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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 9

EPISODE 9***********
Her husband untangled himself and looked into her eyes confusingly. He couldn’t believe his ears and needs clarification so as to validate his wife’s demand.

“What did you just say now? Did I you say play till you’re tired?”

He asked out of surprise, with a scaring look. And his wife was a bit scared with the frighten look on his face and she felt like retracting her word, but she summoned courage and recomposed herself with a romantic gesticulation.

She moved closer to him, looked passionately into his eyes and pushed him gently to the wall while caressing his unclad body. This action got her husband lost. They both entwined and entangled, finding their way to their bedroom as their tongues fought the war of supremacy. Her husband’s towel fell off as they engaged in the passionate romance, locked together, smooching each other, while rolling from one angle of the bed to the other. And she was about to be unclad by her husband when she came back to her senses as regards the instructions which must be observed for the night. But which her husband was already in the mood.

She stylishly got up and took permission to be back shortly, then headed to bathroom. Her husband was a bit pissed off over her stance, but raised about it and remained unraffled. Fortunately for her, it was almost time; eleven fifty-five pm. She waited for a moment and had her bath. And then leaned forward, directly to the bedroom without anything on; just the way she exited her mother’s womb, praying for God’s favour in her heart.

Her husband went crazy with the figure he beheld in front of him. It was as if he was seeing her for the first time. She looked extremely beautiful in his sight at that very moment. Her dark skin was glowing and glittering like a pearl.

“Waoooo! C’om!”

He beamed a wide smile and licked his leaps continuously, anxiously waiting to have her taste.

It was like a miracle to her wife. Things seemed to be working out for her. She was a bit relieved and her fear started looming up subtly.

She cat-walked with her chubby body coupled with an ass that made heads turn, and then climbed the bed to join her husband, who was already in need of her. And they both engaged themselves.

She played exceptionally with different styles on that very day just to achieve her ultimate goal. But after two rounds of hot sex, her husband became very tired and weak; his joystick couldn’t come up again. She put in all her best by robbing and s—–g it, even though she had vowed not to do such again ever since the very first day of her wedding night where her husband pleaded for it. But all her efforts were futile.

She sat on the bed with shattered heart, starring at her husband who was already dreaming in his sleep with hatred. She felt dejected as different thought ran through her mind.

“What’s likely to be the repercussions of this? Will I only remain barren for life or another consequence is attached? Haa, I’m doomed! What should I do now?” She soliloquized.

Different thought went through her mind as she sat with her arms folded across her breast. She looked at the wall clock as its hand ticked round; it was three forty-five am. And this increased her fear. Then, she stood up and walked to the sitting room to reach for her phone, and then dialed her friend’s line…

The call was picked up immediately without any delay.

“Hello. How far? I’ve been expecting your call before this time. Hope it was successful?” Shade’s mother asked with great sense of concerns.

“I’m in trouble ooo. He only went with me twice.” She replied, weeping bitterly.

“Haaaa! Wahala wa ooo (there is problem ooo). So, what’s the way out now?”

“I don’t even know. I’m even fed up.” She replied, crying.

“You had better stop crying, so as not to complicate the whole issue. Cry can’t provide the solution to this present issue. What will you say you’re crying for if he hears you now? Wait, where is your husband now, and what was his response after the second round?”

“He is in bed, sleeping. He was already tired. I’ve tried my best to wake him up romantically, but all to no avail.”

“Just calm down first. Hope he is not hearing our conversations?”

“No. I’m not with him now.”

“Good! just relax yourself first. His body will soon gain strength again. All you just have to do now is to go back to him and pretend as if you’re have slept off too till around past four when he is likely to wake up. But if he didn’t wake up, stylishly wake him and find your way out.”

“Are you sure that is going to work?”

“It’s all about your belief. Just give it a trial.”

“Alright, I will try. Thanks so much. I so much appreciate.”

“Don’t thank me now till it’s successful.”

“Alright, take care.”

She hung up the call and joined her husband on the bed as advised.


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