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An Evening With Eva (Action And Romance) – Season 2 – Episode 20

Sophia watched the small 14 inch screen on
her table as she spoke. The General looked
very upset. He had never been confronted by
any of his Lieutenants ever in all his time as
an enigma in the force. She smiled to herself.
The General had no idea she was watching
him. She had instructed Ope to rerun the
cabling in BeeHive the night before. She had
bugged the Control Room where the General
now occupied, attaching a very small unique
surveillance camera on the wall. It was a very
flat device which was adjusted to fit into the
light switch.
Sean sat across her on a couch inside Bee
Hive. He was disoriented and drowsy. Sophia
had injected him with a kind of serum to make
him lose consciousness. Sophia had got him
quite easily. She knew the kind of attraction
she had on him and she had never doubted
her ability to use her charms on any man.
As Sean walked out of the viewing room,
Sophia had followed him immediately. He
walked briskly and descended the stairs,
taking a right as he entered the Gents. He
entered a cubicle, unzipped his fly and began
to pee.
Sophia had entered quietly behind him without
him noticing. She held a very small jack knife
in her hand, placing it just on top of Sean’s
d1ck cap. Sean’s urine ceased abruptly. He
could not continue.
“Hello baby. Miss me?” She said softly into his
ear, using her tongue to stimulate the edges of
his right ear.
“Sophie. How did you find me?” Sean asked.
His urine finally found a way of resuming, the
barely transparent liquid flowing into the
“I always knew where you were Sean. I only
needed to wait out the goons who were always
around you. Most especially that Dam who is
always clinging onto you like she owns you.”
Sophia finished spitefully, the jack knife
lowering harder on his limp d1ck.
“Easy baby. I don’t know you to be a jealous
lover. There is enough of me to go round you
know.” Sean said in a mock manner.
Just as Sean was shaking the last few drops
of pee off his d1ck and putting it back in his
pants, two tall men in black suits and dark
shades opened the door to the cubicle and
dragged Sean out. Sean did not even try to
fight. They injected him with some form of
serum and he immediately passed out. They
dragged him through the emergency exit.
Locking the door behind them, the men
carried Sean through the staircase behind the
building with Sophia following closely behind.
There was a chopper waiting on the landing
already fired up and ready for lift off. The two
men had bundled Sean into the chopper
sandwiching him between them as Sophia sat
beside the pilot. Sophia and her crew were
midway through their journey when Ope
radioed in. One .of the two men who had
captured Sean, handed over the phone to
“Target is visible. Looks disoriented. She’s in
the car park. Seems like she is looking for
something. What’s your command Sophia?”
Ope had asked
“Just keep an eye on her. I doubt that she
would be a threat. She doesn’t do when she is
emotionally destabilized and that is what we
have done. I do not see The Colonel around
but you have to make sure that you have your
eyes wide open. He is the remaining part of
this Take Out operation. As long as The
Colonel is at large, we cannot relax. We have
not won. He is the only one who can cause us
problems now and inflict real damage. That is
not an option. However, if you notice anything
funny or the least suspicious, do not hesitate.
Take her out. Keep your senses Ope. This is a
very crucial stage.” Sophia replied.
“Roger that ma. We have found the location of
the Colonel. After careful scanning and
infiltration of the perimeter, we located their
temporary hideout. However, he was not in the
building when we got there. I have increased
the number of agents and collected a few
exhibits. We are totally aware of his ability to
blend in with his surroundings and disappear
within the blink of an eye. We are leaving
nothing to chance. We plan to box him in once
we sight him.” Ope said.
“Very well then soldier. Carry on. Keep me
informed on all proceedings. Over and out.”
Sophia finished, ending the conversation.
It had been a very quiet twenty second flight.
Sophia did not really feel comfortable that she
was leaving Ope alone to handle the Colonel
by himself but she had no choice. She had a
greater demon to face and she had no shred of
doubt in her mind that no one else could pull
it off asides her. She swallowed saliva and
closed her eyes as the chopper descended to
eighteen feet above the ground. They were
600km away from Bee Hive. A huge Mack
cooling truck came out of a right bend and
sped on ahead of them. The chopper moved
carefully towards the van until it was directly
on top above it. The Van increased speed,
moved a little distance away from the chopper
and parked in the middle of the road. The
chopper moved forwards, reducing its speed as
it got to the van. The chopper was back above
the van. Carefully, the chopper landed on the
roof of the van, its hinges sitting comfortably
on the van. . The pilot killed the engine of the
chopper. He stepped out onto the roof of the
van and bent low, using customized iron
restraints to fasten the chopper to the van.
When he was done he hit the roof of the van
twice and screamed at the driver below them:
The van began to move slowly, gradually
increasing speed, carrying the chopper along
on its roof. Seven minutes later, they got to
the gate of the building where Bee Hive carried
out all its operations. The gate was deserted
and the surveillance cameras did not scan
their vehicle for automatic access. Sophia
smiled. All was going according to plan.
