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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 7

********EPISODE EIGHT*********
Tunde’s mother bought her friend’s suggestion when she recollected that she had not gone back to the herbalist for the final rite after she gave birth to Tunde.

Tunde’s mother hands were blessed and she was married to a wealthy man like her. She was a type who didn’t believe in traditional beliefs. But her orientation and ideology changed after her marriage when she couldn’t conceive for many years.

She went for different medical check up with her husband where they were told that they were both fertile. She ran from pillers to poles, attending different prayers, but all to no avail. And this made her cried both days and nights. Her trust in God disintegrated and diminished geometrically. And she became hopeless.

Though, she was loved by her husband, but the families of her husband didn’t help the matter by molesting her; they called her different names and threatened her life. The pressures and victimizations she was being subjected to by them were unbearable. And this made her sought for help from her one and only friend, Shade’s mother who had once advised her to seek for the help of traditionalist but which she declined.

Shade’s mother lead her to the nearby town where she was being attended to by a herbalist called Baba Awo. This was done without the knowledge of her husband (Tunde’s father) who also has phobia for anything pertaining to traditional issues.

Different rites and concoctions were prepared for her for three consecutive days which were taking strictly on instructions. Then, mashed black soap was given to her to bath on that third night and her husband must sleep with her three different times immediately after the bath before the dawn on that particular day.

Baba Awo assured her that if all instructions given to her were strictly putting into consideration, then no doubt, her womb would be blessed and she would carry her own baby. But if otherwise, she might face some consequences and remained barren forever.

The only task ahead was how to convince her husband to sleep with her for three different times before the dawn.

The note of warning sounded by Baba was like a threat to her, and she felt like backing out when she thought of her husband who was tired of sleeping with her, but she gave it second thought since she had already performed some rites and she can’t afford to be living like a snake that threads on a hill without any mark.

“But how possible is this? Could this be achieved? Hmmm, God! Help and guide me through. This is beyond my control.” She engaged in deep thought, running prayer in her own mind.

Though, she was a bit tired when she got home, but she didn’t relent. She prepared the delicious meal, Amala and Efo riro which happened to be her husband favourite food, and then put it on the dinning table before his arrival.

She was fast aslept on a sofa, in the sitting room when her husband came around from his place of work.

She yawned uncontrollably, stretching her body and her arms up when she later woke up. Her eyes glued to the wall clock, wondering how the time flew; it was already past ten. She knew her husband was around through the splattering sound of water echoing out from the bathroom; he was found of showering before going to bed.

She stood with her arms akimbo, thinking how to execute her project for the night. Her heartbeat increased as she thought of the note of warning sounded by Baba Awo.

“Taking my bath with the black soap at exactly twelve O’ clock is not the issue; even sleeping with me is not the issue, but for three times, that’s the main challenge. How will I do it. Oluwa, sanu funmi oo (Lord, have mercy on me ooo)”.

She thought in her mind, then leaned towards the dinning so as to dish out the prepared meal but astonishingly, the table has been cleared; her husband had served himself and returned the used plates to the kitchen, leaving her own part of the meal on the table. She was a bit puzzled. Then, she left the dinning and moved towards the bathroom, calling her husband…

“Dear, hellooo sweetheart”

“Yes, Darling. You’re up?”

“Yes, dear. When did you come around?”

She was advancing towards the bathroom while responding to him.

“Like two hours ago. I was a bit tired and seriously hungry and I didn’t want to disturb your sleep, so I had to dish out for myself. I’m sorry in case you’re offended for not waiting for you.”

She was very satisfied with his response, but pretended as if she was not pleased.

“How could you do such when I’ve been waiting for you so as to eat what you cherish most with you? I slept off in the course of waiting for you just because you kept so long. I’m not happy with what you have done tonight. And you have to pay fine.”

She opened the door of the bathroom, but by then, his husband was already done, with his towel wrapped round his waste. He smiled to her but she paid her back with moody face.

“I’m very sorry once again. Hope the penalty won’t be a severe one?” He asked, drawing her closer, planted a kiss on her forehead and wrapped his left arm across her waste.

She was a bit more relieved and smiled. Then, she voiced out

“Your punishment is very simple. You will just have to play with me tonight till I get tired.”

Her husband looked into her eyes with shocked for her demand.


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