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All For The Community – Season 1 – Episode 4


’Good Afternoon Uncle Emeka’’ I greeted the man living three houses from ours. Uncle Emeka was a bachelor who was well liked by all the children in the neighbourhood because he was pleasant to us all and used to buy things for us.

Sometimes he would give me chocolate bars, oreos, different kinds of biscuits and even cakes.

There was a time he gave me a lap of fried chicken, he said it was his birthday and since I could not attend the party, he had reserved a lap of chicken for me. All the neighbours knew the kind of Aunt I had and the way she treated me and they tried in their little ways to be kind and helpful. It took me a while to realise that the men were more friendly than the women and went out of their ways to please me.

Not that the women weren’t, in fact, they all were but the menfolk showed extra care.

Looking back in retrospect, I realise that the kind of signals I was unconsciously giving could only be deciphered by men and they did decipher it.

‘’Angelica, how are you?’’ Uncle Emeka responded, stopping to chat with me.

‘’I’m fine sir’’.

‘’Where’s your aunt? Uncle Emeka asked

‘’She travelled to the village with my uncle sir”

‘’So you are the only one at home?

‘’yes sir, as Paul has gone to evening lesson and won’t be back until 8pm sir’’ I innocently replied.

‘’James and John’? he asked

‘’They are both at school’’ I replied

‘’Oh, I forgot that they are both in the university now. You must be quite lonely being home alone till evening. Why don’t you help me take these things to my flat and keep me company while I cook dinner? Or will you cook dinner for me? He asked with a funny look in his eyes.

‘’Yes uncle Emeka, I can cook dinner for you’’ I gladly replied as it was truly lonely being home alone and I had masturbated so much that what my pussy craved then was cock, hard cock. But in all fairness, I never consciously or unconsciously thought that anything untoward would happen with Uncle Emeka.
I only wanted something to take my mind off sex and needed company. I looked unto him like I looked unto my Aunt’s husband.

So I locked the gate and collected the bag of groceries he was carrying and followed him to his flat. It was a beautiful well-furnished flat, with nice chairs and a bigger tv set than ours. I loved the look and feel of everything. He showed me where the kitchen was and all I needed to prepare the stew and rice he wanted for dinner. In about an hour, I was through with the cooking and served him food. He invited me to join but I didn’t so I sat on the couch and was watching cable.

Soon afterwards, Uncle Emeka came and sat beside me on the couch and we were discussing the film being shown then. I had on one of the hand me down dresses that my aunt had given me, it was tight as I was bigger everywhere than my aunt, the original owner of the dress. My bra-less boobs were squashed flatly to my chest and straining to burst out but I was unconscious of it. Uncle Emeka went into his bedroom and changed into a short and singlet, then came back and sat beside me.

About 20minutes later, he asked me to go and get him a glass of water in the fridge in the kitchen. I went but when I opened the fridge and bent to take the bottle of water from the fridge, Uncle Emeka grabbed my boobs and squeezed them hard, managing to pinch my nipples through the fabric of my dress. 

An involuntary moan escaped my lips as the bottle of water fell from my fingers and I grabbed the door of the fridge to regain my balance. He had by this time pushed his hands under my dress and was groping my crotch through my panties which were soaked through. He pulled me closer and shut the fridge door, bringing his lips down on mine in a long and pronounced kiss while still groping my crotch and obviously trying to insert a finger in my pussy.

My mind shut down and all I could think of was the pleasure of Uncle Emeka’s fingers on my pussy mound as it slide into my pussy. I didn’t even protest as lips still glued to mine, he led me into his bedroom and pulled off my dress before laying me on the bed.

My bra less big round boobs sprang out proudly from their confinement as my nipples were taut, erect and pinkish from the pinch he had inflicted on them. I was totally nude before him except for the panties I was putting on. In one fluid movement, his deft fingers relieved me of the panties too and there I was on Uncle Emeka’s bed, naked and in all my glory.

My boobs heaved as I panted and moaned. His cock had formed a tent in his boxers and you could see the angry red head as it peeped from the front slit of the boxer short. Soon he was divested of his shorts too and his mammoth cock sprang out free. I gasped and my eyes opened wider as I saw his cock. It was bigger and longer than James’ cock and I could see veins that looked like thick vines running from the base of the crown to the balls. They were pinkish and engorged with blood.