The pilot dropped a ladder from the chopper
to the ground and got off the chopper first,
followed by Sophia and then the two thugs.
The second thug carried Sean on his shoulder
as he descended the ladder. Sophia waited at
the gate as the thugs approached her.
“I guess this is where we part ways. You
promised I would get a full reward.” The pilot
said to Sophia as the thugs stood beside her.
“Yes I did. And I do not go back on my word,
Never.” Sophia said. She nodded to the second
He put his hand inside the bosom pocket of
his jacket and took out three bundles of
hundred one thousand dollar bills. He handed
it to the pilot, who collected it with a very
pleased grin on his face.
“Would you like to count them before you
leave?” Sophia asked.
“No. That won’t be necessary at all. Thank
you. It was nice doing business with you
madam.” The pilot said.
“You are welcome. Now leave. I am expecting
guests any moment. And remember, do not
start ignition till you get to the point where we
joined the Van. Am I clear?” Sophia asked.
“Crystal clear ma’am” The pilot answered and
headed back to the ladder.
He threw a bundle at the driver of the truck
who had been in the truck all along. He
climbed the ladder, folded it and signaled to
the truck driver to move the truck. The truck
reversed, faced the road and slowly picked up
speed as it headed back to the high way.
Sophia had carefully estimated the time it
took for them to get to BeeHive from the
moment the chopper landed on top of the van.
It took about seven minutes. She had already
set her stop watch as the truck drove away
from the premises. She waited patiently for the
alarm on her clock to go off. On exactly seven
minutes the alarm went off. She took out a
small black detonator which had a red button
on it. She pressed the button.
The Chopper exploded, its many parts
scattering in different directions. The Van was
not left out in the combustion as it also burst
into flames, the fire consuming everything
inside it. None of the men survived.
There was a small keypad attached to the gate
which allowed for entry into the building.
Sophia entered the password and the gate
opened inwards. They walked into the building
with Sophia in front and the thugs behind.
Sophia got out her .43 gold plated automatic
pistol from her hip, corking it twice and
attaching the silencer as they approached the
door. As they got to the front door and tried
to enter, an agent came out from the back of
the building walking towards them.
“Good Evening Agent S. What brings you here?
Is that not Sean?” The agent said surprised.
The agent was a snitch, one of the numerous
spies who were faithful to the General. He had
a record of not keeping his mouth shut and
running to the General with every bit of new
information he got whether the information
was relevant or irrelevant. Sophia could not
risk the chance.
In the twinkle of an eye, she pointed the gun
at his forehead and pulled the trigger. The
bullet pierced his left eye, coming back out
through the back of his head. Blood splattered
all over his face. He fell in a heap. Dead.
Sophia turned to the second thug who was not
holding anything.
“Take care of that. And make it snappy. When
you are done, stand guard out here and watch
out for anything. Let me know if you find
anything out of the ordinary” She said, putting
the gun back in her hip.
The thug nodded and went to the body. He
pulled the corpse by the hands, dragging him
behind the building. Sophia waited till he was
out of sight then pushed the buttons on the
keypad again. The door re-opened and they
went in. The thug carrying Sean moved him
from his left shoulder to his right one.
“He is heavy, yeah? You’re getting tired?”
Sophia asked him.
“No ma’am. Just balancing the pressure on
both sides of my body.” The thug replied. He
knew the danger of answering in the
affirmative. Sean was indeed heavy, weighing
almost the same as him. He was actually
getting tired, but he dared not say that he
They walked quickly to an elevator and rode it
to the third floor. The elevator stopped and
they got out. They stepped out onto a long
corridor with the walls decorated with
sparkling white tiles. The ends of the corridor
could be seen from where they stood. There
were no door, no windows, and no entrances.
It was just a corridor.
Sophia smiled. Tawo was smart but not very
smart. He had redesigned the building and
had the BeeHive floor reconstructed with no
entry point. It was the perfect design. No one
could enter BeeHive from outside. The agents
in BeeHive were geeks, experts and gadget
freaks who had no interest in any form of
socialization. They lived, breathed and drank
secret codes, information, satellite redirection
and all other form of technological needs.
They had no family. The random times they
had to leave BeeHive, Tawo had specifically
designed a special kind of goggle which
rendered anyone who wore it blind as long as
he had it on. Anyone except Ope.
Ope had been able to find a way to bypass the
goggle’s programming. And to make matters
easier, Tawo had a lot of respect for Ope. He
saw him as his successor, the younger brother
he never had, and the friend he could rely on.
He trusted Ope, perhaps a bit too much. He
had told Ope the secret passage into entering
Bee Hive.
And Ope had told Sophia.
