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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 Episode 10

Shade’s mother quickly covered her friend’s mouth with hands.

“What now? Our children are around now. You just shouted like that. Is there anything special in that?” Shade’s mother said, and returned to her seat.

Tunde’s mother gazed at her friend weirdly. She never thought such suggestion could come from her friend’s mouth. So, mama Shade also has no human feelings; she is so rigid and heartless. She thought.

“But, why did you think eliminating them is the best option?”

“I want you to understand something…all what have been doing are not done because of myself, but you and your son. Didn’t you know that I will not be able to sleep whenever you’re in trouble. Your problem is my problem. And beside, come to think of it, if the girl is not eliminated, didn’t you know that she could cause problem for either my sons or yours accidentally? And you know how deadly the implication is. God forbid bad things. Precaution is better than cure.”

Tunde’s mother took a deep breath. If Mama Shade could think this way, then what would be her action if she gets to know that her daughter is the girl in question? Huunn! This is a very serious and sensitive issue. Her thought ran wide.

“I will like to subscribe to your suggestion, but the issue of Cynthia…” Tunde’s mother paused.

“Yes, what happened to her? You wanna spare her?” Shade’s mother asked with weird look.

“I’m thinking of sparing her. The lady has been good to me. In fact, her impact in bringing Tunde back to life couldn’t be over accentuated. I will be an ingrate if I pay her back with such brutal action. And my conscience will not let me sleep.”

“The ball is in your court. You can play it as you like. But, it’s better to play the save game. I rest my case.”

Tunde’s mother heaved heavily. Though, she has made up her mind initially to give it whatever it takes to keep the secret. In fact, her friend’s suggestion was her target, but how to carry out the assignment with the involvement of her friend was given her headache. She couldn’t reason straight.

“You know what is going to happen? I will need to feed you back on my conclusion.”

“Okay o. But hope you’re not seeing me as a ruthless being?”

“Funny you! Thanks so much. I really appreciate all your efforts. In fact, you’re indeed a friend.”

“It’s nothing. Lest I forget, I will want us to visit Baba for appreciation.” Shade’s mother said.

“Is that necessary again?”

“Yes, it is. Could you believe Shade was released without paying a kobo. And if you could remember what Baba prophesied that Shade will come home without any problem. Or were you not the one who told me?”

“Yes, I was. But that doesn’t mean we should turn him to God now.”

“It’s good for you anyway. But it shouldn’t be you. Just let me know if you’re interested in going or not.” Shade’s mother said with slightly raised tone. Then she stood to her feet.

“Why taking this issue personal now? Okay, we are going together. So, when are we going?”

“Hope I’m not forcing you to do what you’re not interested in doing?”

“Funny you! Abeg, when are we going jare?” Tunde’s mother asked jovially.

“Let me know whenever you want us to go.” Shade’s mother replied and called on Shade.

Shade and Tunde came out to the sitting room.

“So fast ma?” Tunde asked.

“Don’t mind me jare. We are still going to pay you another visit some other days, my dear.”

“Alright ma.” Tunde replied.

“Shade, hope you have nice time with your friend?” Tunde’s mother asked Shade.

“Yes ma.” Shade replied with smile on her face.

Tunde and his mother saw off their visitors.

Shade and her mother entered the car they came with. Shade and Tunde, who stood at the exit door, gazed at each other passionately while his mother who stood by the car’s door, resting her elbows against the window of the driver’s side, discussing with Shade’s mother. Then, the engine of the car was ignited. Just then, Cynthia came out from her apartment, she greeted both Tunde’s mother and her friend subtly from afar and then moved towards the entrance of the compound’s gate majestically, and then exited.

“What just happened now?” Shade’s mother asked her friend.

“As in?”

“What made Cynthia acted that way?”

“Maybe she is not in mood. Everyday is not festival.”

“Alright.” Shade’s mother replied and punch the horn of her car, signaling she was ready to be on her way.

Tunde, go and open the gate.” Tunde’s mother called on Tunde.

Tunde moved to the gate to pave way for them. He stood at the gate and waved to Shade till he lost sight of her and then returned to the house.


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