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Amaya – Season 1 – Episode 3


💄 The girl in my imagination 💄

🔷Episode 03🔷

Stephanie’s Pov:

I burst into tears as I hugged aunt Leah weeping.

“Baby what’s the problem Steph?” Aunt Leah asked anxiously.

“Aunt… He doesn’t love me” I cried as we settled down in a chair beside us.

“Why are you crying? What happened to you Stephanie?” Aunt Leah asked hugging me.

“Aunt Leah am sick and tired of all this… As a matter of fact, I want a breakup! I can’t bear this anymore” I wailed bitterly

“What in particular are you talking about?” She asked as she took off her glasses.

“Aunt Leah am really tired of forcing myself on Alexander, it’s obvious am not wanted” I cried

“No! Don’t say that Stephanie… You are the only one for my son” Aunt Leah said and I shook my head.

“He hates me aunt… You need to see how he treats me just like a piece of trash” I cried

“Dint say that sweetheart… I’ll talk to him! You are the only daughter in law I have and I want for my son” Aunt Leah said as she pecked my forehead.

“Aunt when is this going to end? When will Alexander start treating me like his wife to be? When is he going to start seeing me like his fiancee?” I asked in tears.

“He will definitely realize that you are the only one for him” Aunt Leah said as I shook my head.

“No Aunt! He loves his imagination… He’s so much in love with Amaya his dream girl” I cried

“Oh come on Stephanie… He will come around, Amaya or whatever he calls her is just an imagination in his head so you are the real one for him” Aunt Leah said as I nodded.

“I hope so aunt” I said wiping my tears.

“Of course sweetheart! Cheer up!! Let’s order for coffee” Aunt Leah said as I forced a smile.

I just hope Alexander falls in love with me.

I hope he will realize that there is no Amaya.

And that she was just his imagination and nothing more.

AY’s Pov:

Tears welled down my chubby cheeks as I stared at the necklace.

I’ve been looking for this necklace for the past six years.

It’s been a very long time and this is a very special necklace.

And I have been hiding it so that my mother won’t see it.

“AY! AY!! Don’t keep me waiting… Let’s go already” Lucy screamed from outside.

I quickly put the necklace into my pocket and rushed out with my basket.

“Sorry am late” I said softly as Lucy rolled her eyes.

Having Lucy as a big sister is quite difficult.

She’s so strict but lovely anyways…. ☺

She walked to the beach and entered the canoe.

“You are such a lazy ass! Get in the boat… Let’s go!” Lucy said as mother smiled.

I pouted my mouth and eyed her childishly.

“Mother! I don’t like fishing with Lucy” I said jokingly.

“Then stay at home” Lucy teased as I gulped.

I quickly hopped into the canoe and Lucy row.

“Good bye mother! Don’t worry we will catch big fishes” I yelled as mother waved at us.

You might be wondering the kind of people we are.

Right? 😁

Don’t worry I will introduce myself.

As you know am AY…

We actually live in an island…

In the middle of the sea, I do wonder why but I have no choice.

The only people I know is my mother Mrs Loretta and my only sibling Lucy.

Am 21 years old while Lucy is 25.

I never knew my father cos mother said he died after two months of my birth.

I used to ask mother why she chose for us to live in such a secluded area but she always avoids the question so I thought maybe she doesn’t want to talk about it.

So that’s how my sister and I ended up as fishermen or fisherwomen rather.

All through our lives, we have been so close to the sea so we could swim very well.

To top it all…. We eat everything that comes from the sea.

But mother forbid us to go to another beach.

She warned us never to stop or go to another island.

I wonder why she doesn’t want us to communicate with other people.

Well my sister and I once disobeyed mother.

But that was a long time ago roughly six years ago.

When I saved a handsome man from drowning so we helped him to the other shore.

That was how I got the necklace.

it was actually his and I still wonder how I got it.

“Lucy! Can we go to the other shore again? I miss that” I said convincingly.

“What? AY do you want mother to get mad?” Lucy asked

“Uhmm… Not really! I just want to view it from afar” I said

“No AY….thats dangerous! We don’t know why mother is against it” Lucy said.

“Please Lucy….” I begged

Alexander’s Pov:

I kept driving and suddenly flinched.

My heart started beating fast 💓

What’s happening….?

I can feel her!

Something is telling me that she is very close to me.


Amaya is right beside me!

I quickly reversed my car and headed to the beach.


I stood right in front of the sea with my arms folded.

I just wish she could appear….

💭 Where are you Amaya? 💭 I thought as tears rolled down my cheeks.

I wiped my tears off with a handkerchief.

Just then, I saw a boat rowing close….

My jaw dropped as they got closer….


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