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An Evening With Eva (Action And Romance) – Season 2 – Episode 17

It was a bit rowdy when they got to the
premier of the movie at the Cinemas in
Victoria Island. The parking lot was filled to
the brim and cars had begun to park on the
streets. The chauffer driving them found a
spot just adjacent the Galleria entrance and
parked the white Range Rover Autobiography
Exquisite Edition neatly. Sean and Eva were
attending as a couple and were all smiles as
they got off the jeep and walked to the red
carpet. For Sean it was an opportunity to get
out of the house and get some air after eleven
days of compulsory house arrest. He saw
nothing amusing about the whole charade. He
was not going to be in any sort of action. The
Colonel’s instruction was to be all smiles and
play nice. He itched for action. He had not
used the gym in close to two weeks. His
muscles already felt flabby. He wanted to feel
alive. He fought the temptation to break away
from Eva and snoop around. He knew he was
not going to get any chance to do that. Eva
was to make sure of that. He kept up the act,
smiling dryly at the cameras and posing
intermittently for the paparazzi.
For Eva it was another day to show off her
curves, to display her beauty and to be
naughty. The Colonel was on the thirteenth
floor of a bank, three hundred yards opposite
the Galleria. He had already set up his
devices, and was looking through the eyes of
his powerful binoculars, monitoring guests
and waiting for his golden fish to arrive. There
was a sniper rifle set up on a tripod to his left,
overlooking the street through an open
window. For the Colonel it was a night to
strike the predator. He was going to wait for
the perfect moment, and then he would attack.
Unseen. Unnoticed. As the Video Jockey
interviewed Eva who was holding on to Sean’s
arm, Sophia walked in to the Galleria. She was
dressed in a beautiful red short sleeved gown
which accentuated her curves. She wore light
make up and her beautiful face shined in the
illumination of the room. Sean saw her first.
His eyes met Sophia’s. They were locked in
that gaze for about 10 seconds until someone
accosted Sophia, asking that she take a
picture with him. Eva was busy replying the
questions from the VJ. However she had seen
Sophia too, but none of them noticed. Sean
scratched the middle of his head with his
The Colonel saw the sign.
“Roger that papi. I see her.” The Colonel said.
Sean heard it through the wireless earpiece
that was carefully and strategically placed
inside his left ear. He brought his hand to his
moustache, rubbing it gently. It was a sign to
tell the Colonel that he had lost visual of
“Sir, you look really good. What are your
expectations for this movie?” The VJ asked
“I think it is going to be a great watch thank
you. We want front row seats so we have to
go now.” Sean replied, cutting him off and
leading Eva away from the red carpet and
towards the cinema room. As they walked,
Sean whispered to her ears,
“Is she alone?”
Eva did not turn or look sideways. She knew
the message was not for her but for the
“For now she looks alone. But I doubt that she
came here unaccompanied. Soon, I will be able
to sniff out her goons. They are doing a good
job of blending in right now but they will give
themselves away before long.” The Colonel
replied to Sean’s ears.
“Okay Davinci.” Sean finished.
They stood in a queue, waiting for the cinema
room to be opened so that they could go in
and watch the movie.
Sophia was still on the red carpet taking
pictures and signing autographs. She was
widely known for her varying range of designer
clothing called SophFactor and the
humanitarian works she was deeply engaged
in. She watched as Sean and Eva moved to
the waiting line and noticed how close he
whispered to Eva. She fought the desire to
grab Sean and kiss him softly on the lips. He
was looking very handsome and cool.
However, she was not alone.

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