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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 12

The phone fell of his hand. Blood splattered out like birds from a disturbed tree. He was extremely crushed into the car to extend that it took those who came to scene to rescue him almost an hour before they could let loose his body. But unfortunately, he has gave up the ghost, even before his body was loosen.

His body was carried to a nearby hospital which happened to be where he was going. And his phone was used to contact his family members.

It was a great loss to the families and friends of the deceased, most especially his wife, who has suffered a lot in the hands of his family members, but never let down by him when he was alive.

If they could intimidate and victimise her when her husband was alive, then only God knows what could happen after his exit. While thinking about this, her heart vibrated and she broke into tears.

“Why was the death came when I just gave birth to a new bouncing boy baby? Why was he even not allowed to set his eyes on the little baby before his departure? Why this time? Why? God, why? Why was he traded for this boy? You should have let my husband be and hold this baby.”

Tunde’s mother lamented bitter, and she was cautioned by the family members and friends when she was later told about the demise of her husband.

Burial was done and the baby boy was named Olatunde amongst others. This name was given to the baby just because his late father was popularly called Ola, and their beliefs was that it was that same man, though the boy had been given birth to, before his father’s exit.

Olatunde was a replica of his late father. He was fair, handsome with pointed noise and smart. The resemblance couldn’t be over emphasized when he started growing up. Most people preferred calling Tunde Instead of Olatunde, except his father’s families and her mother who called him Ola. The taking after of Olatunde to his father made the families of his father had special love for him, and the love was also transferred to his mother. And this gave his mother rest of mind, then decided not to remarry.

Shade’s mother visited Baba Awo to complain about the ugly incident that happened to her friend just immediately she heard the sad news. And which Baba said her friend was adamant to instructions. He claimed he saw the event coming and that was why he instructed her to come around when it was time for deliverance. And also gave another warning that the baby must brought to him for the final rite to avoid incurable sickness attack, when the baby is at his late teens.

Shade’s mother herself was fed up of those mandatory conditions to be met by her friend. She blamed herself for introducing her friend to Baba. The message to be delivered was to heavy for her to table for her friend who just lost her husband. She wished her friend was there and heard it herself. She felt like keeping it to herself, but later gave it second thought. And she summoned courage to deliver the message, but which Tunde’s mother deafened her ears to.

All the efforts made by Shade’s mother to convince Tunde’s mother then were futile. And the issue went off, not knowing that what goes around comes around.


Shade’s mother later picked up the call when the ringing was almost lapsed…

“Hello, Mama Tunde. You must have angry with me for not asking after the latest development since yesterday. Please, I’m very sorry. I would have called you, but I’m also facing a challenge here which I’ve been battling with since morning.” Shade’s mother said, trying to bail herself out.

“No problem. I thought there must be a reason for that. Hope it’s not that serious?” Tunde’s mother echoed out weakly.

“It’s Shade ooo.”

“What happened to her?” Tunde’s mother asked curiously.

“I sent her to mama Ijebu for the past three hours and she has not returned. And mama ijabu said she has not set her eyes on her today.”

“Whaaat? Where could she have gone to? Call her number now.”

“She didn’t go with it oooo. In fact, her father has been asking after her. And I don’t know what to tell him if he calls back now.”

“Just put your mind at rest. She will soon back. Okay?”

“I pray so ooo. Thanks. So, how far? What’s the latest development?”

“I just pray it works ooo. I called Cynthia some minutes ago and she assured me one. She is on her way with the one she got.”

“Thank God. By God’s grace, it will definitely work. Just be optimistic like I always tell you.”

“I do. Thanks so much. I will call you back, or you can as well call me too the moment she is back.”

“I will surely do.”

“Take care of you and stay out of worries.”

“And you too.”

“Alright.” Tunde’s mother replied and ended the call.


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