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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 15 [Completed]

*********EPISODE FIFTEEN**********
“Yes. Dele called me some minutes ago, telling me his father is coming home to check on us. I know he decided not to get me informed so as to catch me unaware. Shade needs to be back before his arrival, please.” Shade’s mother replied out of fear, stammeringly.

Tunde’s mother heart beat heavily. Sweat formed on her forehead immediately. The unexpected notice almost drove her mad, but she refused to meet her waterloo. She packaged and composed herself.

“That’s a very big problem. Have you been to police station to report?”

“No! I wouldn’t have bothered myself that much if not for her father that is coming home. In fact, I don’t know what next line of action to take now.”

“Just calm down first. Even if her father is coming down there today, at least, it will take him nothing less than five hours. So, you still have time to sort yourself out.Have you asked any of her friends?”

“Tina is the only friend I know with her. And I’ve been to her house through the address sent to me by Dele, but she was not ahome. And her number is not going through here.”

“You just have to take this issue easy. Shade is not a baby anymore. She might go out with that Tina. So, just be more patient. Not every issue you will be bringing to Baba. Okay? Try to get in touch with Tina first or better still, go to police station.”

“No problem then. If I couldn’t reach Tina in the next an hour, then I will go and report as suggested.”

“Better. Please, don’t give yourself hypertension ooo.”

“Alright, Thanks.”

Shade’s mother hung up the call. She was seriously puzzled to the extent that she couldn’t remember to ask about the progress made so far as far as Tunde’s issue is concerned.


Tunde’s mother heart beat reduced. She placed her right hand on her chest and heaved heavily. She was relieved.

“Ma, was that not my mother?” Shade asked with a puzzle look.

“It was. She has been looking for you.” She replied, feeling embarrassed.

“I know I’m already in trouble. I’m already dead. My mum must not here about this. Where will I say I went to? I’m in trouble ooo.” Shade broke into tears.

“Don’t worry, you’re covered. We will arrange and discuss with your mum and things will be sorted out. So, panic no more.” Cynthia said.

Shade raised her head up, gazed at Cynthia’s face, then looked at Tunde’s mother for assurance, and which she nodded her head in affirmation. And she believed without any atom of doubt.

Tunde’s mother went to Baba and informed him about their readiness. And without any much ado, the sacrifice was prepared.

It was exactly three O’ clock. The weather was extremely hot with the sun showing its strength by radiating powerful and scotching rays.

Shade was wrapped with a white wrapper, folded above her chest, carrying a sacrifice prepared in black pot. And she was followed by Baba Awo who was incantating behind her.

Baba Awo has warned Shade not to look at the back the moment she drops the sacrifice, no matter how scarring or intimidating of whatever sound or noise she heard.

Shade dropped the sacrifice at the T-junction and turned around while Baba also turned around. They have not taken more than three steps when three very large vultures came from nowhere and landed to where the sacrifice was put, and started making a scarring sound.


“How far about the issue of Shade’s mother, hope she is not coming here again? Because I heard you spoken with her the other time.” Cynthia asked.

“I pray she doesn’t make the move ooo. I’ve tried to convince her, but another problem on ground now is your plan to cover up for the poor girl. How do you intend to go about it?”

“That’s not the problem for now. Let’s settle the issue of Shade’s mother. Let’s be sure she is not on her way right now by putting a call to her. And if she is, just tell her you’ve tendered her case to Baba and he said ‘she mustn’t show up for now because of the ongoing rite. And she shouldn’t bother herself, that Shade is coming home herself.”

Tunde’s mother was a bit shocked with the suggestion.

“Hope this is not going to backfire?”
“That’s the only way to keep this secret, otherwise she will come and everything will blow up. Did you even know if she is already on her way? Call her to know her whereabouts first.” Cynthia suggested.


Tunde’s mother dialed her friend’s number without hesitation which she picked once… And it was like a dream to her when Shade’s mother said she was already on her way to see Baba Awo.


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