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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 13

*********EPISODE THIRTEEN********
Tunde’s mother heaved heavily. She looked at her son laid down on a mat, almost lifeless, with pity. She felt sad and before she could blink her eyes, tears was already rolling down her cheeks.

“If I had known, I would have waited till God’s time. Ever since I visited this traditionalist, I never experienced happiness. It has been from one problem to another. God, please, forgive me if it’s a sin. This punishment is getting too much. I can’t withstand it anymore…”

Tunde’s mother was on her bewailment when the ringing tone of her phone jolted her out. She couldn’t wait to pick up when she saw the caller to be Cynthia.

“Hello, Cynthia. How far?”

“I’m good ma. We are already outside, waiting for you. Baba’s boy didn’t allow us to ente, we would have come in directly.”

“Good! Good! I will be there now. Just a moment, please.”

She quickly dropped the call and headed to the room where Baba Awo was, then informed him. And she was given a leaf to show his boy which will serve as order to let them in.

Here was Shade with Cynthia, standing in front of an isolated old un-plastered blockhouse with Cynthia. Fear over shadowed her when she looked round and couldn’t see any building, except the very one infront of them, surrounded by trees and bushes. The environment was extremely quiet, just like graveyard.

My God! Where is this? Is this where aunty was referring to as hospital? What’s really happening? Hope this aunty is not planning any evil against me? God! Haven’t I put myself in trouble. What’s really wrong with me? Why am I doing this? Haa, I’m in trouble. My mother must have been looking for me by now. Where will I say I went to if at all I’m out of here? ..

The arrival of Tunde’s mother jolted Shade out of her thought. Tunde’s mother was shocked. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She squeezed and then wiped her face just to be sure it was not a dream, and no, it wasn’t.

“Shade.” She called, just to be sure.

Shade rushed to her and went down on her knees. She was pull up by her. Shade’s fear disappeared as they all walked in.

Tunde’s mother was uncomfortable with the person brought by Cynthia when she remembered the operation to be carried out by the person, and the sacrifice to be paid after the successful completion of the operation.


Tunde’s mother was told along side with her friend, Shade’s mother by Baba Awo to get a teenager, virgin girl to be precise. The girl will carry a prepared sacrifice in the evening and drop it at a T-junction. For the sacrifice to be accepted by deity, she must not look back after dropping it, no matter the challenges.

The sacrifice to be paid by the girl is that, whoever deflowers her will face what Tunde is facing and join forefather after a week.

Tunde’s mother couldn’t hold what she heard from Baba. She felt like giving up. Where will she get a virgin girl? Why must she ruins another daughter’s life just because of her own son? This was unfair and injustice. But her friend advised her not to give up. She suggested she called on Cynthia, who is a corp member undergoing her service in a government secondary school in their town, and also a neighbour; she rented an apartment in Mama Tunde’s house.

Cynthia was very closed to both Tunde and his mother. This was because Tunde’s mother was very kind to her, and likewise Tunde. She kept Kunle’s company each time he came around from school. In fact, she had crush on him, but hid it to herself since she knew the relationship between him and Shade.

Since Tunde’s mother had no alternative, she called on Cynthia, when Shade’s mother had left for home to check on her daughter who went for Exam. She called on Cynthia as suggested, and she liaised with Cynthia who promised to get the job done on an agreement, and which Tunde’s mother was ready to pay.

A ring was given to Cynthia by Baba Awo to wear on any of the left fingers. This would be used to confirm if any girl caught is a virgin or not. Cynthia body would vibrate if the touched girl is a virgin.


Tunde’s mother mind ran wide like an internet search engine. How would Cynthia bring her friend’s daughter for such life threatened assignment? If mama Shade should know about this, how will she feel? Haven’t I turned to a betrayal like that? No, we can’t use her for this! No!

Tunde’s mother called on Cynthia to see her in camera while Shade stood pitifully like a player who just lost the winning penalty on a final match, with Tunde.

Tunde’s mother was able to convince Cynthia why they couldn’t use Shade; the relationship between her and Shade’s mother, and likewise her impact on how she gave birth to Tunde. And Cynthia was ready to take the new task on a new agreement which Tunde’s mother was ready to pay. And additional days were requested for by Cynthia.

Tunde’s mother was in a dilemma when Baba Awo later came out and said, the rite must be done that very day, in fact, they only have some minutes, otherwise he will pass away.


God forbid bad thing… If you were in Tunde’s mother shoes, what would you do? Or what advice would you give to her?

Your opinions are needed.

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