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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 5

******EPISODE TWENTY*********
She looked directly into Tunde’s mother eyes. She was a bit coloured up with the way she reacted, but she held her anger.

“Ma, I will not like you to see this matter as if I’m finding a way of extorting you. I’m only doing this sacrifice just because you take me as your daughter. You might be looking at it as if we have not done anything tedious all because everything went successfully, but if I should tell you the risk we have taken…”

Cynthia was on her words when her phone rang. “I’m sorry ma,” she took permission and picked up the call. She put the phone on speaker for transparency…

“Hello Uche, how far?”

“I’m good. How far about the payment? I need cash please.”

“You don’t need to tell me, I myself know that. And I’ve been working on how to get you paid as soon as possible. In fact, I’m currently with her. The only issue on ground is that she couldn’t afford the charge…”

“What did you just say? You must be joking. Abeg, a no get time to discuss this kind nonsense with you. In fact, unfailingly tomorrow, my money must be paid, or else, you smell trouble.” He threatened without given any chance to Cynthia to say anything, and then hung up the call.

Both Tunde’s mother and Cynthia were threw into shock. Even, Cynthia, who was very closed to him never expected such furious reaction from him, though she knew he didn’t joke when it comes to issue of money.

Fear gripped both of them as they exchanged looks.

“Please ma, you need to do something on this issue. Not only your life is at stake now, but both of us. You’re even save more than I do because I was the one who stood for you. Uche is an aggressive being who doesn’t give a d–n when it comes to sensitive issue like this. Please and please, save us.” Cynthia pleaded.

Cynthia action and reaction got Tunde’s mother lost. She was convinced with the innocent look on Cynthia’s face. She took a deep breath, then left for her room without a word. She came back later with her phone, and sat on her previous seat.

“May I have his bank account details?”

Cynthia kept mute for a moment. She couldn’t believe the woman is paying the money straight away. She thought of dropping her own account number, but she decided to change her mind.

“Let me call him for his bank details ma.”

The call was picked up after the third trial and the bank details were supplied. And the money was sent immediately through online transaction.

“Done.” She said, showing Cynthia the evidence of the payment. “Hope we are now saved?” She asked with smiling face.

Cynthia nodded her head in affirmation.

“Good. Thanks so much for your support and the sacrifices you have made. I really appreciate. In case, I’ve in one way or the other offended you, please overlook it. We are all human being and no one is perfect.” Tunde’s mother pleaded.

“It’s nothing ma. And in case I’ve rude to you in one or two ways too, please forgive me. Till tomorrow. Good night.” She said and stood up, then proceeded to the doorway.


Tunde’s mother called on Cynthia, who was already at the door, about to exit the room. And she halted, while holding the handle of the door without looking at the back.

“Could you just come back and let’s discuss about the precaution to prevent the future leakage you talked about the other time?”

“Let’s forget about that ma. I’m not ready to expose myself to any danger again all in the name of saving a soul. I think I’ve tried my best, so let’s us forget about it ma.”

Tunde’s mother smiled.

“I know you’re still angry over my reaction. If we don’t forget the yesteryears issues, we won’t have anyone to play with. And again, you have done nothing if at the end of the day there is a leakage. Don’t forget, your name will also be mentioned if at the end of the day we are exposed. And as a corps member, your integrity needs to be protected.
Though, it’s night now, but I will love if you could think over it overnight. Good night.” Tunde’s mother said and headed to her room, leaving Cynthia behind.

Cynthia was hit with her words. She could reason along with her, just the facts. She felt less concerned at that very moment; all what was on her mind was how to get her own portion from the money sent to Uche. Then, she exited the room without looking back, and headed to her own apartment to strategize on how to get her own share.

She put call through Uche and it was picked up immediately…

“Hello baby, well done. I don see your hand.” He spoke out cheerfully.

“Yea. It was sent in my presence and I confirmed the payment.”

“Good! Well done job. In fact, the woman makes sense, na one milla ( one million ) she dropped for me. So, how much she paid you?”

“Yea, I asked her to drop the one million naira into your account to share together. The money is meant for both of us.”

“You mean?”

“I mean the money belongs to both of us. Hope you could hear that clearly?”

“I still can’t get you. You mean you wanna share from this?”

“Of course, yes. What was our agreement? Was it not fifty-fifty?”

“Cynthia, if na play, I beg make we stop am oo. You for don comot your own separately because anything no fit come out from this money.”

“You’re just funny! How would you be expecting only you to get the whole one million naira, when I who initiated the business get nothing? What a greedy idea! Listen Uche…”

She has not landed when the call was dropped. And all her efforts to reach Uche throughout the night were futile.



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