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Amaya – Season 1 – Episode 2


The girl in my imagination💄

🔷Episode 02🔷

Nina’s Pov:

I gulped down a glass of wine and stared at mom who was burning in rage.

“Seriously mommy.. This is getting out of hand! Don’t you think so mom?” I asked breaking the silence.

“Honestly Nina I think your brother needs to be taken to the asylum” Mom said in annoyance

“But mommy I don’t think he’s insane… He’s just in love mom” I said

“In love? In love with his imagination? That Amaya of a girl doesn’t exist at all” Mom blurted

“What if she does mommy?” I asked

“Then she would have shown herself Nina…” Mom said as she sipped her wine.

“Yeah right… Just look at the way my brother is treating Stephanie” I sighed

“And just because of his crazy imaginations, he had to drink himself to stupor and even had the guts to mention that stupid name” Mom said angrily

“I don’t know what else to do or say to Alex so that he can forget about his dream girl” I said

“What dream girl? I won’t condone this… Alexander is going to get married to Stephanie or no-one else” Mom said angrily as she stood up and rushed upstairs.

I breathed heavily.

I wonder what’s wrong with Alexander…

Who is Amaya?

Which planet is she from? 🤔

I want Stephanie for my brother…

Don’t get me wrong, I want Alexander to be happy but I know this isn’t going anywhere.

I once helped him search for Amaya at the sea shore to no avail.

Probably he was hallucinating….

I don’t want to doubt him but I have to…

Alexander’s Pov:

The sun rays directly from my window’s glass straight to my eyes.

I quickly opened my eyes…

My head ached badly…

I yawned tiredly, I feel really very stressed out.

It’s probably because I had a lot to drink.

I managed to get up from my bed.

I picked up my cell phone.

I had 15 missed calls and three text messages.

I wish it was from Amaya.

If wishes were horses…. I sighed loudly.

The messages and missed calls were all from Stephanie…

I thought as much.

I sighed loudly as I walked into the bathroom.

I took a quick shower 🚿 🛀

Brushed my teeth….

I wore my very expensive suit and walked downstairs with my suitcase.

I walked straight to the dinning table.

I met my mom and sister Nina on the dinning eating.

“Good morning mom! Good morning Nina!!” I greeted.

“Good morning Alexander” Nina smiled at me but mom didn’t reply.

She just eyed me angrily.

“Hmm… ” I shrugged it off and sat on the chair.

I quickly dished out the rice in to my plate.

“What did you do to Stephanie yesterday Alex?” Mom said as she glared at me.

I rolled my eyes….

“I can’t remember doing anything to Stephanie” I said as I dished some chicken and sauce into the rice.

I ate hungrily as Mom fumed in anger.

“What do you mean you can’t remember what you did to Stephanie?” Mom asked anxiously.

As I shook my head and gulped down a glass of juice.

“I don’t know” I said

“Didn’t you have a date with Stephanie? Did you show up? You made her cry the whole night!” Mom said.

“Oh that? I was actually down last night… Am sure she understands” I said as I spooned some rice into my mouth.

“Oh really?” Mom snorted

“Yeah!” I said simply

“You were down? But you drank yourself to stupor last night and that wasn’t enough you went to the beach to look for your stupid imaginary girl” Mom said annoyed

“Mom? Don’t refer to Amaya like that…” I said

“I don’t care Alexander… I want you to bear this in mind, you must get married to Stephanie else you won’t like my reactions… Enough of your stupidity!” Mom screamed

“Whatever! I just lost my appetite” I said as I got up, picked up my suitcase and headed out of the house.

“Alex! Alex!! Come finish your breakfast!” Nina called but I paid her a deaf ear and walked away.

“Let him be” Mom said angrily

“But mom that was harsh of you” Nina said.

🚗 🚗

I drove out of the compound…..

I just don’t understand my Mom at all…

Why is she finding it hard to understand that I don’t love Stephanie?

Well, my dad is actually late so it’s just my mom Mrs Leah Smith, my sister Nina Smith and I left in the family.

Mom just wants me to marry Stephanie because she is an only child.

And her family owns a lot of shares in the company.

So she’s bound to inherit all of the family’s wealth and my Mom thinks it will make us richer.

She doesn’t even consider my happiness.

I wonder what’s her problem…

I can’t stop looking for Amaya though…


I walked into my office.

Surprisingly, it was dark.

who could have turned my light off? I thought.

I quickly switched on the light and gasped.

“Baby..” Stephanie smiled as she sat on my chair with her legs crossed.

“What are you doing here?” I managed to ask as I kept my suitcase on the table.

She scoffed…

“Really? Is that a good morning or is that the apology you owe me?” Stephanie said with a frown.

“Listen Steph! This is work hours OK!” I said as I exhaled slowly.

“I don’t believe you Alex! After what you did to me yesterday, this is what you have to tell me?” She said starring at me.

“Not right now Stephanie!” I said as I walked out on her.

“You’re so unfair….” She screamed.

Her Pov: 😁

I searched roughly for the basket….

“Where the heck is my basket? Does this mean Lucy is going to leave me alone and go to the sea with the canoe?” I cried

“AY! AY!! Where the hell are you Ay?” I heard mother’s voice

“My goodness! I can’t let mother find out am looking for my basket… I bet she’s gonna conclude that am careless” I scratched my head.

“Yes mother! Am coming!!” I said immediately

Well my real name is not AY but mom calls me that.

I was about to leave the store when I saw the basket.

“Oh there you are” I heaved a sigh of relief as I picked it up.

Suddenly, something fell out of it….

I quickly bent down and picked it up.

It was a necklace 📿

Memories rushed back into my head and tears roll down my cheeks…..

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