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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 4

Shade was oblivious of what her father has discussed with her mother, but she was very optimistic it would be in her own favour. She quickly dished the food, put it on dinning table and leaned to sitting room to join her mother after some minutes.

“I’m here ma.” Shade said to her mother who rested her body on a sofa, napping.

Shade’s mother was jolted out of her napping status. She wiped her face with her right volar and yawned with her mouth covered with hand. Then, she asked if Shade was done with everything about the cooking for that night and which she responded, “yes.” Then, she proceeded…

“Shade! Shade!! Shade!!! How many times did I call you?”

“Three times ma.” Shade replied calmly.

“Good! That mean your ears are here with you. You might be seeing me as a wicked mother, but I want you to know that I care about you so much.

“I’ve tested you but I doubt your integrity. I’m scared and not ready to bear any risk that could spring out. I’m very sure you’re not ignorant of your father’s order. Aren’t you?” Shade’s mother asked, in a slightly raised tone.

“No, I’m not ma.” Shade replied reluctantly, shook her head in disagreement.

“In case you never knew, your father has ordered me to stop you from mingling with Tunde. What did you think will happen if he later discover I never followed the order he gave as regard banning you from hanging around with Tunde? Why must you abuse every little opportunity given to you? Why must you trespass and go beyond the boundary demarcated for you? So, since I’ve allowed you guys to be friends, then you’ve taken it as right, abi? You were even bold to extend your tentacles to Tina’s side even when I had warned you.

“God saves you today for letting your father called, you would have smelled pepper in this house today.

Now, that’s no room for second chance. Opportunities come, but once. Since you’ve taken the one given to you for granted, then you’re banned totally from visiting both Tunde and Tina’s house. And I must not see you guys together again. I said it authoritatively. Thank God you know what I’m capable of.” Shade’s mother reacted ferociously as if she was being aggravated for being disturbed from her napping.

Shade was panicked. She never expected such furious reaction from her mother since her father has spoken to her. She felt confused and depressed. How she wished she could ask about what actually happened to Tunde, but who would she ask? She was still wallowing in her prism of defeatism when her mother shouted on her to vamoose.

Shade quickly found her way to her room. She sat on her bed, resting her back against the wall with her pillow engulfed in her arms. She felt dejected. Her eyes were saturated with tears. She felt like crying, but she couldn’t just do. There was disorderliness in her body system. The worms in her stomach too didn’t help the situation, they rumbled continuously for food, but no attention was paid to them, though she was seriously hungry.

“What have I done wrong to deserve this? What brought sudden change in my mother? Why is she maltreating me just like a slave? Even when she has not told me the reason why I must stop visiting Tunde. And Tunde’s mother said I should listen to whatever she says. But mum has not told me anything. She only shouted on me. No problem. I know what to do.” She pondered over the issue and finally made up her mind to do the findings herself, by any available means.

After some minutes, Shade heard her mother saying “the food on the dinning table must not be left unfinished.” And since Shade was hungry initially, then she walked gently to the dinning and ate up her food. She left for bathroom and freshen up so as to have sound sleep. After all, she had planned what to do. So, nothing bothered her any longer.

It was early Sunday morning, Shade quickly engaged herself in necessary domestic works and prepared what they like eating on Sundays – jollof rice and dodo. This was quite unusual of her. Shade was a lazy type who only like eating but not ready to work for it. And that was what her mother hate about her.

Shade’s mother was flabbergasted to see their sitting room transformed to something she never imagined; just like Queen of England palace. She couldn’t believe Shade could do the magic voluntarily, if not up to something. Then, she pretended as if she didn’t see anything and watched every step taking by Shade.

After some hours, Shade was called by her mother and she was sent on an errand.

Shade was very happy. Her prayer has come to pass; she saw it as an avenue to execute her plan. Without any time wasted, Shade dashed out of the house and headed to Tunde’s house. She walked very fast as her legs could carry her and got to his house within a blink of an eye.

Neither Tunde nor his mother was around. Then, Shade dug her hand into her purse to reach for her phone, and that was when she knew she left it while she was in haste to leave the house. She stood motionlessness, with her arms akimbo, thinking on what next of action to seek redress. Fortunately for her, she saw one of Tunde’s neighbours, a corp member coming out from her own apartment. Shade quickly ran to her and before she could say a word, the lady of about 27years, who was holding a food warmer and a flask of water asked Shade not to say anything, but she could follow her if she was interested in seeing Tunde.

Shade couldn’t think of it twice, she just followed the lady. And they both took a bike after when the lady has negotiated with the bike rider. Shade, who had no idea of where they were going sat at the middle. And they embarked on unplanned journey.

After they had covered some miles, when they had started leaving the outskirt of the town, just then, that was when Shade started wondering where they were going. And the Lady’s phone rang just immediately Shade asked where they were actually going. She neglected Shade’s question and picked up the call…

“Yea, we are on our way. We will be there in the next thirty minutes.” The Lady replied the call and hung up.



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