Sophia walked right, advancing to the end of
the corridor. She stood face to face with a
brick wall. The thug behind her was beginning
to pant now.
“Lay him down over there and stand beside
him.” Sophia instructed pointing to the
opposite wall behind him.
He did as commanded, gently laying Sean
down on the ground, resting his back on the
wall. Sophia turned and began to count the
tiles from her right.
When she had gotten to the last tile count, she
used her finger nail at the edge of that single
tile, trying to claw out something. After a few
claws, the tile face pulled off like a fake
coating. She pulled the whitish skin-like cover
off the tile to reveal a transparent screen like
panel, the exact same size as the tile. She put
her whole left palm on the screen and applied
a little pressure on it. The screen lit up and
seconds later, some text appeared on the
screen with a small box underneath the text.
It was Russian for “Password”.
Sophia clicked on the small box and a small
keypad appeared covering the whole screen. It
contained entirely Russian characters and
symbols. Sophia typed the characters as she
had been taught several times by Ope and
pressed the activate key. The screen went
blank. After several seconds, the wall beside
her to her right split open from the middle
sideways. It was not actually a wall but a
door designed with bricks and tiles to look
exactly like the other parts of the wall. No one
could tell the difference.
“Welcome agent Tawo.” A computerized voice
said as Sophia stepped into the enclosure.
She signaled to the thug and he quickly
carried Sean and brought him inside the
enclosure. The door closed and the small
cubicle spun clockwise 180 degrees. As the
door opened Sophia had pulled her gun out
and had it behind her. They stepped into the
large room which was divided into several
sections with lots of cubicles. There were
twenty seven workstations in all, with different
agents seated before them typing codes,
tracing routes, writing algorithms and
monitoring surveillance. A few agents looked
up to stare at the new entrants but quickly
continued with what they had been doing
before. They did not seem to be too bothered
with who this woman was. None of them was
trained in any form of physical combat so
accosting them would be useless.
Sophia walked confidently to a big table which
was at the extreme end of the room. A man in
a sweat shirt and jeans stood with his back to
them and his arms akimbo. He was starring
seriously at a screen in front of him.
Sophia walked to the table, hitting it a few
times with her free hand to get the man’s
attention. The man turned and looked at her,
staring in disbelief at the person who now
stood in front of him.
“Sophia?” The man asked.
“Hello Agent Nedu. Who is in charge of things
down here?” Sophia asked, sitting one butt on
the edge of the table.
“I am.” Nedu replied.
Sophia pulled out the gun from behind her
hip, pointing it at Agent Nedu’s chest. The
frightened look on his face almost made her
change her mind. He was a handsome lad,
someone who could someday satisfy her
s3xual fantasies. But she had a job to do. She
could always find a boy to indulge her
“Not anymore Nedu.” Sophia said.
She shot Nedu on the chest, sending him
backwards. He fell, hitting the screen on the
wall and dragging it down with him as he fell.
He was groaning softly, fighting to stay alive.
Sophia climbed the table, standing over him
like an eagle surveying its prey. He tried to
reach into his pocket slowly, with the last
strength he had.
Sophia shot him again, twice.
She turned to face the agents in the room who
were now looking at her with fear written on
their faces. They had all stopped what it is
they were doing. Sophia sat on the table,
swinging her legs. She removed the cartridge
of the gun, checked the amount of bullets left,
and inserted it back.
“Have no fear agents. My name is Sophia. I
am your new Boss. Does anyone have any
objections, questions or comments?” Sophia
asked looking round at the agents.
A white chubby lady in glasses raised her
hand, getting up on her chair. She wore a pink
flannel shirt on top of a black flair skirt with
black high heel shoes..
“Oh. We have some one. Please step forward.”
Sophia said.
The lady got out of her seat and came
towards Sophia, standing six yards away from
“What is your name please?” Sophia asked.
“My name is Anna.” The lady replied meekly.
“You are a very courageous woman, Anna.
Goodbye.” Sophia said and shot her in the
“Any other person?” Sophia asked
sarcastically, looking around again.
The room was very quiet. All that could be
heard was the silent humming of the servers
and the soft breeze from the air conditioners.
Nobody spoke.
“Good. Just as I expected. Now that we are
clear, I want every single one of you to resume
your normal duties. If I find anyone slightly
suspicious, that would be the end.”
Everyone went back to their normal duties and
acted as though nothing had happened. The
thug dropped Sean on a chair and took away
the two bodies. She sat on the chair that
Nedu had initially occupied, watching a little
screen to her left.
Thirty minutes later, the General had called
and she had answered. She waited patiently,
watching him through the screen. He
scratched his bald head and paced the room,
his hands held together behind him, deep in
thought. After five minutes, he pressed the
“Sophia, let’s talk. Can you come up?” The
General pleaded.
“I will tell you when I am ready Marcus. Keep
your fingers crossed.” Sophia replied.

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