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Amaya – Season 1 – Episode 4


💄 The girl in my imagination 💄

🔷Episode 04🔷

Alexander’s Pov:

I saw the boat row closer…

My jaw dropped.

I saw a figure from afar….

Is that my Amaya? 😱

I kept thinking and suddenly, my cell phone rang aloud.

I quickly brought it out.

It was Dave my friend…

I looked out again to the sea and to my greatest surprise, I didn’t see the boat again.

I became so disappointed.

“Amaya…… Amaya!!” I screamed in pain as I fell on my knees.

When is she going to come back to me?

When am I going to set my eyes on her ever again?

Thought kept running through my mind.

I wonder why she doesn’t want to see me.

Amaya’s Pov:

I yawned tiredly as I sat by the sea holding the necklace.

“Where is the owner of this? I really need to return this expensive necklace to him before mother sees it” I thought staring at the moon.

I just wonder why of all places, mother will want us to live here.

In such a lonely place.

With sea surrounding the house.

Maybe that’s why I haven’t seen the handsome guy.

But I really need to find him before mother sees this.

“Amaya! AY!!” Lucy’s bold voice yelled as I quickly hid the necklace.

“What’s that Amaya?” She asked as I gulped nervously.

“What? What are you saying?” I asked stammering

“What were you hiding behind you?” Lucy asked as I quickly covered her mouth with my palms.

And placed my index finger in between my lips.

“Shh…” I hushed her and she gulped.

“What is it?” Lucy asked with a tiny voice.

I brought out the necklace and showed her and she chuckled.

“Wow! This is so beautiful” Lucy almost screamed

“Keep your voice down Lucy! I don’t want mother to find out… She might suspend us if she do” I said and Lucy nodded.

“How did you get that?” Lucy asked anxiously

“From the guy I saved” I said

“That handsome dude… Aww 😘” Lucy said as she held her chest.

Closed her eyes day dreaming.

“That’s enough sis… We just have to return this to him” I worried

“Come on Amaya… You can keep it! Haven’t you been keeping it for six years now?” Lucy asked as I scratched my head.

“You never can tell Lucy… Mother can see it anytime” I added

“Oh please….” Lucy sighed.

But I really need to see the handsome guy!

He’s every woman’s dream.

“Don’t worry… We will go to the beach tomorrow” Lucy said and I jumped for joy.

“Really? Thank you Lucy!” I rejoiced as I hugged her tightly.

Stephanie’s Pov:

“I gulped down a glass of vodka.

“This is what I’ve been going through girl…. All my boyfriend sees or think about is nothing but Amaya his imagination” I said

“What? I don’t think the girl is just an imagination” Sonia my friend said

“What do you mean Sonia? Even his mom confirmed that there is no Amaya” I said

“And you believe that?” Sonia scoffed

“What do you expect me to do girl?” I asked confused

“I don’t think she is just an imagination…. I mean with all you have told me, I think your boyfriend loves her” Sonia said and I laughed.

“Loves her? Who is she?” I mocked

“You better be wise girlfriend” Sonia said as I scratched my hair in confusion.

“How do you mean?” I asked anxiously.

“I think you have to act fast or do you want to lose him?” Sonia asked as I shook my head in disagreement.

“Good! Then pin him down” Sonia whispered and laughed aloud.

“How am I going to do that?” I asked anxiously.

She drew me closer and whispered into my ear and my eyes widened in shock.

“What? Are you sure?” I asked

“Definitely girlfriend” Sonia said as smiles escaped my lips.

“Cheers 🍻” We shouted and jammed our glasses together.


I quickly rushed into the kitchen.

I brought out a wrap from my pocket.

I quickly added it into the glass of orange squash.

I smiled mischievously as I rushed out of the kitchen.

Alexander walked out of the room and entered the kitchen.

Actually the glass of orange squash was his.

He picked up the glass and walked to me at the sitting room.

I watched him gulp down the drink.

I smiled within me.

My plans are gradually falling into place.

Well I added some drug into his drink.

Some minutes later 🕒

I watched him battling to stay awake.

He became drowsy and weak.

I laughed hysterically….

And soon enough, he became dead drunk and staggered.

I walked to him and gave him a hot passionate kiss.

“I love you Amaya” He said squeezing my butt.

Damn it!

I hate those words but I just have to accomplish my mission.

Gradually we fell on the bed and….

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