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All In The Name Of Love – Season 1 Episode 10

************EPISODE TEN***********
One of the most difficult things on earth to achieve is to cheat on nature. No matter how strong one is, when body nature is ready to act, one can’t escape its reactions, except if curbed on drugs.

The stress went through by Tunde’s mother both the day and night made her tired, and she met her Waterloo in the course of pretending.

Tunde’s mother lied herself unclad beside her husband, pretended to be fast asleep. After some minutes, she saw her husband standing up and headed to bathroom to have himself bathed, then came back to her on the bed. He looked at her passionately, caressing her from head to toes. And without hesitation, she responded to the reaction. They both locked up again, and had last round of sex she had been envisioning.

She was very happy, thinking her dream has come to pass on until when she was woke up from her slumber by ringing of her phone. Her husband only made the last trial in her dream, not in reality.

She sprang out of the bed, neglecting the ringing phone. It was already morning, some minutes to eight. She checked every nooks and crannies of the rooms and later found that her husband had left for work when she looked through the window and couldn’t see his car. She broke into tears and cried her ass out.

She reached for her phone and checked the missed calls; all were from her friend. Then, she dialed her line back which she picked once without hesitation…

“Hello, what’s really going on? Where have you dropped your phone since?”

She asked, expecting her to response, but all she could hear was weeping. She was seriously puzzled. Her instinct has told her what the outcome was but she couldn’t just conclude that way. And beside, she needed to know how it happened.

“Helloooo, are you there?”

“I’m in trouble ooo. I missed it.” She replied inaudibly, still weeping.

“Just a moment please.”

She dropped her call and put on a casual wear, get her car key and drove to her (Tunde’s mother) house. She got there in a jiffy. She couldn’t believe the unexpected action planning by Tunde’s mother; she was drafting a letter which to be dropped for her husband, and then commit suicide thereafter. She rapidly collected the pen and torn the letter into pieces…

“What did you think you’re doing? What has come over you? Please, just tell me, what’s your problem? Not meeting up with the task given to you doesn’t mean there won’t be a way out. At least, you let’s go back to him first, then we look for remedy. Killing yourself over this issue will not profer solution, but complicates it. God will even punish you for taken your own life, yourself.”

“Sincerely, I’m fed up of this life. Oro aye mi ti su mi ( I’m fed up of my life ).” She replied, weeping profusely.

“Sorry. I know how you feel and I also share from the pain you’re going through. It is well with your soul, dear. Let’s go back to Baba. I’m very sure, there will surely be a way out. Just calm down and have your mind at rest”

Shade’s mother felt like crying, but stylishly controlled her emotion. She petted her and restored her lost hope. Then, they both travelled back to meet Baba.Shola’s mother explained what her friend has encountered and sought for remedy.

Baba Awo pitied her; this was due to the fact that he knew that the repercussion might be unbearable for her. But as not to complicate the issue, he assured her a way out…

“Ona abayo wa. Sugbon o ni lati pada wa ni kete toba ni oyun ( there is a way out. But she has to come back immediately when she is confirmed pregnant).”

They both thanked him very well and dropped him some amount of money for appreciation.

*******AFTER TWO MONTHS*******
she was confirmed pregnant. She couldn’t believe her ears when she was told by their family doctor who conducted the test. It was like a dream to her. She couldn’t hold the joy, so she called her husband and friend to deliver the good news. It was paradoxical for her husband, and as a result, he left his office to confirm the good news with his naked eyes.

The following day, Shade’s mother called on her to let visit Baba since her pregnancy has been confirmed but her husband was at home with her, keeping her company. And she was unable to meet up. Throughout the week, they both busy and as a result they couldn’t visit Baba till the following week.

Baba complained bitterly, saying they should have visited him before that time, but yet, he prepared her another Concoction which she ate before they left. And he stated that she must come to his place for delivery. This sounded awkward; how would she go there for delivery without the knowledge of her husband?

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