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All For The Community – Season 1 – Episode 6 [Completed]


I had gone to uncle Emeka’s house as usual since I was the only person at home until at least 8.30pm. We were watching some pornographic films as we usually did before sex when he received a call that he had to go to town urgently and would be back soon. He told me to wait up for him as i made to go back to our house. I was very engrossed in watching one of the movies which showed a girl eating another girl’s pussy the way mine had been eaten by both James and uncle Emeka.

I had my fingers stuck deep in my pussy moaning as I watched the movie when the door to uncle Emeka’s flat suddenly opened and a fat huge man walked in. I quickly snatched my fingers out of my dripping pussy but was very sure that he saw what I was doing. The movie was even still on and moaning sound blaring from the speakers.

‘’Good afternoon, sirrrr’’ I stammered as I made to arrange my cloths and sit back piously.
“Where is Emeka?’’ the man asked, walking into the room and sitting beside me, placing his hand luggage on the table.
‘’He went out sir, said he would be back soon’’ I replied shyly
We both sat there watching as I was too ashamed to get up or do anything about the pornographic film blaring away on the tv screen. He surreptitiously watched him from under my lashes and I saw him watching me too. I fidgeted on the couch, confused but stuck in my chair.
‘’Do you like what that man is doing to the girl? His voice startled me out of my confused state. I looked up at the hitherto blank screen to the picture of a woman being fucked in the ass by a man. The man’s cock was very big and black and the woman was white. Seeing the gaping mouth of her ass hole elicited a quiver in my pussy. I simply looked at the show, transfixed and totally in another world.

I felt a touch on my thigh and looked down to see uncle Emeka’s friend huge hand on my thigh. I just looked at that hand as after a few moments of inactivity and my non-response; the hand started roving all over my thigh. I just stared at that hand like a statue, numb, silent, and unprotesting but my body was flushed and filled with sensations. My mouth was slackly open as I stared at that hand roam first one thigh, then the other and then rubbing between my thighs while applying subtle pressure to push my thighs apart. Dumbly, like a zombie, my pliant thighs opened up to admit his exploring hand. He zoomed in with his meaty hand to caress my soft inner thighs causing my body to involuntarily jerk forward and upwards as if seeking that roving hand. A low gasp escaped my open mouth as sensations filled my body. I knew it was wrong to just sit down quietly while this stranger explored my young body but my pleasure and submissive nature would not allow me make any sound of protest or get up and leave like any good girl would.

My betraying body had let him know that I was not a novice to sex or that I didn’t want what he was doing, so his hand moved forward, inch towards my pussy stealthily. Then his other hand touched one of my boobs and I gave a jerk, leaning more towards that hand. he started rubbing and pinching my nipples through the fabric of my dress, his whole mountainous body leaning towards me. I could smell his breath and the sweat that clung to his body. His weight felt welcomed as it leaned further and further unto me. His hand on my thigh had now moved to the edge of my panty which he pushed aside. Slowly, ever slowly, his fingers inched their way to my now exposed pussy lip.

I had unconsciously spread my legs further and with no hindrance at all, he dipped a finger inside my by now sopping wet pussy.

I gasped as a shudder went through my body. I pushed my hips upwards and still never taking his eyes of me, he placed one huge thigh on my tiny thigh and began finger fucking me and at the same time pinching and squeezing my erect nipples through the fabric of my dress. I was gasping and moaning as his two actions sent fire coursing through my body and I was spewing forth pussy juices in copious quantity. His finger fucking movement in my pussy became faster and more intense and my moans louder and almost drowning out the one on the screen.

Soon I couldn’t help it as my orgasm catch up with me and overtook me and I let out a loud moan as I poured cum juices all over his hand.

