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All For The Community – Season 1 – Episode 5


One day while fucking as usual in the sitting room of our house, James noticed I was putting on bra and asked where I got it from. I told him that uncle Emeka bought it for me. He asked me if uncle Emeka had fucked me before and I replied yes and that we had done it about thrice.

James was furious and called me all sorts of names ranging from slut to whore, ashawo and the likes. Those names didn’t sound nasty to me as I had come to associate them with pleasure.
Each time he called me those names, my pussy only seemed to flutter as a tingling spread all over me. I became wet and drew him closer so that we could go on with the fuck but James was furious and refused to touch me, telling me that he would never fuck me again as I had been defiled by someone else. I didn’t see what the fuss was about as I didn’t believe there was anything wrong in any other person fucking me.

Well, sad to say that James left me very horny as he stormed out of the house and went back to school. I used my aunt’s hairbrush handle to bring myself off to a loud climax and then proceeded to do the chores my aunt had initially assigned me before leaving home that morning. Our pumping machine had packed up the previous evening and the repair man said he would only be able to fix the new one bought the next day.

Therefore, I had to fetch water about five houses from ours but along the same street, though on the other side. I had on another of my usual hand me down dress that was pretty too tight for my full body. I carried the bowl and went to fetch the water. I have to go like twelve or fifteen times before I could fill all the containers in the house. I was almost done when the bowl got broken as I was lifting it to my head. I was soaked to the bone and the bowl had cut me on the left temple.

My scream of pain brought uncle Gboyega, one of the inhabitants of the house out. He was very solicitous as he tried to rub the blood off my temple and ease the pain but the gash was deep so he took me into his flat and then took a towel to rub off the wetness on my body as my dress was plastered to my body like a second skin.

He just stood there for some seconds looking at my boobs that were straining to get loose from their confines. I was braless as James had removed my bra when we were about to fuck before he stopped in anger. I didn’t bother putting it back on before I started fetching water.

Uncle Gboyega recovered from his transfixed stance and cleaned the gash on my forehead with the towel he was holding.

Then he rubbed Aboniki balm on it, while rubbing the swelling to go down. I had started shivering from the wet cloth I was wearing so he went back inside his bedroom to get me a t.shirt to wear. He asked me to take off my dress but the shivering was so much that I could not do a good job of it, then he bent, pulled the dress up and took it off me.

I just stood there, still smarting from the pain on my head and the cold in my body. Soon I noticed that Uncle Gboyega was just staring at me with a stupefied expression, which was when it dawn on me that I was nude except for panties before his gaze.

I started to feel warmth spread through my body from Uncle Gboyega’s gaze. He was staring at me like a hungry lion, as if he would swallow me up in the next minute. I just stood there also staring at him as he touched my boobs and my nipples which had gone taut from the cold water and his lusty gaze.

I didn’t protest even when he bent his head and took my boobs in his mouth first sucking one nipple and then the other. I noticed something wet and warm escape my pussy and slide down my thighs. Uncle Gboyega had by this time cupped both boobs in his big hands and was sucking them feverishly.

Then one of his hands slide down and pushed its way between my panty band and touched my hot pussy mound. I groaned as the heat from his hand was transferred to my body and I unconsciously spread my legs in invitation. He didn’t hesitate as he used that one hand to push my panty downward until it was between my knees.

His mouth was still glued to my boobs sucking one after the other as he inserted first one finger into my pussy. It was wet and hot and grasping. It clamped on that one finger and made to suck it and I could hear an audible gasp of surprise escape uncle Gboyega’s otherwise occupied mouth at the wantonness of my young body.

Then his fingers increased to two, then three as he pushed me backwards until the back of my legs were pressed tight against a chair, my knees bent forward and my pussy pushed forwards to allow him deeper and freer entrance into my steamy hole. I moaned and my hands gripped his head for two reasons; one for balance and two because I needed to hold something to use to express my pleasure.

The movement of his fingers increased as he let go of my boobs to concentrate on fingering my pussy. I was moaning and grunting uncontrollably as I jerked ever upwards to meet the thrust of his fingers. His fingers had increased till he had four fingers inside me and was using his thumb to rub and caress my clit.

This was too much pleasure; my mouth was opened like a fish out of water as I gasped. His speed and thrust increased and I jerked to meet every thrust of those fingers until the usual bulb of light exploded deep within me and I screeched and held tightly to his head as I spilled pussy juice all over his fingers. I shook in the throes of orgasm; sex had a way of making me lose control.

