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Amaya – Season 1 – Episode 11

Episode 11

Amaya’s Pov:

Hot tears dropped down my face as Alexander quickly disengaged the kiss.

My eyes went straight to his left 4th finger…

I saw a ring fixed on it.

“I lost him” I said under my breath.

Everyone’s eyes were on us as Alexander walked towards me with tears in his eyes.

I quickly rushed out of the church with Lucy.

“Amaya…. Amaya wait!” He called as he ran after me.

Stephanie’s Pov:


What’s that good for nothing girl doing in my wedding day?

My eyes popped out as I saw the Amaya girl standing in front of the church with tears in her eyes.

She rushed out of the church and Alexander followed.

“Alexander! Alexander!!” I wailed but he didn’t listen to me.

I made to run after him but Sonia eyed me not to as she held me back.

“Have you forgotten that you are pregnant? Do you want the fake tummy you are wearing to fall off?” She whispered to me.

I gulped…

I quickly held my tummy like I was in pain as my mom and dad rushed to me followed by aunt Leah Alex’s mom.

“Calm down Steph” They consoled me as I screamed in pain.

Oh but thank goodness we already wedded.

“You know what Leah? You better talk to that stupid son of yours, I can’t bear to see anyone hurt my princess” My dad fired

“That son of yours should just pray hard cos if anything bad happens to my daughter I will have him jailed for life” Mom added as they helped me up.

Alexander’s Pov:

I didn’t stop running …

I kept following my Amaya.

We got to a spot, she stopped with her sister.

“Stay away from me from henceforth Alex…” She said as she wiped her tears.

“I can’t do it Amaya… I really can’t” I cried and she scoffed still in tears.

“Oh really now? You can’t do it but you just got married” Amaya wailed.

“Amaya that wedding happened against my wish…” I said..

“You’re such a liar! Against your wish but she’s heavily pregnant and you are responsible” She shouted.

“Amaya! Let’s just go!” Lucy said.

“The pregnancy is still puzzle to me” I said

“Lying doesn’t suit you Alexandra! I can’t do anything anymore! I came here to work things out but I got the greatest shock of my life so I don’t want to ruin in anyone’s life the way you did to me with your lies” She cried

” I never lied to you Amaya! Every single thing I told you is really how I felt and still feel” I said

“Tell that to the birds Alexander…. It’s over now!! Congratulations and happy marriage to you” She said as she turned to leave but I held her wrist.

“Amaya please believe me! I really love you so much….” I wept

“Nothing can be done about that” She said

“Don’t you love me too?” I asked anxiously

“I do love you Alexander but it can’t just work out anymore” She cried bitterly.

“No Amaya…. Something can still be done, let’s elope together Amaya” I said and she flinched.

“What? No way!! You have to take care of your new wife and your child” She shook her head in disagreement.

“But Amaya….” I cried

“No buts! Just go back to the wedding… Bye!” She said as she ran off with her sister.

I fell on my knees in tears as I watched them walk far away from my sight.

My heart was already shattered into pieces 💔

I felt so much hatred for Stephanie.


Stephanie’s Pov:

“I want chocolates mommy! I want apple!! I want candies mommy and lastly I want a car” Nicole my little son said

I burst into laughter.

“Are you serious Nick? You need all this? Just because I told you that am going to the grocery store doesn’t mean you should list all of that” I said

“But mommy you said I should list every thing I need” Nicole scratched his head.

“Oh my smart little boy! Don’t worry I will definitely buy you the toy car you want” I said and he frowned.

“What is it baby?” I asked patting his hair.

“mommy I never said I wanted a toy car, of course I have a lot of toy cars” He said

“Maybe you want another brand right?” I asked.

“What the… No mommy! I want a real car!” He said boldly and I laughed so hard.

“You are never going to kill me Nick! You want a real car?” I laughed as I kissed his cheek.

He nodded with a smile.

“Don’t worry sweetheart you will get one someday OK?” I said as he smiled.

I held his hand and we walked towards the door but he stopped.

“What’s the matter darling?” I asked

“Mommy isn’t daddy coming with us?” He asked and I gulped nervously.

“Well you see… He’s… Uhmm…. He… He is actually…” I stammered as he saw Alexander walk into the sitting room.

“Daddy!” He waved at him and Alexander smiled.

He only smiles to Nicole

For the past three years of our marriage, we’ve been living together like total strangers.

We hardly glance at each other and we don’t even sleep in one room.

His room is just decorated with Amaya’s pictures and am not even allowed in there.

So only Nicole can go in there.

We do not even eat in the same dinning.

It’s just from work to bed and from bed to work.

“Dude!” Alexander smiled at Nicole as they high five.

I avoided eye contact with him.

“Daddy come on join mommy and I let’s go shopping” Nicole said as our jaw dropped…

Amaya’s Pov:

“Amata can I get the list?” Lucy shouted as I exhaled deeply.

“You are such a pin in the ass Lucy” I said as she rolled her eyes.

Actually Lucy and I are working and we’ve got a house of our own though on rentage.

I handed the list to her and she went through it.

She was actually prepared to go to the grocery shop.

“You didn’t add custard?” She asked

“Oh sorry! I forgot!!” I said.

“Where’s the pen?” She asked

“Up stairs!” I replied as she walked upstairs

She was about to come downstairs when suddenly, she sprained her ankle on the stairs.

“Ouch…” She cried in pain

“Oh no! What do we do now?” I asked as I helped her sit.

“I can’t go to the grocery store anymore! Please just go get the items yourself, my foot is hurting” she cried.

“Oh OK!” I said as I handed the balm to her.

Suddenly, I heard a loud knock on the door.

“I’ll get that!” I said as I opened the door and gasped

“MOTHER…” I yelled in shock….


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