Not allowing me to get down from my orgasm, he carried me as if I was a doll straight inside uncle Emeka’s room and lay me on the bed. Then he removed my dress and I assisted him in taking off my soaked panties and bra. Then he slide off me and removed his cloths and I saw for the first time the hairiest man I had ever seen. His chest was matted with thick curly hair and his stomach was big and distended, almost like that of a six months pregnant woman. I almost got up to run away when I saw his cock however, as it was big, bigger than the three I had seen. It was not just long but also fat and a rational part of my mind wondered if I could take him in my teenage body. But I was too lust gone and submissive to protest as I lay there and waited for whatever he had in store for me.

My heart pounded as he repositioned his lower half between my spread legs. His gut was dragging against the bottom of my huge boobs but rather than being disgusted by the sensation of his hairy tummy, I actually sighed with pleasure.

Then he began to lower his midsection between my legs. I bit my lip again just as the head of his cock made contact with my pussy lips. He had to really work to get inside me. I helped as best I could by sliding back my feet and angling my pelvis up toward him. I thought about helping guide him in but his fat stomach was in the way.

Ultimately he gripped his own cock, placed it down at my hole, and just pushed.

I groaned as I came. The second his fat cock-head entered me I curled my toes and exploded with another orgasm. And though it was a great relief, my young body wanted more and my legs came to life and suddenly wrapped themselves around his hairy backside as he pushed himself into me. 

My arms came to life, too, and wrapped around his midsection. By the time he was fully implanted inside my tight cunt I was basically clinging to him as his cock fucked into me. The biggest and fattest cock I have ever had inside me, way bigger than his friend uncle Emeka’s and definitely bigger than James’ and Uncle Gboyega’s.

He was really pounding me when my cell phone began to ring. I was screaming so loud with pleasure that I didn’t hear it at first, but the sound became clear when he stopped thrusting in and out of me. Then he pulled his cock out of me and I gasped at the sensation of it exiting my cunt. I felt empty, now, and was struggling to think of something to say. He sat there with his over bloated stomach and fat cock dangling between his fat hairy thighs.

‘’Do you want me to continue? He asked

I nodded frantically all too excited and lust filled to say anything but it was too obvious that I didn’t want him to stop. He had re-positioned his cock against the entrance of my pussy. He began pressing his member into my hole and I sighed with pleasure at the sensation. By the time half of his cock was inside my body, I grunted and groaned with pleasure as he forced himself back into me. I groaned with pleasure as he fucked himself in and out of me with long, slow strokes, placing his hands on my thighs and was now pulling himself up into more of a kneeling position. My body clung to his while he did this, his cock buried deep inside me, and suddenly he felt even deeper than ever. My butt was up in the air but my shoulder-blades rested on the bed as I tried to focus and stay conscious from the pummeling I was receiving. I had never ever been so thoroughly and completely fucked.

I screamed. It was a scream of wanton sexual pleasure I’d been suppressing since. I didn’t want to admit it to myself but for some reason being fucked by such a huge cock had gotten me so horny that I was exploding with a tremendous orgasm already. The sheer naughtiness of it– a little girl  being fucked by strange old guy– had blown my mind.

I continued to scream during my long climax as he started to really pound me again. He let my butt drop back painfully to the mattress and was crushing his heavy body onto me again just as I finished cumming. I felt pleasantly numb all over as he rapidly fucked me. He was saying things, but I couldn’t really understand them. I felt drunk. I felt wonderful. I felt relieved.
After he finally came inside me he rolled off and laid on his side. He was struggling to catch his breath as he stared at me with a smile on his round face. All I did was lay there, breathless myself, staring up at the ceiling. He began playing with my breasts and said, “So, has Emeka fucked you before?”

I took a deep breath to try and calm my racing, post-orgasmic heart and said, “hmmm…yessssss.”

“I’ll have to watch him fuck you and then join him,” he grinned. “Now, how does it feel to have my cum up inside you, do you like it?”

“Y-yes,” I replied. “Sir. Yes, Sir. It feels… good, but Uncle Emeka said I should not allow anybody to fuck me without a condom anymore”

“Good,” he said. “Although I like cumming inside you, I agree with Emeka that you shouldn’t allow anybody to fuck you with a condom. Not just because of pregnancy but also because of disease. He explained things to you didn’t he?” he asked all the while twisting and pinching my nipples.

