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All In The Name Of Love – Season 3 Episode 2 – 3

Tunde’s mother called Cynthia on phone to show up in the first instance but later called her again not to show, claiming she would join her instead. And she did.

Cynthia welcomed and offered her a seat.

“But ma, why did you decide to come over here? You should have allowed me to come.” Cynthia said.

“Yes dear. You know I had called you to come initially, but I just decided to change my plan because of Tunde. And at the same time I have to be here and tell you my conclusion since walls have ears.” Tunde’s mother replied.

“Alright ma. You’re right. So, what’s your conclusion ma?” Cynthia asked, looking at her keenly.

“Just the way you suggested.” Tunde’s mother said confidently.

Cynthia was not astonished with what she heard. She knows how desperate Tunde’s mother is in keeping the secret and that’s what she has been using against her.

“Kudos to you for summoning courage and decided to follow the suggestion. But ma, hope you’re aware that the action will be performed by someone, not me?”

“Whether by you or someone else, I care not. All I want is to get the job done without any lapses.” Tunde’s mother replied.

Cynthia bowed her head and took a deep breath. She kept silence for a moment, thinking about the amount to charge her. She took another deep breath.

Cynthia action got Tunde’s mother lost. She wondered why it took her so long to respond.

“Cynthia, any problem?” She asked confusingly.

“Nothing ma. I’m just considering the amount the person that is going to get the work done will collect.”

“So far there won’t be any leakage, then tell him to get the work started. I still have his account number here on my phone. Call him to know how much he is collecting, then part will be paid into his account right now and balance will be paid after the completion of the job.” Tunde’s responded.

“I want you guys to get everything done today, most especially, the issue of Baba and his boy. Mama Shade will soon be disturbing me to pay them visit. So, please, be fast with the work.” She added.

Cynthia was overwhelmed with joy for the comments she heard. She nearly shouted ‘eureka’, but hide her feeling.

“You what, this task is quite different from the one we did last. This very one is more sensitive just because it involves lives.
I know Uche. And I work with him. I would not want you send the money into his account; I will give my account to send the money into, then I will know how to balance him.
If there is any error, my name will be mentioned, so just hand over everything to me. I promise you the success of the task.” Cynthia rendered her words.

The past success recorded by Cynthia didn’t give Tunde’s mother any room to doubt the strength of Cynthia. She accepted all she said hook, line and sinker and collected her account details. She also promised her some insensitive if the assignment is successful.

Cynthia promised to feed her back on the amount, and likewise the situation report as the work begins.

Tunde’s mother thanks her and left for her apartment.

“This is great! Good! Good!! Good!!! Nice work Cynthia. You have done a great job there.” Cynthia praised herself.

Thereafter, she strategized on the amount to charge her and also planned to leave the one million with Uche. She then called on Uche, promising to join him in a couple of minutes.

She tabled the case; the number of lives they have to take with the order of preference; Baba Awo, his son and Shade, which must be done as soon as possible, perhaps, that very day.

Uche was shocked to hear Shade. He was confused.

“Which Shade?” He curiously asked with horror face, coupled with horrible voice.

“Same Shade we brought home the other time.”

“Are you mad? Why would she be murder? Cynthia, don’t carry me play, please. Yes, I love money, but sending this innocent Shade to early grave will not work.” Uche reacted furiously.

“Uche, you know what? Just leave Shade’s issue aside. That one is a later case. Let’s go into the real business.”

“Better. When are we going?” Uche asked.

“Let’s go there this evening.”

“What’s our agreement? The whole money will be mine. Agreed?”

Cynthia smiled again.

“Don’t worry, it will be yours, but you will have to give me commission.” Cynthia replied with smile.

“You’re now talking. Forget, they are already dead. Count the job done.”

“I trust you dear.”

******EVENING, AROUND 5PM******

Uche had prepared for the war. He is not an amateur in sending people to their early grave.

Both Uche and Cynthia entered Uche’s sport car and Uche drove off to their destination. He parked at roadside and then trekked in, with Cynthia at the front.

It was Baba’s boy they met outside and Cynthia told him to get Baba informed about their arrival. And which he did. He came out after a minute and told them that they will have to come back the following day, claiming Baba is sleeping and could not attend to anyone.

Cynthia signaled Uche to swing into action. And within a blink of an eye, Uche ran to the boy and grabbed his neck. And before the could realized anything, he had gave up the ghost.

Cynthia said thumbs up to him and they both stumbled into the rooms, looking for Baba.


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