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All In The Name Of Love – Season 2 [Episode 1 – 15]



*********EPISODE SIXTEEN*********
She was shocked. Her heart beat heavily. She looked at Cynthia’s face confusingly.

“Haaaa! How are we going to go about it now?” Tunde’s mother asked, thinking of what to say next.

“Go about what? I can’t understand you, please.” Shade’s mother asked confusingly.

“We have been trying to reach you but the network was not in our favour. I had tabled the case to Baba, and he said you shouldn’t show up at this very moment because of the ongoing rite. And he added that Shade is coming home soon, that nothing has happen to her. But when you said you’re already on the way now, I don’t know what next.”

“You mean it?”

“Yes now.”

“But Baba said the rite will be done in the evening initially.”

“Yes. But he later changed his mind own to a reason best known to him.”

“Is Baba still with you over there?”

“No. He has gone for the rite with Jennifer.”

“Jennifer? Who is Jennifer?”

“The lady brought by Cynthia for the job.”

“That’s very good. We will talk better on that later sha. I will have to turn back home. I sha pray she is back before her father comes around.”

“Amin ooo. I will let you know when Baba is back and feed you on the latest development.”


Tunde’s mother hung up the call. She took a very deep breath. Then looked at Cynthia with wonder… “Who is this lady?” She asked herself.

“Are you surprised with what happened?”

“I must confess, I do. Just like you guessed. Only God knows what will happen if she comes here and gets what is happening.”

Cynthia smiled.

“I will tell you what we gonna do to keep the secret totally. And you will only be told when Tunde must have healed.”

“Alright, dear. Thanks so much. You’re just like an angel sent to save me.”

Cynthia beamed a smile again.


Shade was scared. Her head buffed up, and she was overwhelmed by cold. She summoned courage and increased her pace, and move very fast to join Baba who was incantating vigorously with a raised voice.

Shade overtook Baba without looking at the back. Then, reduced her pace, walking neither fast nor slow till they finally reached their destination.


It was unbelievable to Cynthia and Tunde’s mother when Tunde coughed out. He raised his back from the mat and sat while sweating profusely; he resurrected. It looked strange to Tunde. He looked around surprisingly, couldn’t read any meaning to what was happening at that very moment.

It was just like a magic. They were both excited. They moved closer to him, and his mother hug him tightly while Cynthia was looking at them with joy.

They were on the drama when Shade entered. She rushed to them with joy and doubled the hug. It was a celebration galore as they were all rejoicing, before Baba later entered.

Mashed black soap was given to Tunde to bath and Baba told them that the storm is over. And they are good to go.

Tunde’s mother thanked both Cynthia and Shade very well. Then, she asked Cynthia out on how to go about the issue of Shade.

“Just a minute please.” Cynthia said and dialed a number on her phone and the call was picked up immediately….

“Hello Uche. How far?”

“I’m cool. And you?”

“I’m okay too. I get one parole wey I wan carry give you. Hope you dey around?”

“Sure nah. Even if a no dey around, since na parole, a go force myself dey around.”

“Baaaaad guy.”

“Abi nah. A no dey take money play with anybody nah. You sabi nah. Hope this parole go weigh sha?”

“Sure nah. Just trust me.”

“No wahala. I trust you. So, wetin be the parole?”

“Just chill. A go call you back in the next one or two minutes.” Cynthia said and hung up the call.


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