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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 2

Shade and Tunde’s mother stared at Cynthia with fear. They were scared with the way she spoke while making the call. She looks so desperate and poisonous.

Cynthia reciprocate the look with smile.

“Are you scared?”

Both Shade and Tunde’s mother shook their heads at a time, to say “No.”

Tunde was there looking at the drama. He was lost and wanted to ask what was happening, but he found it difficult.

“Don’t be. I’m trying to work things out with that guy. And he is ready to carryout whatever assignment given to him, so far you’re ready to pay.”

“No problem, so far there will be no leakage. And hope his charges will not be huge?”

“I will know how to beat it down if he charges you too much.”

“You will be going home with Tunde and leave Shade for me. We both came here together, and we are leaving together. How to get her home without being subjected to any punishment by her mother is left to me. Just trust me.”

“Alright. But how to get home is another problem now. My car key is with Shade’s mother. She drove the car back home yesterday. And there is no way she will not know about this issue if she should come around.” Tunde’s mother said out of worry.

“Don’t worry ma. Just let’s find our way to the roadside. I will make arrangement on that.” Cynthia replied.

Before they proceeded back home, Cynthia composed a text message and sent it to Uche to act on.

Tunde’s mother was very comfortable with the assistances rendered by Cynthia, but she was in fear. What could be Cynthia’s demand at the end of the whole issue. If it’s money, she should be able to meet up, but if she demands for something beyond nko? But why is she too forward on this issue? Hope this lady is not having a hiding agenda? God, have mercy.

Different thought filled Tunde’s mother mind. She couldn’t reason straight as they trekked through the narrow path they plighted when they came around.

“Love! Love!! Love!!! This is crazy! Love they say is powerful as death. It drives some people crazy, while some had lost their lives because of it, like I almost did. What’s really wrong with me? I’m really doing this because of love? What if at the end of the day, Tunde leaves me for another girl? But, is that possible? NO! It’s not possible. Both Tunde and his mother will costly pay for it. I swear!” Shade talked within herself, then beamed a mocking smile.


Shade’s mother looked at the wall clock. It was already past four and Shade is yet to be back. She was so restless. Her husband will soon be around. She was running out of patient. So, she decided to call Tunde’s mother again to ask about the situation of things. And while dialing her number, a call from an unknown caller entered her phone, which she picked up immediately but without a word, expecting the caller to talk first…

“Hello, Madam.”

A deep scaring voice eachoed out into her receiving ears. She had never heard such scaring voice ever in her life.

“Yes, who I’m I speaking with.” She replied calmly.

“Forget about the one you’re on with, and let’s talk about business. I don’t have much time, so don’t waste the precious one I’m trying to spend with you here.
Here is your daughter, Shade. She was kidnapped and if you know you still want her, you have to prepare a total ransom of three million naira before six O’ clock today. Anything after that, consider your daughter dead.” The caller threatened.

“Yeeeh! Mo gbe! ( I’m in trouble ). Shade! Kidnapped! What should I do now? Please sir, may I hear her voice?” She requested stammeringly. She was distributed.

“Just call me back when you must have arranged for the money. Then, you will hear from her. You’re warned not to involve police or any force in this transaction. Any attempt to do so, then be ready for its consequences. Good bye.”

The caller dropped the call.

Shade’s mother was confused. It was like a dream to her. She wiped her face to be sure it was reality, and yes, she was not dreaming. She flung the phone on the sofa, then moved up and down in the room, not knowing what next to do. And she was on this random movement when her phone rang again.

She ran to check who was calling, and it happened to be Tunde’s mother, she picked it up without hesitation…

“Hello, Mama Tunde. I’m in trouble ooo.”

“Trouble ke? What happened?” Tunde’s mother asked curiously.

“Shade has been kidnapped ooo. And ramson of three million was demanded for.”

“Haaaa! Where and how did it happen? Have you informed her father?”

“No ooo, I haven’t oo.”

“Please, let him know right now. I will call you back.” Tunde’s mother said and then hung up the call.


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