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All In The Name Of Love – Season 3 Episode 6&7 [Completed]

Tunde met his mother on the verge of death, on the floor, holding her neck, huffing and puffing, struggling to survive. He was lost and didn’t know the next line of action to seek redness. He quickly squatted down, trying to figure out what was really going on by asking her. He raised her back and supported her with his arms…

“Mummy, mummy, mummy, what’s the problem? What happened to you mummy? What’s the problem mummy? Please answer me! Please look at my face mummy! Mummy please don’t do like this.”

Tunde was asking and pleading at the same time while shaking her vigorously. And he was forced to leave her so as to seek help from the neighbors but all to no avail. Cynthia that was used to be there was not available too.

He ran back to his room, shaking while ransacking everywhere, looking for his phone. He stood with his arms akimbo, panting like someone who was pursued by a masquerade when he couldn’t reach for it. Fortunately for him, a call came in which gave him the location where the phone is, the back of his bed. It was Shade. And he told her to get her mother inform about the odd situation he was experiencing before he ran back to his mother’s room.

Tunde met her still on the floor, alive but almost lifeless. He squatted down again, observing her out of confusion. She was breathing slowly with her eyes widely opened, not blinking. Then, he kneeled down gently and stretched his right hand to her occiput while the left hand was used to hold her right hand and lifted her head a bit.

“Mummy, please talk to me. Just say something mummy.” Tunde pleaded to her with his eyes glued to her eyes, expecting her to say something, but nothing came out from his mother. He took a deep breath.

Horn from Shade’s mother car jotted him out of the emotional turmoil he was experiencing. He left his mother with his soggy wear for Shade’s mother who has already entered the sitting room..

“Tunde, where is she? What happened to her?” Shade’s mother asked curiously

Tunde couldn’t say a word. He just led her to where his mother was. And she was carried to the hospital.

Shade’s mother brought her friend to the hospital not because she believed in them, but just a camouflage. She believed the sickness was not natural but a spiritual attack. And her thought was to carry her to Baba who was her god… And to do that, she has to crave the indulgence of Tunde and her family members if possible.

Doctor asked Shade’s mother and Tunde to excuse them so as to do their job… They were forced to be out.

It was already dark. Tunde, with his trouble mind followed Shade’s mother who invited him to the reception for interrogation. They both sat side by side on an outdoor park Aluminum bench with back.

“Tunde, how did it happen?” Shade’s mother asked with full sense of concern.

Tunde, who was lost while wallowing in emotional turmoil was far away from Shade’s mother, in mind. He couldn’t hear until when he was touched… And touch brought him out to reality

“Yes ma.” He responded out of shock.

“C’mon! What are you thinking? Your mum will be fine. Okay?” Shade’s mother said.

Tunde closed his eyes and nodded his head in agreement, but didn’t say anything.

Shade’s mother looked at him with pity. She could feel his pain. A young boy who didn’t grow up to know his father, suffered from a spiritual attack himself, and now his mother is on sick bed.

“Why this young handsome boy? Who could have done this again? Why this him?” Shade’s mother questioned within herself as she wrapped her arm across his neck.

“Tunde, how did it happen? What exactly happened to her?” She asked again.

“I was in the sitting room when “yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh” suddenly echoed out from her room. And without hesitation, I ran down there to meet her on the verge of death, holding her neck, struggling with herself.” He explained.

“Is Cynthia not around to come to your aid?” Shade’s mother asked.

“Aunty was not around. I saw no one.” Tunde said and dissolved into tears.

Shade’s mother held her tightly. She nearly cried too, but she controlled her emotion.

“Be good dear. Your mother will be well soon, okay?”

Tunde nodded in affirmation again.

Shade’s mother raised to her feet.

“A moment please.” She said to Tunde and walked out. She came back a minute later with her bag. She opened the bag, dipped his hand in it and reached for her phone and dialled Shade’s number. She got her informed that she wouldn’t come home till the following day.

All of sudden, she saw the doctor in charge walking briskly towards his office. She quickly ran after him to ask about the latest development.

“Madam, I have to be sincere with you ma, it seems it’s not natural because she is not responding at all. In fact, we have transferred her to ICU (intensive care unit). I’m telling you this owning to the relationship between both of you. But we will try our best. Just be prayerful.” The doctor said pessimistically and walked away.

Shade’s mother stood motionlessnes and heaved heavily. Though, she didn’t expect less, but only pity the poor boy.

Tunde walked up to her…

“Mummy, what did the doctor say?” He asked soberly.

Shade’s mother smiled. She threw his arm across his neck and moved him back to their previous seat.

“Tunde, put your mind at rest. Doctor said she will okay.” She replied.

“Are you sure?” He asked again to be sure. Though, he could read the reaction on her face to be fake, but he still wants assurance even if it is not genuine.

“Yes dear. Just let’s be prayerful.” He replied.

“I hope so.” Tunde said.

“What would you eat this night?” Shade’s mother asked.

“I’m okay ma.” He replied.

She knew he wasn’t okay. And she could understand him. So, she assumed to his tune.

When it was around 12pm, nature called; both of them slept off on their seat.

Shade’s mother was woke up from her slumber by the doctor, telling her that her attention is needed by Tunde’s mother. She was astonished to hear the good news. And her noise woke Tunde up too.

They all entered the room together. And met her on the bed, looking very sick.

Tunde’s mother opened her eyes gently and turned her head slowly, towards them.

“Mama Shade, thank you so much for being always there for me. You’re truly a friend indeed. You’re an Araba tree that worth a thousand epithets. I know I have offended you. Hope you will forgive me.
Tunde is your son and I want you to handle him the way you care for yours too.” She said.

“What are you saying? You can’t offend me mama Tunde. Please, let’s leave that issue for now. All we should be after now is your health. So let go of that please.” Shade’s mother reacted.

Tunde’s mother neglected her and controlled her eyes to Tunde’s side.

“Tunde, my son, it’s quite unfortunate that you didn’t grow up to know your father. I promise not to leave you too.
My friend, Mama Shade is your mother just like me. Listen to her. And above all, don’t forget my warning. My love for you is what is sending me to my earlier grave now. Please and please, stick to all what I have told you.” She concluded and gave up the ghost.

********END OF SEASON 3*********


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