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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 7

Tunde’s mother woke up in the middle of the night and headed to Tunde’s room to check if he was fine. She was very comfortable with the way she met him, but the resonance of her heartbeat was deafening and one could hear every spurt of blood that ran through her arteries when she later remembered her last conversation with Cynthia…

“Struggle still continues. It is not over until it’s over. But, let’s discuss about the one we have done successfully before talking about the next move.”

“I’m lost. Could you just cut out the chase and take me out of this darkness? Which struggle again?”

“Calm down ma. It’s not a serious issue as you wanna take it. Only that money will be needed to carry out the job. This job as to be done to cover any leakage that might likely to surface in the nearest future. But before that, let’s talk on the just concluded one.”
********* ********** **********
“Could you just come back and let’s discuss about the precaution to prevent the future leakage you talked about the other time?”

“Let’s forget about that ma. I’m not ready to expose myself to any danger again all in the name of saving a soul. I think I’ve tried my best, so let’s us forget about it ma.”
********* ********** **********

She stood to her feet with her arms folded across her chest, wandering in the room…

“Leakage! Yes, there could be. It could be through Shade, Baba Awo, and even Cynthia herself. I can’t afford to be exposed. I will use all the available means to protect this my mirror from getting broken, and keep the secret too. I’m ready to take any risk that comes my way just to keep my treasure alive, even if it’s to lose my life or someone’s life.” She thought to herself and finally made up her mind before she went back to bed.


It was Monday morning. Shade’s father had woke up very early and set to travel back. He looked at his wife in bed, under the blanket. He thought she must have got exhausted through the stress she went through while looking for Shade, so he decided not to disturb her sleep. He only dropped her a letter, stating that he has left and promised to send her a particular amount for their needs. And she should watch over Shade very well, so that what has happened will not repeat itself.

Aftermath, he moved to Shade’s room. She was in bed too, maintaining a squatting posture. He placed his volar, then the back of his hand on her body to examine her body temperature. And he finally left when he was satisfied with the result he got, normal.

Shade’s mother woke up around past eight and headed to sitting room where she saw the letter dropped by her husband and read through. She smiled and then learned towards Shade’s room. Shade was still in bed, sleeping. She spared her and engaged herself in the domestic works that should be done by Shade, and then called her husband thereafter to know about his journey and warfare.


Tunde’s mother seated her son down, explaining what has happened when his life was between heaven and earth. The sacrifice they made and the sacrifice he himself has to make to avoid being a victim of such again.

Tunde was shocked. It sounded odd in his ears. Apart being a childhood friends and lovers, how on hell is that possible? To forgone someone who has risked her own life to save his life all in the name of love. This is absurd! What a barbaric and callous decision!

“Mummy, did you mean I have to drop Shade?” Tunde asked out of confusion.

“Yes, you have to. In fact, I don’t want to see both of you together right from this very moment. And nobody must hear this from your mouth.”

“But mum, making reference to what you said earlier, if not for Shade who risk her life…”

“Will you keep your mouth shut! I’m your mother, and I know more than you do, so when I tell you not to do a particular something, then you desist from it. What an old person sees while sitting, if a teenager clamps a tree, he could not see it. Though, you’re matured a bit to decide on your own, but I can’t just open my eyes while going astray.”

Tunde went crisome with her mother’s conclusion. He was seriously frustrated and not satisfied. The task was too heavy and cumbersome for him to withstand. He slipped his volar over his hair, thinking of what to do. Then, he stood to his feet and walked away, briskly on his mother, to his room. While he was going, her mother called on him, but he shrugged.

Tunde’s mother stood up too, leaving her phone behind and then followed him. She was take aback by the ringing tone of her phone. It was her friend, then she picked up…

“Hello Mama Shade.”

“Hello, good morning. How was your night?”

“It was fine o. At least, I slept in my house with my little husband. What about yours?”

“Oluwa seun o (Thank God o). At least Shade finally came home safely, and her father didn’t react on the issue.”

“Good to hear that. How is she now?”

“She is fine. She is even the one delaying me. We are both coming to your house in the next some minutes.”


“Yes now. We will talk better when we come around.”

“No problem. I will be expecting you.”

The call was hung up by Shade’s mother.

Tunde’s mother hastened his movement to join Tunde in his room, but he was threw into confusion when she entered and couldn’t see him in the room.



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