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Amidst Temptations – Season 1 Episode 2

I laid on my bed when school was over for the day, I had just finished my assignment. I decided to call my Father, he and I were pretty close, guess you could say I was a daddy’s girl


“Milia dear how was school today”

“Pretty hectic, we have a test coming up its hell, how’s church and all?”

“Its fine..just ask Him for directions, he will guide you..have you read today?”

“Yea I went to the library”

“Ok.your mom says hi ,Janet too..are you about to sleep?”

“Yes..just wanted to say goodnight..and that I love you Dad”

“I love you too my angel..don’t let me keep you up, remember I always pray for you, have a pleasant rest” I smiled as I cut, I felt contented, it was a feeling I associated with speaking with my Father. I said my prayer and slept off.

I woke up to something crawling on my skin, I hit at it, endedup slapping myself, I slept again, it came again then again as I kept slapping myself then awoke fully, Rebecca went running..

“Oh you..I ll get you” I got out of bed and pursued her around the room hitting her severally with the pillow when I caught her

“Your so mean” I said.

“Somebody had to wake you up”she replied

We made up and got ready for class which was by 8am, Rebecca was my roommate off campus..I had stayed in the hostel with my sister before I moved in with her a year ago..she was the best roommate there was, maybe because we were good friends..

” so I was thinking you should wear the black skirt instead” I looked at her

“Rebecca..I think you are letting Serena get in your head”

“What..I just prefer you on the black its …”

“Tighter.. Who am I showing my curves to..I appreciate you being nice about it but if you tryna change me..I’d totally hate you for it”

“You getting it all wrong.. It just looks better on you”

“So I am sticking with the one that doesn’t” I couldn’t believe she was tryna change me too..

We finally got to class..Serena came right at me pulling me away

“Hey your sitting with me ..I kept a seat”she looked at Rebecca daring her to oppose

” But Rebecca and I usually sit together”I protested

“Im sure she ll be fine without you for one class, you talk to other people in class rii?” She asked Rebecca who sighed

“Emilia just go” she said

“You sure?” But she d already gone to look for a seat in the already crowded lecture hall, I groggily went with Serena wondering what she wanted..We never sat together in class because her clique of friends weren’t nice, she’d really kept a seat for me. We sat in silence before they started talking about the party of course, the preparations and all, I tried to not be interested but they pulled me in..

“So why can’t you come again?” Serena asked

“Cos I can’t.. I don’t do parties”

“Ok..because you all churchy..don’t you guys have any social life in fellowship?”

“We do..not just the kind you d like” I replied

“Well I d like to come see…when’s your fellowship?”

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I gulped..what “really you wanna come?” I glanced at her friends who looked shocked at her like she just said she wanted to commit suicide

“Yeah..why my friend right”

“Well we d be delighted to have you..its Wednesday 4pm”

“Ok you can call me when your going”

“Cool” I said then turned to look for Rebecca who wasn’t looking at us but talking with another classmate of ours, she seemed ok..but I found my way back to her after class.

The next day I went to the library to read up some stuff for my upcoming text in physiology, being a medical student was not easy, so many things to read in so little time, a car pulled over with loud music, I walked on till I heard my sisters voice

“Emily get in the car”, the car was a black.Benz, I was shocked to the core as I wondered what she was doing in some strange guys car..

” I ll walk thanks ”

“Stop being dramatic and get it”

I rolled my eyes at her but got in, the guy drove off

“Where you coming from?”


“,of course” she said

“Watsup” I looked at the driver, the guy was cute in a rough kind of way, he had a bandana on his head and toothpick in his mouth

“This is Donald..that’s Emilia my sister”

“Where you from..she’s prettier”

“That’s what he said” she said dismissively, she looked at me

“Did you get what I asked you?”

“Not gone home yet..prepping for a test”

Erica looked me up”you went to class like this? “, I decided to say nothing, everyone kept talking about my dressing maybe it was really bad.

