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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 9

Tunde’s mother entered the sitting room and beckoned her to come closer to her.

Shade stood up and moved to Tunde’s mother who has opened her arms to offer her warm hug. She was embraced. Then, Tunde’s mother thanked her for the sacrifices she made and also enjoyed her not to react as if she had seen Tunde a day before, before she was being led to where Tunde was.

Shade’s mother who was exonerating herself on the reason why she couldn’t check on Tunde paused when Shade and Tunde’s mother surfaced. She faced Shade and said

“Why did you stay behind? Or didn’t I tell you the reason why we are here?”

Shade kept mute with her head bowed, trying to avoid eyes contact with both Tunde and her mother.

“Please leave my wife alone o.” Tunde’s mother said and then faced Shade “Shade, don’t mind your mother jawe. That’s how she does. Just come and stay beside me here.” She added.

Shade’s mother smiled.

“Shade, how far? Hope you were not maltreated?” Tunde asked in low voice.

“Not at all. I’m fine. What about you? Hope you’re now very much okay?” Shade reciprocated shyly.

“I’m very much okay. I’ve said I won’t forgive you for not checking on me on until when mummy told me what happened to you. Hope you’re good?”

“Yes.” Shade replied, feeling uncomfortable owning to the presence of her mother.

Tunde’s mother could read hear reaction and give a meaning to it. So, she asked her friend to let them move to the sitting room, leaving both Shade and Tunde in the room. And which Shade’s mother succumbed without any form of reluctancy.

“Tunde, take good care of your wife very well… Drinks are inside refrigerator or better still, you could come to bar for any.” Tunde’s mother said and she left for the sitting room with her friend.

“Alright ma.” Tunde replied.


“What should I offer you now?” Tunde’s mother asked her friend who was already on her seat.

“Am I a visitor here? Abeg, come here and gist me how everything went jawe.” Shade’s mother replied.

Shade’s mother neglected her friend’s response, then she took two glasses of cups coupled with a bottle of bluish wine from bar, placed them on a tray, walked smartly and dropped it on a stool placed beside the seat where her friend sat. She carried the stool gently and dropped it in front of her, opened the wine, and poured the wine into the glasses. She carried a glass, leaving the other, and then moved to a seat directly opposite her friend, seated.

Shade’s mother carried her own glass of wine and sipped a little. Then she dropped it back on the stool.

“Now that I’ve been entertained, would you now gist me how everything went?” Shade’s mother inquired inquisitively.

“You and gist! Must you know everything? After all, all we needed was success of the process and thank God, it was. And beside, I don’t think telling you the whole process could be done by me but Baba, because both Cynthia and I were with Tunde while Baba was in charge of everything. So, what should I tell you, Amebo (gossiper)?”

Shade’s mother was a bit bewildered with lackadaisical reaction of her friend. She felt reluctant. Is she still angry for not showing up while Tunde was ill? Or what could have caused this sudden change in reaction? Though, the words uttered by Tunde’s mother were said jokingly, but one could still read meaning to it. Something must be fishing, she thought.

“If you like, call me different names, na you sabi. Sha gist me how Cynthia got you the girl. And in addition, I will like to know the girl for a reason.”

“Know the girl? For what?”

“You know the implication of the girl sleeps with a man… And don’t forget I have two matured sons.”

“Would you tell them if you know the girl or how do you wanna address the issue?”

“I think the best way is to prevent them from going near her.”

“How possible is that? Did you even think that what we buried will be exposed the moment your sons know about this?”

Shade’s mother took a deep breath. She could reason along with her friend.

“Yes, you’re very much correct. But how did you intend to keep the secret? Did you trust Cynthia? What about the girl herself, did you trust her?”

“That’s what is giving me headache for now. But I think the secret should be kept because I’ve paid Cynthia and she has settled the girl?”

“But did you follow up the issue?”

“Follow up? As how?”

“If Cynthia truly settled the girl. What if the girl later come up and starts threaten you? Even, Cynthia herself could turn you to money making machine and starts extorting you. As for me, I don’t trust any of them.”

Tunde’s mother sighed.

“You’re right. But what do you think it’s the way out?”

“I don’t know how you’re going to react on my suggestion.”

“Just tell me something. I’m ready to do whatever you say so far the secret will be kept.”

“Good!” Shade’s mother said and moved to her friend’s side. She poked her mouth into her friend’s ear, then whispered some words into it.

“Haaa! We should do what? Kill the two of them?” Tunde’s mother shouted out of shock.


Who is the most wicked being among them?


*Tunde’s mother

*Shade’s mother

Justify your claim with atleast two reasons.

Your contributions will be highly appreciated.

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