the government about this forest

Andrea:no no please don’t bring trouble to this peaceful forest..My name is Andrea and I’m an orphan

Aramis:Will you come wit me to the city?

(Living with a ghost hunter)


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