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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 11 – 12

Cynthia knocked on Uche’s door for several times before she was being asked to come in. She opened the door and walked in majestically to have her seat. She crossed her legs over the other while looking at Uche like a hungry lion who just sees a pray. She was ready to attack without any consideration if Uche was not ready to succumb to her will.

Uche turned down the volume of his deafened home theater, and sat directly opposite of Cynthia.

The appearance of Cynthia was not an impromptu to him. He has been expecting her visitation, and he was ready to maintain his stand and prepared for the worst.

They both gazed at each other out of phobia for they didn’t know the plan of oneself for each other.

“Could you just tell me what happened yesternight?” Cynthia asked to break the silence.

“Happened? As in?” Uche replied, squeezing his face to show that he didn’t understand her.

“Why did you drop and off your phone when we were not yet done with our conversations?”

“Hun? Drop and off?” What did you mean by that?”

Cynthia was a bit furious about Uche’s stance towards her. She believed Uche understood, but only trying to play upon her intelligence. She banged the table in front of her and stood to her feet, to express her grievances.

“Uche, I’m not here to play, but for business. Therefore, I would urge you to stop all these pranks, otherwise, what you don’t expect might happen.”

Uche laughed sarcastically. Though, he knew what Cynthia was capable of, but he was not moved with her threat.

Uche and Cynthia attended same higher institution and graduated together. Though, Uche, a fair handsome guy, but with a scaring look was an engineering student while Cynthia was a science student. They both stayed in the same hostel, some miles away from their School.

Uche was feared by almost everyone because of his rascality. No one knew his secret whether he belonged to a secret cult or not. This was because he was being attacked by different sect of cultists, but didn’t meet his Waterloo.

Cynthia’s beauty caught the Uche’s fancy the very moment she resumed hostel. Uche, who was in two hundred level then find a way of closing to her. And later asked her out, but which Cynthia declined her request, claiming she was a fresh student, and beside, she had a guy in her department, who she was already dating.

Cynthia never thought of having any close relationship with Uche based on the information she heard about him. But no one is perfect and everyone on earth has his or her own flaws. Cynthia was hot temper. She acted furiously whenever she was angry and may later regret her action. And this her deficiency was what led her to unsolicited relationship with Uche.

Cynthia unfortunately stabbed her claimed boyfriend she has been dating right from hundred level when she was in three hundred level to death as a result of misunderstanding that happened between them. And the body was disposed through the help of Uche without any trace or suspect.

Uche wondered what could make a lady to be as so cruel to the extend of murdering her boyfriend. He was a bit scared, but being a strong guy, he believed he could handle her, no matter how stubborn she is. And beside, he believed with her secret he had at hand, he would be using that against her; to key her down. And therefore entered relationship with her, though they didn’t have intention of marrying each other.


“You’re very funny! What is that unexpected? Hun? Open your eyes dear. This is Uche. I’m not the type you could be threatening. Okay?” Uche replied frankly, still maintaining his position.

Uche’s words aggravated her anger. Her eyes scanned through the room, searching for what could be used to attack. But her attention was caught by the question asked by Uche

“What was our agreement? Wasn’t one hundred thousand?”

“Yes, of course.” She replied.

“So, why are you disturbing my life? Can’t you just get your own share from her?”

“What are you telling me? Are you telling me you didn’t know the amount that was sent into your account?”

“One hundred thousand naira of course. And I’m not ready to share any kobo with anybody, because I’ve budgeted the money.”

Cynthia couldn’t believe her ears. How possible is that? Who is deceiving who? Could it be that Tunde’s mother was lying to her or Uche was the one playing her? She was totally lost in confusion. Calling Tunde’s mother for verification was not an option, she thought.

“A Hundred thousand or what did you say?” She asked to be sure.

“I don’t have time for all this rubbish. How many times will I tell you that? And if you’re not satisfied with that, the message alert is still on my phone for confirmation.”

Cynthia was a bit sober and almost gave up, but her instinct pushed her to ask for his phone which he gave voluntarily. She opened the messages; it was the first message on the list, then she read through it keenly…

“Your Acct 305XXXX809 Has Been Credited with NGN1,000,000.00 On 14-MAY-2016 10:46:42 By Trns Frm GLOBAL BANK To FBN: 005XXXX809. Bal: NGN1,002,7869.46CR”

She wiped his face to be sure she was seeing one million naira. And yes, it was. Then, she turned to Uche with crimson look and pointed at him…

“You’re a thief!”

Uche was shocked and confused. He couldn’t understand her allegation. He looked at her in wonders.

Cynthia threw his phone to him so as to understand.



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