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All In The Name Of Love – Season 3 Episode 4&5

They moved from one room to another, searching every nook and cranny of the rooms keenly, but couldn’t see Baba. They stood with their hands akimbo, sweating profusely, wondering how Baba escaped. They were seriously confused.

“This man mustn’t escape.” Cynthia said.

“Do you have any idea of where we could trace him to?” Uche asked.

“I can’t even say. Wait, let me find out from Tunde’s mother if she could bail us out.” Cynthia replied.

“Please do on time. We need to get the work done as fast as possible.”

Cynthia took out her touch screen phone and dialled her number. And the call was picked up without hesitation.

Cynthia explained situation of things to her; how far they have gone, the life they had eliminated and their current challenge.

On hearing that, Tunde’s mother got shocked. She was overshadowed with tension. Just immediately, she soggy up with sweat.

“So, how may I be of help?” Tunde’s mother asked out of tension.

“Probably you know his hiding place.” Cynthia replied.

“It’s only Mama Shade could say something about that. And it will be somehow suspicious if I try to find out from her. Except if you could check the round hut at the backyard of the house. But hope you’re well armed because entering that place might be deadly?”

“Alright ma. Don’t bother anymore. We will improvise.” Cynthia said and dropped the call.

“How far? Anyway out?” Uche asked curiously.

“Let’s get out of here first.” Cynthia replied.

“Any danger ahead?” Uche anxiously again.

“There might be if we stay long. So, let’s move.” Cynthia replied and led the way. Then, Uche followed.

When they got to a point, Uche halted and commanded Cynthia to wait.

“Wait Cynthia. Where are we running to? Where? Why do we have to leave that place when our mission is not yet completed?” Uche asked annoyingly with raised tone and eyebrows.

“Calm down Uche. We are in into this together. So, let’s take it easy. The madam has described a place where we could likely get him, but with the way she described it, we have to be fully armed for it could be brutal and involve our lives if careless.”

“Did you tell me this before we left that place? Hun?” Uche asked furiously with raised tone.

“Now that you have heard, what are you intending to do?” Cynthia asked calmly, trying to control herself.

Uche’s eyes were glued to her with hatred. He felt like attacking her, but later control her temper.

“Listen Cynthia. We are here on a mission and the mission must be accomplished before we leave here. You know who I am. You know I fear nothing. And I hate betrayals. I have signed for death before I left home: is either we kill him or he kills us. One must happen today. So, guide me to the suggested place, now.”

Uche’s reaction got Cynthia unaware. Fear gripped her. “Signed for what? Death? God forbid. I’m only here to serve my fatherland not to die on my fatherland for Tunde’s mother.” Cynthia said within herself.

Cynthia knew she had alternative than to lead him except she wants trouble. She gasped for breathe as she gazed into Uche’s eyes with phobia. A moment after, she decided to lead him.

If Uche is killed, the money to be collected from Tunde’s mother will be unaffected. And if it is other way round, there will be commission coming from Uche. So, nothing to lose than to play save and go back home safely, she thought as they moved.

It’s already getting dark. They both moved gently side by side with their backs bent, tiptoeing as they approached the described round hurt. Cynthia was shocked to see a pistol with Uche while trying to give him the direction to take.

As they moved closer, cold and fear gripped them, most especially Cynthia. Then there followed a sarcastic voice coming out of the hurt

“Hahahahahahahaha! You still trace me to here! If you decided to stop the act of wickedness, some of you will definitely force ask for it. And with any time wasted, Baba invoked the god of thunder to strike them to death.”

The weather became cloudy, then thunder with accomplished by lightning rented the firmament and stroke both of them to death.

Babe came out of the hut and looked at their lifeless body. He could recognize Cynthia very vividly. He shook his head pitifully, then entered the hut again.

“As long as lice exist on our heads, our fingers shall remain blood stained. I have to finish my work by sending jinn to kill whoever sent them this message.”

Baba did as he said. He invoked the spirit of one of his gods to and scatter whoever sent them.

Tunde’s mother who was trying to put call through Cynthia so as to get the latest development screamed out of fear as the jinn surfaced on the wall with a big pestel, muttering.

Tunde’s mother phone dropped and shattered as she ran helter and skelter in the room, screaming for help but no one seemed to hear her. And the jinn approached her when she already tired. He laughed sarcastically and raised the pestel and deliver his message.


It was only the noise Tunde heard. He then rushed to the room.


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