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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 5

She stylishly touched Shade with her left hand and held her for a moment.

“Yes? I heard you saying something the other time. What’s it?” The Lady asked, pretending as if she didn’t hear Shade’s question.

“Where are we going? Because we have already left our town.” Shade asked again, feeling uncomfortable.

“Which kind of question is that? Is it not Tunde you’re looking for? So, helping you get to the hospital where he is receiving treatment is now something else to you? Please, if you know you’re no longer interested, then let me know.” The lady replied sarcastically, waiting patiently for her reaction.

Tunde? Hospital? What could have happened to him to the extent of admitting him? Ehn en, so that was what my mum was hiding from me? Hun, no wonder his call was picked by his mother yesternight. Now, I have an idea of what’s really going on and I won’t relent until I get to the root of the whole saga. Thank God I saw sister Cynthia who is helping me out.”

Shade was a bit shocked. Her thought ran wide like an internet search engine. She believed her reasoning was right. And she was so desperate to give whatever it takes to see Tunde with her naked eyes and know what exactly her mother and her friend were dodging from her.

“I’m sorry ma. I’m interested but only wondering why he was taken to far place for the treatment.” Shade replied calmly.

“Don’t worry, you will understand better when you too see how critical his condition is. I’m very sure your mum has not told you about his sickness. I’m only trying to help you because I’m a lady too, and I know what it takes to be in a relationship. Who knows maybe all he needs to be okay is you.” The lady said, trying to get Shade convinced.

Shade was wholly convinced, nodding her head in attestation to what she said. Truly, her mother didn’t reveal anything to her. Then, it is suffice for Shade to conclude that there is a clandestine behind the scene which her mother was keeping away from her. If not, her mother would have told her about the sickness. Shade thought, and made it known to Cynthia that her claim was right. And also let her knew her mother didn’t know her movement.

“Really? Good! That shows your truly in love…” Cynthia was on her words when the okada rider cut in…

“Aunty, where exactly is the place? Because we are already at where you told me.” The guy asked worriedly, just because there was no settlement around the area, not even a building.

“We have already reached where we are going. Just halt the bike for us to get down.” Cynthia replied.

The guy stopped the bike and both Cynthia and Shade got down.

Shade was a bit scared. Her eyes scanned at three sixty degrees through the environment, while Cynthia was paying their transport fare, but hid her feeling.

The bike rider believed Cynthia was up to something but it was not his business. After all, they both came out from the same building and stopped him at a time. He ignited the engine and made a U-turn to where he was coming from.

Cynthia asked Shade to follow her, which she did out of panic. She quickly assisted Cynthia in carrying the warmer and flask and they both plighted a narrow path surrounded with bush both left and right.

Shade’s mind was not at rest as they trekked, looking suspiciously, the left, right and back continuously…


Shade mother was getting worried. She gazed at the wall clock and it was quarter to Eleven.

“Where has this girl gone to again? Even if she checked on her friends, she should be back by now. She can’t even meet Shola and his mother at home. Perhaps, she has gone to Tina’s house again. Despite all the warnings, en. She is going to meet me here.” Shade’s mother pondered over the issue, while readjusting herself on the seat.

She reached for her phone on the table and dialed Shade’s number when she was running out of patient, but the line was busy. She tried it for the second time and same thing happened. She was more aggravated, wondering whose call Shade could be receiving. Then, she dropped her phone beside her and relaxed a bit, resting her back against the back of the sofa, with her head slightly tilted backward, tasking her brain about the kind of punishment she would subject Shade to.

She was so curious to look at the screen of her phone when she heard it ringing. She thought it was Shade, but it was other way round, her father. She was a bit reluctant, but later picked it up when the ringing was about to lapse.

“What’s going on? Where is Shade?”

A coarse voice echoed into her receiving ear. She was sort of words. She thought her husband must have called Shade and only God knows what they had discussed.

“I sent her on errand some minutes ago.” She replied calmly, so that he will be oblivious of the outstanding predicament.

“Didn’t she go with her phone, or why was she not picking up?” He asked out of concern.

“I don’t think she left it behind because her line was busy some minutes ago when I put calls through her line…”

“You might be calling her when my calls to her were in. Kindly check her room to confirm. She might be charging it.” He suggested.

Shade’s mother couldn’t believe her eyes while looking at the phone on Shade’s bed, with its light on, showing missed calls; “4 missed calls from BDITW.”


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