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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 4

*************EPISODE 19************
Tunde has taken his bath with the soap given to him. And he was now feeling very much okay. He took a delicious food prepared by his mother before he went to bed to relax. His mother’s couldn’t let him stay alone. She sat at the edge of his bed, watching over him.

Tunde’s mother was forced to stand up when she heard knock on the door. She walked majestically to the door when she heard Cynthia’s voice. She opened the door and ushered her in with enthusiasm. Then, she learned forward to the bar and came back with a bottle of wine coupled with a glass cup. She put them on a stool, rightly in front of Cynthia, and then have her own seat, directly opposite Cynthia.

Cynthia sat down confidently, with one leg crossed over the other.

“Ma, the job was perfectly done, and Shade should be at home with her parents by now.”

“Really?” Tunde’s mother asked astonishingly.

“Yes ma. In fact, you can call her mother for confirmation…”

Cynthia was sharing her testimony with smiling face when Tunde’s mother phone rang. It was Shade’s mother, then she picked it without any delay…

“Hello, Mama Shade. What’s the latest development?”

“Thank God o. She has been released. In fact, she was brought home by her father some minutes ago. Thanks so much for your support on this issue.”

“Wao. Thank God o. I’m so happy. Hope she was not injured?”

“Not at all. She is fine here. So, how far about Tunde’s issue? Hope it was successful?”

“Thank God o. It was successful o. In fact, we are back home. Thanks to you too. You’re a friend indeed.”

“Good to hear this good news o.We shall talk better tomorrow when we see.”

“Alright. Bye.”

Shade’s mother hung up the call.

Tunde’s mother starred at Cynthia in amazement.

“You’re wonderful! I must confess, you have done a great job. Wao, wao, waoo! How did you go about it?”

Cynthia beamed a wide smile. She picked up the glass and poured wine into it, sipped it and then dropped it back on the stool.

“It’s nothing ma. We sha thank God for the success of everything.”
“Thank God o. And you too.”

“You welcome ma. Where is Tunde now?”

“He is asleep.”

“Good! Ma, struggle still continues. It is not over until it’s over. But, let’s discuss about the one we have done successfully before talking about the next move.”

“I’m lost. Could you just cut out the chase and take me out of this darkness? Which struggle again?” Tunde’s mother asked curiously.

“Calm down ma. It’s not a serious issue as you wanna take it. Only that money will be needed to carry out the job. This job as to be done to cover any leakage that might likely to surface in the nearest future. But before that, let’s talk on the just concluded one.”

“Can’t you just tell me now and we do everything at once, then I will pay you everything together?”

Cynthia smiled, then said “if it were only me, I would have done everything for you. But you know now, another party is involved. And he doesn’t joke when it comes to issue of money. In fact, he agreed to carry out the job on postpaid just because of me. I know you must have gotten the idea ma?”

Tunde’s mother took a deep breath. She was not satisfied with the way Cynthia was responding to her. She felt embarrassed and unsecured. She was losing her deserved dignity and respect, but she has no alternative than to succumb to whatever pressure she was subjected to.

“Alright. No problem. How much is your charge?” She finally asked, gazing at Cynthia irritatingly.

Cynthia readjusted herself on the seat, and stylishly bowed her head to avoid eye contact with that of Tunde’s mother before pronouncing the amount…

“One million naira.”

Tunde’s mother sprang up from her seat. Her eyes bulged out from its sockety like that of dragonflies.

“One what?” She asked to be sure of what she heard.

Cynthia kept silence for some moments, with her head still bowed. After some minutes of silence, she raised her head.



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