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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 8

“Tunde, Tunde, Tundeeeee.” She called his name continuously while looking every nook and cranny of his room but no response was heard. She felt like hitting him when he later saw him coming out of the toilet, with his earphones on, receiving a call. She beat him with weird look but which Tunde was less concerned.

“What’s wrong with you? Didn’t you hear I was calling you?” Tunde’s mother said angrily to Tunde who removed the earphones to hear what his mother was saying.

“I was in the toilet when you called, and it’s not hygienic to be talking while in toilet.”

“It’s not hygienic to be talking while in toilet, but you could receive call in toilet, right?”

Tunde kept mute and sat on his bed with his head bowed.

His mother was somehow frustrated. She stood motionlessness for a moment, looking at him forlornly. She took a deep breath, and then walked gently to him. She sat beside him and threw her arm across his neck, petting him…

“What’s really happening to you? Why are you doing this to me? Do you wanna kill me untimely? Or kill yourself? Did you even know what has happened when you were sick? Did you know I have gone through hell so as to save your soul? Did you want all my efforts to go in vein? If this is what I deserve from you, then I’m ready to carry my cross. But I pray you listen to me for your children to listen to you too. I’m doing all these only because of you, not me. Tunde, look at my face.” She said, looking sadly.

Tunde gently turned around and became sober with the look he saw on his mother’s face. His eyes were saturated with tears. He tried to fight back the tears which finally rolled down his cheeks. He heaved heavily.

“I have heard you. Though, it’s not from the bottom of my heart, but, but…”

Tunde couldn’t complete his words before he busted into tears. His mother hugged him tightly and wiped off the tears trekking down his cheeks.

“I’m sorry dear. I didn’t mean to hurt you. This has to be done for our own benefits…”

Tunde’s mother rapidly detached herself from her son when she heard a sound of a car coupled with horn, entering their compound.

“It seems Shade and her mother are around. I will be right back.” She said hurriedly and moved to the sitting room. She stylishly dragged the curtain to a side and peeped through the created space. Then, she rushed back to Tunde’s room.

“Yea, I guessed right. Don’t react to Shade as if you saw her yesterday, so that her mother will not suspect us please.”

Tunde nodded his head. And his mother left him in the room to welcome her visitors.

She welcomed them warmly and offer them seats.

Shade’s mother and her daughter asked for Tunde and this called for his mother to call on him, but which he refused to answer. Tunde’s mother was forced to leave her seat to check on him when she has called him for several times, but no response.

She met him on his bed sitting with his back resting against the wall, engulfing a pillow in his hands. She looked at him weirdly.

“What’s really wrong with you? Didn’t you hear my voice?”

“I’m sorry ma.”

“You’re sorry? Okay, no problem. Shade and her mother are waiting for you in the sitting room.”

“Just help me say ‘hi’ to them.”

“Can’t you just come to show courtesy?”

“Not that I’m disrespecting you ma, but I’m only pretending as if I’m angry with them for not checking on me while I was ill. Hope you could read meaning to my words?”

His mother smiled and nodded her head in affirmation. What a good idea! She was very happy with the action. She returned to the sitting room where she told both Shade and her mother that Tunde was not interested to see them because they didn’t check on him while he was ill.

Shade mind was in peace when she heard the message. She was thinking what Tunde’s reaction could be when he sees her before, but with the situation of things, her mother must have lost, she thought.

“Oh! I’m very sorry for that. You should have explained what happened to him now.” Shade’s mother said.

“Yes, I did. But he was not convinced.” Tunde’s mother replied

“Okay, where is he?”

“He is in his room jare.”

Shade’s mother raised to her feet, and followed Tunde’s mother.

Tunde’s mother was confused when they later got to Tunde’s room but couldn’t see Shade.

“Where is Shade?” She asked with her eyes bulged out from its sockets.

“She should be in the sitting room.” Her mother replied.

“Why did she stay behind? Won’t she say hi to her husband?” Tunde’s mother said and learned towards the sitting room to call on her.


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