Erica got down with me at my hostel, waving to Donald we went in

“Did you cook..I am famished”

“I ll just warm the soup”

“I am in no.mood for swallow, fix up something”

I decided to make indomie for her

“So Donald uh..hes your boyfriend?”

“Yeah..he cute uh?”

” well hes ok..your type”

“Yea my type..don’t want no religiousnigga around me”

I paused”you know you can’t present him to Dad”

My sister stared at me then laughed so hard I wonder what I said

“Did I say something wrong?”

“Of course you did..what makes you think I ll marry him?”

“Well hes..because hes your boyfriend”

“You so naive, check the food please”

“Why didn’t he take you to lunch?”

“We were I have a sister who cooks why would I waste money” she said, rolling my eyes I focused on the indomie. She slept over that night and I said a prayer for her that she shouldn’t go too far away from God.



Episode 4


We had fellowship that Wednesday, it was the first since resumption and I greeted persons I hadn’t seen since the holidays, as I greeted Sister Diana, I looked up and met the eyes of our president Martins, I looked down quickly not wanting him to see my blush, I had developed a stupid crush on him since we started working together, well he was really good looking and a Christian, most sisters wanted God to speak to him on their behalf. Whenever he preached, I paid full attention with butterflies in my stomach, it seemed he had noticed me too because we were very close as he but I didn’t want to assume, he was nice to everyone. He had reached me as I tried to arrange the offering

” Sister Emilia, how nice to see you again”

“Yeah me too..did you gel your hair?”

“You noticed..well just something my sister was trying on does it look”

“Well.. good..she did a great job”

“I gues am her model..she’s into hair products”

“Ok, good thing she doesn’t even have to pay you to market her business”

He chuckled revealing a dimple on his left cheek and butterflies started again, he got serious”I wanted to speak to young concerning the bus project..we could call a meeting with the excos so we can full deliberate on it”

“Well of course.. Would arrange it..say Saturday”

“That’s was the hols?”

“Great..kind of long”

“ was short for me..what with the presidential work to come back to.. I needed the break”

“Are you complaining?”

“Gods work.. No way” Diana came to ask him about something and he excused himself and left..I stared after him ..maybe he was the one..maybe not..but I really enjoyed talking with him.

Serena wasn’t able to make it that Wednesday but swore she d come the next. I was really excited for her to come to church. We wrote the test on Friday of that week, I didn’t do so well as the questions seemed difficult but I hoped the result came out well.

“I don’t know why you insist on me coming to the party, I d be a total nuisance, I can’t dance, socialize.. or dress up” I said for the upteeth time to Serena who didn’t want to give up, we just came out from the library

“I just want you to be there..its my brothers birthday.. the only sibling I got and I want you to meet him hes heard so much about you”

“What did you tell him?”

“That your a Christian..and beautiful”

I rolled my eyes “can’t go.I do hope you have fun..send my regards”

“So what would you be doing Friday night?”

“Don’t know..prepping for a meeting on Saturday” she stared at me incredulously

“Fine if you don’t come..I won’t follow you on Wednesday”

What..”you already promised.”

“Its only fair you do me a favour back”

“Well I’m still not going” I said

I tossed on my bed that night wondering if I was being too set in my ways..Serena won’t come to fellowship because I refused to go for her party, who knows if she ll be convicted there, it was confusing and a difficult decision to make, I prayed and asked God to guide me, by the next morning I had made my decision..

Rebecca was fully against it”Do you know what would happen if any of our classmates sees you in a party?..see its a trap ok..Serena can skip fellowship all she likes..once won’t change her anyway, I don’t like where this is going” she said

“Fine I understand your concern but..I just feel I should go..its no biggy.. God is with me..”

“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you”

There was something about me..once I’ve made a decision there was no talking me out of it..I don’t know if I had done otherwise instead how my life would have turned out but it was the one decision that changed my life.

To be continued

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