He let go of me as I fell against the chair and in one swift movement divested himself of his trousers. His cock was nodding in attention and very erect. It was a moderate size cock, not as big as Uncle Emeka’s and maybe of equal size to that of James or slightly smaller. I can’t say for sure. 

He pushed me against the chair and bent my head downwards still in the standing position with my pants against my ankle.

He made to enter me but I protested asking him to use a condom. He was hesitant at first, I guess thinking that I might bolt before he returned but I was too lust filled to bolt. I also wanted to fuck. His finger fucking had roused me and brought back the feelings James had initially left unsated. I guess my lust filled expression must have reassured him because he quickly dashed inside one of the rooms and brought out a wrap of condom which he quickly tore off and wore.

I turned and assumed the position he wanted, spreading my legs as far as my panties would allow me and bending my back to hold on to the back of the chair while presenting my dripping wet pussy to him.

He stood behind me and lined up his cock to the entrance of my pussy. He pulled me by the waist and in one quick movement, his cock was buried deep within me.

I let out a howl at the sweetness of being invaded by a cock. Then he began thrusting in and out of me. His thrusts were hard and fast and slamming into me with real force. I welcomed the thrust as I thrust back at him.
My boobs were squashed tight against the chair I was holding onto and he pushed my back deeper and deeper into it. my back was bent at an impossible angle that made it seem as if his cock had slipped deeper into me.

He was making guttural noises and I knew he would be cumming soon. I had been inundated by mini orgasms and then he reached down between my spread legs from the front and rubbed my clit. I howled as a big orgasm slammed into my body and I saw exploding stars.
Juice flowed copiously from me and pooled on his cock. 

My pussy muscles clamped down hard on his cock as I orgasmed and this helped to drive him over the edge as he slammed into me ferociously and I felt his cock expand as he spilled his juice with a loud grunt.

It was quick and sweet and the orgasm intense. Soon, uncle Gboyega pulled out of my still gripping pussy and turned me around to face him. I looked down between his legs to see his cock was still as hard as ever despite having just released. He kissed me deeply on the lips and then pushed me onto the couch while removing the filled condom from his turgid cock.

I marvelled as that was the first time I would see a guy release and still be hard without any fore-play. Quickly, he took another rubber, tore it off its wrappings and wore it on his cock. Then he climbed on top of me on the couch and once again lining his cock against my pussy, he shoved that turgid cock deep inside me again.

I didn’t need any encouragement as I wrapped my legs and arms tightly around him so that he would not be dislodged and can go as deep in me as possible. My hips pushed and moved with his every thrust. Not able to control myself as i could only moan and push back, wanting more of his cock. I was so close to another climax as he stroked in and out, deeper and deeper with each thrust.

Finally his entire shaft was in to the hilt, filling me completely, our pubic bones slapping against each other. Then i felt his shaft push against the inside of me as if about to touch my womb. My orgasm exploded into wave upon wave of pleasure. An electrical current seemed to sear my entire body, as sparks of pure ecstasy emanated from deep within my pussy and I closed my eyes in stupefied wonder.

Finally recovering, i realized his cock was still sliding smoothly in and out of me. i was moaning as he slammed again and again into my ever hungry pussy. I bucked and thrust back against each of his strokes. It was fantastic having a powerful cock inside me. I could feel another climax building quickly within my stomach. 

Uncle Gboyega’s thrusting got stronger and faster, his cock seemed to swell even larger. I knew he was on the verge of his own orgasm. I pulled him deeper inside me.

His whole body stiffened as his stiff cock head smashed against my cervix. He groaned loudly as he shot spurt after spurt of his hot scalding seed deep within me but inside the condom. He was pushing into me with all the strength and intensity of his climax. The incredible feeling of his thrusting cock sent me over the top again. I screamed with sexual joy as another orgasm raced through my body again. All I could do was grab his ass and pull him further into me!
As my sexual pleasure subsided, I could feel his cock shrinking from the depths of my body.

Then he got off me and I could see his cock had become flaccid as the rubber was pulled off. He held me and squeezed my boobs some more. Then helped me to put on my pant and discarded gown which had by now dried off. I made to leave when I got up but he told me to wait and went inside. When he came back out, he gave me a wad of notes which turned out to be five thousand naira. I wondered at what I was going to buy with it.

Thereafter, I always had either uncle Emeka, uncle Gboyega to take care of the constant itch that was between my legs.

James came back begging and said he was jealous since he felt that my pussy was meant for him alone. I didn’t understand his feelings of jealousy as I had seen him bring his girlfriend home and fuck several times. 

The only feelings I had at such times was one of longing to be part of the action. well needless to say that we resumed our fuck sessions after the short break.

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