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Amaya – Season 1 – Episode 8

🔷Episode 08🔷

Alexander’s Pov:

I became so confused as I saw both of them.

“Who are you?” They asked themselves again.

I gulped nervously.

“Am his wife to be and the mother of his unborn baby” Stephanie said as my eyes widened in shock.

“Unborn baby?” I asked in surprise

“Yes honey… This is the test results” She smiled as I took the paper from her.

My jaw dropped and my gaze went straight to Amaya.

Hot tears dropped down her cheeks.

She quickly looked away and wiped her tears off.

“Amaya! I can… Please hear me out….” I said as I held her hand but she slapped my hand off.

“You… You are… Having a…a baby?” Amaya asked in tears.

“Of course… I know he is a baby boy” Stephanie chuckled

I felt the ground should open and swallow me up.

Amaya’s tears broke my heart the most.

“Congratulations…” Amaya managed to say as she ran back to the sea shore and entered the boat.

She paddled as fast as she can away from sight.

My heart shattered into pieces as she paddled away from me.

I turned to happy Stephanie and rolled my eyes.

“You are soon going to be a dad Alex” She said excitedly

“You are so devilish….” I said as I pushed her aside and walked away.

She quickly followed me.

“What’s the matter with you Alexander? You should be happy that your child lives in me” She screamed

“You better get rid of that thing… It’s not mine” I said walking straight to my car

“You animal.. How dare you ask me to abort my child?” She asked in tears.

“I can’t marry you Stephanie… I don’t love you” I yelled

“But you love your child don’t you?” She asked

“Of course! I can’t marry you Stephanie” I said as I hopped into my car and started the engines.

“You are crazy” She screamed as I drove off leaving her behind.

she entered her car and drove with me.

Goddammit! 🙁

I can’t live without her…

I cannot do it.

Why did Stephanie have to get pregnant?

I hit the car sterling in anger.

I watched from my mirror and saw how she’s driving beside me.

I quickly reversed my car and she lost me.

I can’t cope with her right now.

Mrs Smith’s Pov:

“Oh my gosh! Am so excited… I can’t wait to be a grandma” I danced excitedly.

“Me too aunt! I can’t wait to have a baby” Stephanie smiled.

“This is really good! Have you told Alexander?” Nina asked

“Yes! But as usual he just didn’t say anything” Stephanie said

“Who cares about what he thinks… All I know is that the wedding will be happening soon” I rejoiced

“But mom! I don’t think Alexander will like this” Nina added as I flinched.

“Who cares?” Stephanie and I chorused.

And burst into laughter.

Nina scratched her hair in confusion.

She probably don’t know who to side with…

Six hours later.. 🕒

I kept walking up and down restlessly in the sitting room.

“What’s keeping Alexander?” I asked myself.

That son of mine is so hot headed.

I yawned sleepily.

I sat on the couch and dozed off.

I opened my weak eyes as the door was banged open noisily and my drunk son walked in.

He reeked of alcohol.

Gosh! 😪

“Where are you coming from Alex?” I asked him as he staggeredly stool at a place still shaking.

“I hate her… I hate Stephanie! She made my Amaya leave me” He belched loudly.

“She’s pregnant” I said

“Damn it! I just despise that fact … I can only take responsibility for my child and not marry her” He snorted.

“What? No way!” I yelled as he sighed and walked upstairs.

I kept calling him but he paid a deaf ear to me.

Nina’s Pov:

It was already morning…

I walked into Alexander’s room.

To my greatest surprise, he was drinking.

“Alex! Stop it!!” I screamed as I snatched the bottle and glass from him.

“Nina I don’t love her one bit” He yelled

“I know Alexander but she’s pregnant” I said

“I won’t marry her at all Nina” He coughed slightly.

“You don’t have any choice” I said as he broke into tears

“What about Amaya?” He asked in tears.

I tried talking but I couldn’t.

I was short of words.

I quickly hugged him tightly.

Stephanie’s Pov:

I woke up so excited.

He’s never going to slip away from my fingers.

I have his baby in my womb..

I laughed heartily.

I quickly picked up my towel and walked into the bathroom.

I was about to enter the 🛁 bathtub when I slipped and fell heavily.

“Aww… Ouch!” I cried in pain.

The next thing I saw was blood….

😱 Miscarriage

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