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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 6

She was sort of words. She stood motionlessness like a statue, wondering why Shade didn’t go with her phone. And she was brought back from her whirlpool of confusion when her husband voiced out.

“Are you there?” He asked, wondering why it took her so long to get to Shade’s room and feed him back what the outcome was.

“I’m with you. Just like you guessed, she didn’t go with it. She left the on her bed.”

“What’s wrong with her? Hope she is fine?” He asked bafflingly.

“She is very much okay. In fact, it seems like today is special to her because her attitudes before she left for where I sent her showed it all. She woke up very early and engaged herself in core domestic works which she has never done without being subjected to pressure. And they were done excellently.”


“Yes dear.”

Shade’s father was a bit convinced, but wasn’t get carried away. He suspected foul play in her wife’s words. He knew Shade could only do such only when she has a hidden agenda. When he related what happened a day before that day, he got more disarrayed. And he thought the only panacea to the issue was to surface at home without the conscience of both Shade and her mother.

“Let me know when she comes back.” He said and hung up.

Shade’s father, a sophisticated glazier, who travelled to different towns and cities based on contracts with his two other sons, Dele and Akin to get works done called on both of them, and let them know his plight, promising them to be back very early the following day.

He was brilliant and had passion for education, but didn’t have access to it just because his parents couldn’t afford to enroll him into any. And he has made up his mind to finance any of his children, who is brilliant like him to any length. And his hope was Shade.

To ease his movement, he decided to go with his car, jeep and embarked on his journey.


Shade’s mother quickly put call to the one she sent her to. Her mind was not at rest. She became restless, wandering in the house with different thoughts when the woman said she has not set her eyes on Shade.

“Haa! Nibo ni Omo buruku yi le gba looo? (where has this stubborn girl gone to ooo).” She said annoyingly, biting her own finger.

She thought of calling Tina and ask about her but she didn’t have her number. Then, checking Tina’s number on Shade’s phone crossed her mind, and she rushed to pick the phone up, and fortunately for her, the phone was not passworded. She searched the phone book tremendously, but unfortunately, she couldn’t see anything like “Tina”, all the names were coded. She was able to decode “BDITW” to be her own husband through the displayed number.

She flung the phone aggressively on the bed and leaned to her own room. She sat on her bed, looking frustrated.

“What’s really going on with this little girl? Not even her, but me. Why did I send her when I’ve even suspected her actions and reactions? Where should I start tracing her to now? If her father should call now, what will I tell him?” She quarried herself, soliloquising. She later stopped the blame, reinvigorating that that wasn’t the right time to be regretting her action but a way out. She bowed her head, engrossed deeply on what next of action to dabble into.

The ringing of her phone jolted her out to reality. And she couldn’t hesitate to check who was calling her, “Mama Tunde,” she felt remorse and guilty for not putting a call to her (Mama Tunde) and ask after the health of her one and only son since they both carried him to one herbalist for a spiritual treatment.

Tunde was met struggling for survival with his mouth littered with foams like an epileptic patient in her room by her mother and her friend. The two of them, who were just coming from an anniversary ceremony they were invited to got lost at the point of the scene. They were restless, wallowing in whirlpool of confusion without knowing the next line of action to seek redress. Noise for help rented the air as they ran helter-skelter, flinging their sophisticated head raps and bags unconsciously to rescue the poor boy. They quickly carried him out of the room into his mother’s car while Cynthia, who met them in the process assisted them in opening the gate before they drove out with tremendous acceleration to a hospital where he was later DAMA (discharged against medical advice) when he was not responding to treatment, before Shade’s mother suggested to carry him to a herbalist.

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