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All In The Name Of Love – Season 3 [Episode 1 – 7]



Tunde’s mother sat at the edge of her bed with her head bowed. Different thought eluded her mind.

“Which one should I go for? To eliminate Baba Awo is not an issue. After all, I don’t have any business with him anymore. But Shade, no, no, I can’t do that.” She soliloquized, then she stood up and started wandering within the room and continue soliloquizing,

“Hummm, King saddles one with questionable responsibility while Oba river is full and overflowing. King’s assignment couldn’t be rejected and Oba river could not be stormed into. God, what should I do?”

When she could not reason straight, she went back to her bed and sat down again. Then she reached the wardrobe placed beside the bed, flung it open and took a pill. Thereafter, she picked up her phone and called on Tunde to get her a cup of warm water which he did within a tick.

“Is there anything wrong mum?” Tunde asked worriedly as he handed the cup of the water to her.

“I’m okay dear. Only that I just have to rest a bit.” She replied with smile on her face, giving him impression that she was out of worry.

“Better ma. Be good and take care of yourself ma.”

“I will. Thanks dear.”

Tunde turned around, headed to the exit door, then halted when he heard his name again.

“Tunde, in case anyone asks of me, tell him or her I’m not around, please. I don’t want any distraction.” She sounded a note of warning.

“Noted ma.” Tunde replied and left.

Tunde’s mother put her phones on silence, took the pill and laid herself gently on the bed.


Tunde headed directly to Cynthia’s apartment. And fortunately for him, he met her ahome.

Tunde was warmly welcome with a sumptuous smile on Cynthia’s face.

“Ola, you are welcome.” Cynthia said, and asked him to have his seat.

Tunde couldn’t believe his ears. The name sounded special to his hearing.

“Wao! Aunty, where did you hear that name? Only special ones call me that name.” Tunde said with smile, radiating on his face.

“I intentionally called you that special name just because I’m very glad to see you alive, strong and healthy.” Cynthia replied, still beaming a lovely smile.

“Hmmmm! Glory be to God for the gift of life. And I also thank and appreciate you from the bottom of my heart for the assistance you rendered so as to make me live. I sincerely appreciate it so much. May God bless you.”

“Ameen.” Cynthia replied.

“Aunty, I’m in trouble!” Tunde said frankly.

“Trouble? What’s the problem?” Cynthia asked curiously.

“I just pray I don’t die very soon as my mother is preventing…”

“A moment please!” Cynthia cut in. She quickly left Tunde on seat and came back within a tick.

“Tunde, please hit the nail on head and stop perambulating. The way you’re talking is scary.” Cynthia said as she came back to her seat.

“Aunty, I’m very sure you’re aware of the relationship between Shade and I. You know I much we love each other. You know the sacrifice Shade made all in the name of love, to make me live, so as to bring our dream to reality. And at the same time, you know what’s going to happen to whoever deflowers her…” He paused, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Then he continued,

“Aunty, I can’t let go of Shade. Not only because of the sacrifice she made, but also because she had entered into covenant with me not to lose her virginity to no one except me. And I vowed in return that I will marry no one else, except her.”

“You did what? Enter into covenant with a girl all in the name of love? Why? Tunde why? Why would you go up to that extent? I’m really disappointed in you! How would you stoop so low and let someone lured you into a horrible thing like that? You are intelligent than to fall into this kind of pit!
Sincerely, I am sort of words. This issue is beyond my reasoning. And I don’t know how I could address it.” Cynthia expressed her displeasure with great sense of concern, even Tunde’s conclusion.

“I know I have made a mistake. The problem is when flame of love is burning, lovers are bounded to make flimsy promise unconsciously which could later backfire. In fact, you’re the first person to hear about this. I needed to tell someone because my heart was heavy, and I couldn’t keep it to myself any longer. I think my heart is a bit free now. I believe problem shared is half solved. Though, you may not profer solution to it, but I’m glad I told you. In case what my mother has been trying to prevent happen, you know what to tell her.”

“What do you mean by that? Are you trying to say you’re going to commit suicide?” Cynthia asked confusingly.

“Saving my life is predicament. And my living will be melancholic. I think the best thing is to die.” Tunde said pessimistically.

“Would you stop reasoning irrationally!” Cynthia barked at him unconsciously. Then, she moved closer to him, placed her hands on his shoulders and then looked into his eyes.

“Tunde, look into my eyes and listen to me.”

Tunde raised his head gently, with soggy eyes.

“If truly you love Shade, then commiting suicide will not be in your dictionary. Killing yourself will only complicate the issue; you will be punished by God and Shade will also suffer in your absence. So, Tunde, necessity is mother of invention; without problem, nothing is called solution.
There will be a way out. I’m promising you now. Just give me some days to sort things out. Uhn?”

Tunde nodded his head in agreement.

“But wait, why did you think I’m in the best position to hear about this? Cynthia asked confusingly.

Tunde smiled.

“It’s just because I believe in you. And also, my mother respect you. My mother should have been the one to hear this first, but I’m scared to tell her myself. Now that you’ve heard, I’m very sure she would respect you whichever way you table the issue to her.” Tunde replied.

Cynthia was convinced with Tunde’s explanation.

“Justice will be done dear.”

“Alright ma. Thanks so much.” Tunde said.

“You’re welcome.” She replied.

Tunde was ushered out by Cynthia.

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