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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 3

“hello dear.”

A weak feminine voice needed no authentication echoed out from the receiver’s side of the call.

Shade didn’t think of it twice before decoding the voice to be that of Tunde’s mother. She was scared and almost dropped the call, but summoned courage to speak out.

“Ye, ye, yes ma.” She replied stammeringly, trying to compose herself.

“I learnt that you and your friend came home together?” She stylishly asked.

“Ye, ye, yes ma.” Shade replied, still couldn’t get over the tension.

“That’s good. So, how was your exam?”

“It, it, was fine ma.”

“You want to speak with him right?” She asked rhetorically.

“Ye, ye, yes ma.” Shade replied, nodded her head in affirmation as if she was rightly in front of her.

“Ehyah! He is not around for now. I’ve sent him on an errand but left his phone for charging. Hope there is no problem?” She asked and listened patiently to hear what her response would be.

“No, no ma.” Shade replied and a bit convinced with the excuse gave by his mother.

“Are you sure? Because the way you are sounding seems somehow. Or did your mother tell you anything?” She asked, getting Shade confused.

“No. Not at all ma.”

“Alright. Just make sure you listen to your mother in case she has told you something or tells you later. It’s for your own good.” She advised, sounding somehow depressed.

“Alright ma.” Shade replied confusingly, wondering why she uttered such statement.

“That’s good. I will deliver your message when he comes around. Take care of yourself and remember me to your mother too.” She said calmly.

“Alright ma.” Shade replied and hung up the call reluctantly. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was totally lost while trying to comprehend Tunde’s mother words.

Her mobile phone fell and scattered when she turned around with her eyes opened and saw her mother standing at the entrance of the kitchen, putting on frighten face.

Shade’s mother came around immediately she started the call, but Shade was oblivious of her presence.

Shade gazed at her mother forlornly with shock, wondering what was going through her mind. And she later took her head bowed when she couldn’t resist the crimson look on her mother’s face. Shade knew she was in trouble, not only because of the call she made but what she put on cooker had started burning.

Though, Shade’s mother was seriously aggressive, yet she composed herself and remained unraffled. She instructed Shade to take off the pot from the cooker which she did without hesitation before she was being interrogated.

“Now, tell me, whose call were you receiving which got you so engrossed to the extent of forgotten what you’re cooking?” She asked, gazing at Shade horrorly with her arms akimbo.

“Em, en, your friend ma.” Shade replied stammeringly with her head still bowed, trying to avoid eyes contact with that of her mother.

Her mother knew who she was referring to as her friend but pretended to be ignorant of it. She needed to be cleared and sure of Shade’s claim.

“My friend or what did you just say? Who amongst the friends of mine?” She interrogated further, forcing out a mocking smile.

“Mummy Tunde.” She replied and raised her head slightly, gazing at her mother stylishly to see her facial expression.

“Did you mean Mama Tunde called you?” Shade’s mother asked confusingly.

Shade was wholly confused and lost. She didn’t know whether to say “yes” or “no”. She just nodded her head in affirmation.

“Good! So, what did she tell you?” She asked calmly, looking at Shade keenly for any suspicious reaction.

“Nothing ma. She only asked of you and advised me to listen to whatever you tell me.” She responded out of fear, shivering like a chick suffering from cold.

Shade’s mother was a bit calmed. Different thought ran through her mind…” was she trying to pull Shade’s legs just to know if I’ve told her about the issue? Or she has told her herself? No, she couldn’t. She will not like to expose the issue. I’m even in the best position to tell my daughter, not mama Tunde. But does it make any sense to tell this little girl? No. I would rather stop her from going there…”

Shade mother was jolted out of her whirlpool of disarray by the ringing tone of her phone. It was her husband. And she picked it up immediately.



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