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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 11

They both acted like a heroine in the presence of Baba, thanked him as usual and left for the road side where they packed the car without uttering a word to each other, till they got back to where they took off.

“It’s like moving from a frypan to fire. How on earth is that possible when my husband didn’t and mustn’t know about my visitation to the traditionalist? What if he is around at the verge of the delivery? I’m getting tired of all these conditions jawe.” Tunde’s mother expressed her grievances through lamentation to break the silence. She was extremely frustrated.

Shade’s mother was not satisfied with Baba’s conclusion neither, but she needed to act strong and encourage her friend so as not to give up. She smiled and moved closer to her…

“You’re very much correct. But nothing is impossible. Even, IMPOSSIBLE says ‘I’m possible’. So, put your mind at rest and bother your mind less. Recall that you failed the very first day your were instructed to sleep with your husband because of this gravidity, but yet, there was a way out. Never do you be pessimistic, but optimistic for every problem has a solution.

I will like to be on my way. Take care of you and stay out of worries.” She said and left for her house without looking at the back.

Tunde’s mother was a bit relieved; her hope was rekindled. Though, she couldn’t figure out how she was going to make it happened, but she was optimistic.

*********** ∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ *************

Days over days, weeks over weeks, and months over months, the delivery day finally came around. She had been seeing the traces in the evening, but she didn’t take it serious. This was because that wasn’t her first time of experiencing such. In fact, she had been to hospital on different occasions as regards the sign of delivery.

She woke up in the middle of the night, held her back, crying for help as she twisted her body while wallowing in whirlpool of pains. The excruciating trauma she was passing through couldn’t let her remember what Baba told her. Even, if she did, how would she tell her husband, who has already carried her into his car, heading to the hospital.

She was supported in into a ward, but later transferred to theatre after some hours for caesarean section (CS) when she couldn’t put to bed herself.

Fears and tensions saddled her husband’s mind when he was being told by the doctor incharge. Though, the doctor assured him her save delivery and told him to go home for baby’s load, but due to depression, he couldn’t go home. He stayed around restlessly, moving randomly like abnormal swinging of a simple pendulum.

He couldn’t believe his ears when the doctor finally came out and delivered him a good news, telling him his wife has put to bed.

“Doctor, what did you just say? Do you mean my wife has put to bed?”

The doctor beamed a smile and replied, “Yes sir, Mr. Olalade” to affirm his word.

“Hope you’re here with the baby’s load I asked you to bring the other time?”

“No, doctor. I will go for it now sir. How is the mother and the baby?”

“They are fine.”

“May I come to see them now sir?”

The doctor smiled.

“She is sleeping for now. Just go and prepare the load, probably before you come back sir.”

“Alright sir. I will be back shortly.”

He was over joyous. In fact, if one rode horse in his stomach at that very moment, there will be no hindrance. He couldn’t even remember to ask if it was a boy or girl.

He dashed out of the hospital into his car and sped out. He got home within a tick and packed all the necessary things needed, then entered into his car and ignited the engine. While driving, he took out his phone and started dialing family, friends and relative’s numbers, spreading the good news to them. All of a sudden, a coming trailer that has lost its brake surfaced with active loud horn, while people around were alerting him about the oncoming vehicle, but he was wholly engrossed in the call he was making. And before he could realise what was happening, he was already crushed with the car.


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