“Yes, sir. He did”’ I replied already gasping as his hands on my nipples was making me horny again. He made me sit in his lap (or, technically, on his left thigh).

He wanted to be able to play with my pussy, though, and that I had no problem with. He started the DVD I’d watched earlier and this time we watched it together. He kept asking me questions while we watched it. How old did I think that girl was? Which girl would I rather eat out? Did I like the idea of having two cocks to blow? And so on. Occasionally he gave me a little orgasm and eventually he had me get on my knees so I could give him one. After cumming on my face he made me lick it off and then I got back in his lap.

We spent the rest of the evening with me on his lap, his hands all over me, and the movies that turned me on so much playing on the wall. Just before I had to go he got hard again and told me to get on my hands and knees. I did, thinking he was going to fuck me doggie as I had come to know the style was called. He fingered my pussy until it was once again oozing juice, then he started feeding my pussy his cock inch by inch. I gasped when the cock head entered me and bent my waist further to assist his entry.

Finally he’d gotten the entire length inside me and now he was fucking in and out of me slowly. I felt bloated from his size: I’d fucked doggy-style before, but had never once had a cock so big! Soon, my pleasure intensified and I began to moan in time with his thrusts.

The idea that he wasn’t wearing a condom again suddenly entered my mind, but I didn’t really care. This was a good hard fuck, something I desperately wanted! My body was once again charged and ready to explode and nothing would keep me from having that, now! I felt a small orgasm ripple across my body and I mewed in pleasure. I collapsed forward on the couch, my boobs crushing against the chair. I had lost the strength in my arms to hold myself up. His hands still gripped my ass as he slapped his dick in and out of my tight pussy in a furious, relentless motion.

“Like it doggy-style?” he panted between thrusts. “You like getting fucked from behind?”

“Hmmm hmmm!” I groaned. My heart was racing and I could feel my all-too sensitive pussy getting ready for another hard cum…

“Bet you do… bet you’d like it in the ass, too, huh?”

“Oh God, n-n-no… , ” I sputtered in surprise. Was he serious!?

“No?” he gritted, his voice harsh.

“You don’t want your sweet little ass fucked?” At this last word he slapped his large instrument all the way into my pussy brutally, making me cry out.

“Oh GOD!” I moaned. Sweat had formed on my face and my whole body felt rubbery. My knees were chaffing against the leather seat as they slid back and forth on the seat. Never before had I been fucked so expertly… or so forcefully!

“You need to learn how to take it in the ass,” he hissed breathlessly. He had slowed his fucking now to a regular, yet intense, pace.

“P-please,” I whined, gasping despite myself “J- just keep… f-fucking me… like this…”

He didn’t respond. And then I felt something, his thumb, pressed against my tiny ass hole.

I yelped. “Ah ohhh!”

I could hear him laugh behind me as he continued to fuck in and out of my pussy. His thumb, meanwhile, was squirming its way into my virgin butt. My exhausted body came alive again and I began to writhe desperately. I’d never had anything placed inside me… there… before! The feeling of his thumb violating me like this was so degrading! And then, just as I’d feared, I felt his cock pull out of my pussy. I grunted at the sensation, then squealed in pain as he pressed it against my small anal-opening.

“Going to teach you,” he mused from behind. “You’ll like it…”

“No, please, no!” I cried pitifully.

I was struggling forcefully against him, now, all desire to reach a good climax gone. I didn’t want this! It was so sick, and he was so big: it would hurt so bad! My cries turned into whimpering as he pressed his dick into my ass, finally. It didn’t take long: his cock was slick with my own juices and he was putting intense pressure on my sphincter. He just kept pressing and pressing as I squirmed in pain until I screamed into the couch: the head of his dick had forced its way up my ass. The penetration was rough and my body cramped up in pain.

“Relax, shhh, relax,” he said from behind me. “Just relax and take it…”

I tried to do as he said but my survival instincts kept kicking in.

