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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 3

*************EPISODE 18************
Shade’s mother put call through her husband immediately…

“Hello dear, how are you?” Her husband greeted.

“He e e ll o…” She replied stammeringly.

“Any problem? Because I could notice a glint of tremble in your voice. What’s the issue?”

“En, en…”

“En, what? Can’t you just talk?” Shade’s father barked at her.

“Shade has been abducted.” She broke the news and busted into tears.

“How? When did that happen?”

“I just got a call from the abductor, requesting for three million naira ransom for her release.

“What? Did you hear from her?”

“No. The man said I should call him back to hear her voice when I must have prepared the ransom.”

“Have you informed police about this?”

“No. He threatened that Shade will be killed if any force is involved.”

“Alright. Though, I’m almost at home, but notwithstanding, just text me the number, then I will act on it.”

“Alright dear.”

“Don’t worry yourself over the issue, okay? I will sort things out with them.”

“Alright dear.” She sighed and then hung up the call.


Shade’s father was confused. Why my daughter? Who could have set this trap for me? I will have to inform inspector general of police on this matter, but let me just call them first to be sure if she was truly abducted…

He slowed down the car and park to the roadside, then put a call through the abductor…

“Hello, Mr. Man. This is Oyedele, the father of the young girl you abducted.”

“Good! No need to involve you on this matter anymore. Someone as arranged for the ransom. All you need do now is to come for your daughter. She will be waiting for you in an uncompleted building, erected along Tutuade express way. To clear your doubt on the abduction, listen to her…”

He gave the phone to Shade.

“Hello daddy…” She said calmly.

“Shade, how are you? Hope you’re not touched or maltreated?” He curiously asked.

“No daddy. Not at all. Only that I’m not free. Please, come and get me out of this as soon as possible.”

“Good to hear that dear. Be calm, okay? I will soon be there. In fact, I’m already on the express way. So, don’t be panic.”

“Love you daddy.”

“Love you too, dear.”

The abductor collected the phone from Shade…

“Your doubt should be cleared by now. You will have to be here as soon as possible because I’m leaving her here alone. So, she will be waiting for you.
You’re warned not to involve any force in this issue.

He concluded and hung up the call.

Shade’s father was worried. He couldn’t phantom what exactly was happening. He got more disarrayed when he thought of what the abductor said “someone has paid for her release”
“Who on earth could that person be?” That was the first question nagging in his head.
He started his car engine and sped up in other to pick up his daughter without any fear.

He decelerated his car’s speed when he was very close to the described building, looking left and right in search of his daughter. He was very happy and nearly jumped out of the side screen when he saw his daughter, standing nostalgic, in front of the building which is a bit distance from the express way.

He halted the car and ran to her.


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