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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 14

********EPISODE FOURTEEN********
It was a big blow on Tunde’s mother face when she heard the new remark made by Baba. She was totally lost on what next line of action to dabble into. She stood with her arms akimbo, sweating profusely like someone pursued by a masquerade, soliloquizing.

“This life sha! This is terrible! What should I do now? Ruin the life of the daughter of my very closed friend to save my son’s life or free her and let my son pass away?” What a dilemma!”

Cynthia looked at her pitifully. She felt like crying for her, but cry couldn’t profer solution to the problem. Then, she decided to act like an heroine by hardening Tunde’s mother heart. She move closer to her, threw her left arm on her shoulder like daughter to mother and render her words.

“Ma, I’m very small to address you on the issue. But I would love it if you could just buy my stupid idea.

Would you like to loss your one and only son, whom you indirectly traded your husband for? What will now be your gain? Beside that, though, your friend was the one who help you, but we can as well say she was the architect of your problem. And that’s her own sacrifice to pay as true friend too. In addition, the girl has nothing to pay, only that whoever takes her virginity will deadly pay for it. So, cheer up Ma, and let the work get started.”

Tunde’s mother was wholely convinced with Cynthia analysis, but how will they convince Shade to carry the proposed sacrifice?

“I got what you said. And I’m ready to act on it. But, how are we going to convince Shade to get the work done and at the end of the day, her mother will not know about it?”

Cynthia smiled.

“Since you’re ready, then just leave the rest for me.” She said and stood up.

“Just give me some minutes to talk to her.” She added, and left for the room where Shade was.

Cynthia sat beside Shade, who was already weeping inward. She wrapped her arm round Shade’s neck…

“Hope you have confirmed what I told you when we were on our way here?”

Shade nodded her head in affirmation, trying to fight back the tears which finally rolled down her cheeks.

“Good! But you don’t need to cry over this issue. I know how one feels when ones love is in a critical condition like this. All we need do now is to find a way out on how to get him healed.”

“Shade.” Cynthia called, “please, turn and look at my face.” She added.

Shade turned around as requested, looking at her face.

She cleaned up Shade’s tears.

“Have I ever lied to you before?” She asked, looking keenly into Shade’s eyes.

“No, ma.”

“Good! I heard your love is going to die today if some measures are not urgently put in place. Do you want him to die?”

“Haaaaaa!” Shade shouted and held Cynthia firmly, crying.

“Please, aunty. I don’t want him to dieeeeeee.”

“Calm down. Just relax. There is a way out, and you are the only solution to make him live.”

“In what way ma? I’m ready to do anything just to make him live in as much it’s not going to ask for my life.”

“Good to hear this from you. I could now feel how much you love him. Listen, this will not call for your life. You will just carry a prepared sacrifice and drop it at a T-junction. That’s all. In fact, I would have done that for him, but Baba Awo said his wife must be the one to carry out the operation.”

“Are you sure no repercussion is attached?”

“Don’t make me get annoy ooo. I’m only doing you this favour just because I’m feeling your pain. Is he my boyfriend? If I could reveal what your mum has been hiding from to you, then I don’t see any reason why you should be doubting my words.” Cynthia said threateningly.

“I’m very sorry ma. I’m ready for it ma.”

“That’s good for you. Let me just tell Baba to get it prepared.”

Cynthia stood up and left for where Tunde’s mother was to tell her the great development.

Tunde’s was a bit relieved. She moved alongside with Cynthia to encourage and harden Shade’s heart on the forthcoming assignment she was about to take.

Tunde’s mother was about to start her words, when her phone started ringing. It was no other person than her friend, Shade’s mother. Her conscience couldn’t let her pick up the call in the first instance, but managed to pick it when it rung for the second time.

Tunde’s mother couldn’t believe what she heard from her friend.

“You mean, I should tell Baba that you’re coming here very soon on the issue of the missing Shade?” She asked bafflingly.


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