I bucked my body wildly back and it took his powerful hands to hold me in place. And then I began to cry. I whimpered pathetically as my attempts to stop him came to a halt. There was no use. my body sort of collapsed, and my knees even began to slide back on the floor, as I endured the raping of my virgin ass.

But then something strange happened: once his shaft got halfway into me, it was as if my ass finally understood what was going on. I felt my sphincter muscle relax and suck his dick further inside, which sent a surprising wave of pleasure up through me.

I gasped.

“There we go,” I heard him sigh from behind. “You got it now…”

And I did. My ass was no longer resisting the intrusion, but welcoming it. My whole body seemed to shudder at the feeling, his cock up in my ass, so tight and clenching around it. When he pressed forward again, holding my butt cheeks open with his hands, I moaned in delight. It came to a stop just when I didn’t think I could take it anymore: whether he’d run out of room or he’d gotten it all the way up me, I didn’t know. All I did know was that strange, semi-painful waves of pleasure were emanating from his cock now and it was unlike anything I’d ever felt.

He began fucking my ass after a brief rest. Each thrust caused me to cry out in pleasure as my boobs slapped against each other, and soon he was thrusting in and out of my teenage butt with the same momentum he’d used for my pussy. I gasped and moaned and my young taut body gyrated at the violation, the unspeakable pleasure intensifying by the second.

“Will you be my whore?” he asked breathlessly. It was almost a declaration.

“Oh God, oh God!” I whimpered with delight.

“My little whore, my fuck slut…”
he declared. i moaned in pleasure as his words, dirty words seemed to make me come alive the more. His calling me those words made my juices flow the more. I moaned onto the couch and pushed back at him, i wanted all he had to give…i didn’t know my butt could harbour so much sensations….

The fucking of my ass was like another world for me. I found myself unconsciously clenching my sphincter around his cock to make myself even tighter, wanton desire taking over all my instincts.

“I’m going to cum!” I heard him say, loudly. “Want it inside, don’t you?”

I didn’t want to answer. Because I did want it inside: I wanted to feel his sperm swim up into my anus. My carnal mind wanted everything, all of it, now! But instead of replying, I just gasped loudly and bore down for an orgasm I couldn’t have conceived of before! And then, as he hammered his cock home, my body exploded in an orgasmic pleasure, that familiar light blew up in my face and I saw a shower of stars light up my universe. I was cumming so hard it was scary: my screams of delight were also cries of fear.

And his cock erupted inside me, sending me over the edge into a full-body orgasm, more hot and intense than anything I had previously experienced.

Even as my own orgasm waned and I felt my muscles loosen, his cock still pumped its seed inside me. I grunted at the feeling of his sperm inside my anus, shooting up inside my body. When it was done, he slid over onto the floor. I just collapsed forward on the floor fully, and panted in disbelief. A million thoughts were going through my head now, mostly disbelief: I couldn’t believe myself, the situation, or how good getting fucked in the ass had been! I found myself smiling, and had to stop myself from giggling.

Uncle Emeka’s friend began rubbing my back gently. He said, 

“Feel okay?”

Slowly, I turned around, and managed to hide my smile. For some reason, him seeing me smile now would be worse than him seeing his cum leaking out of my butt-hole, which it was.

“My ass hurts,” I managed to say, softly.

He grinned. “That’s okay. It’ll get easier.”

“Don’t tell Emeka what we did, ok? He commanded

‘’Ok’’ I answered as I took the tissue he handed me and cleaned his cum from my sore ass. I felt so relaxed, now, though my poor little butt did hurt. I slowly got dressed, my clothes would be stained with cum but I didn’t care, and there was nobody at home.

He pressed some N500 naira bills into my hands as I quickly stepped out of uncle Emeka’s house. I wonder how I was going to spend all the money being given to me by these men. I now had close to N20,000.00. I was getting the money but the fucking part is what is giving me joy the more men I fuck the more insatiable I become, I love being on the giving side that’s why I satisfy all the men around, more like a community asocial worker and am doing a job well done and am never stopping.


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