‘’Are you a virgin? He asked. I shook my head to signify that I was not. He heaved a visible sigh of relief as he spread my legs to reveal my dripping pussy to his adoring eyes. The downy hair surrounding my pussy gash glistened with moisture that was pooling from my pussy.

Then he climbed on top of me and kissed me again deeply and I responded passionately. Then he took my erect nipples in his mouth sucking and biting one after the other. He would be squeezing and rolling one nipple between his thumb and fore finger while he sucked the other. He kept doing this intermittently and my moans had increased to little screams as he interspersed his suck and lick with little nibbles on my nipples that sent fire spreading through my body.
I was writhing in passion as he did this and I used both hands to press his head deeper onto my boobs. I wanted him to spread the fire from the nipple to all the flesh of my boobs. He seemed to understand my need as he squeezed both boobs together and took both nipples at the same time into his mouth. It felt like heaven as the pleasure became centred on all part of my body. A small orgasm hit me hard and I screamed as juice flowed from my pussy. I bucked and writhed in pleasure. It was way beyond what I usually experienced.

Uncle Emeka looked at me with hooded eyes as I rode my orgasm. Then he slide down, planting little kisses along the way as he went down my body. I had never felt like this before, the pleasure was too intense and I just shut my eyes tightly, trying to hold on to the pleasure, feeling that it would escape if I should open my eyes.

My belly tingled as his lips trailed a path through it. My pussy was spasming and convulsing in anticipation. I knew where his lips were heading and I was eagerly awaiting it. My hips were raised and my legs spread very wide apart, my pussy mound giving involuntary pulses. Soon his lips touched my pussy lips and I let out a sigh moan as I pushed up to feel it more. He planted soft kisses on all the areas of my pussy and a lingering suck on my clit. I shivered in excitement.
His tongue probed all the corners of my pussy, taking time to lick the labia and the valley between.

I dripped juice copiously as I held on to his head trying to make him go all the way in sucking me but he took his time. Then his tongue flashed out and licked the inside of my pussy. I moaned, spreading my legs further for him to have unlimited access. From there onward, he sucked and licked up every part of me.

He flicked his tongue on my clit until I became jelly before his onslaught and just flowed with the pleasure, I was helpless to do anything even if I wanted and I didn’t want. I was exactly where I wanted to be. His tongue felt very hard as it travelled from my clit down the centre of my slit and then rested on my hole, giving short fast stabs with it that made me gasp in pleasure.
Then Uncle Emeka’s tongue drifted to the space between my pussy and ass licking as he went along. I shuddered. It was a strange feeling, non that I had ever had as no one had ever licked me there or even touched me there before. Once again he licked from my clit to my ass hole and that tingling feeling invaded me once again. Then a feeling of revulsion kicked in as my subconscious told me that what he was licking was my shit hole.
I tried to wiggle away from his lips just to show my displeasure with what he was doing. But he held me tight and I could not move. He raised his head and looked at me and maybe saw that I wasn’t comfortable with what he was doing because when he continued, he stayed away from rose bud that was my ass. Then he started fingering me with two fingers while giving tiny flicks with his tongue on my clit. I couldn’t hold back anymore as my orgasm hit me hard and I screamed and bucked on his face as I splashed his mouth and entire face with my juices. He licked it all up like his life depended on it.

He got off me after a while and I could see his cock was really erect. I wanted to play with it, to lick and suck it and make it cum so I could lick his cum like I do with James but I was too shy to say anything, so I just watched him from under my eyes.
He went to his wardrobe and brought out a packet, opened it and tore out a nylon like object that I later learnt was a condom. He put this on his cock and rolled it up and it covered everything up. He saw my puzzled expression and asked if I had never seen it before, I responded no and he explained that it was so that I did not get pregnant.
He was already lying down next to me as he explained this. He then got on me and spread my legs, kneeling between them. Then the process of trying to get that mammoth cock into my teenaged pussy started. It felt like the cucumber James had made me use all over again as it was painful getting the head past my vaginal ring but I was also determined to experience another cock other than James so I relaxed as he pushed the head into me. It felt like a baton was stuck in me and I grunted in pain. He looked into my eyes telling me sorry as he used a finger to rub on my clit making me secret more juice and easy his passage into me. About three more inches slide inside me and I felt full, I felt like I had swallowed a pestle. It was painful and I was crying.

Uncle Emeka continued telling me sorry and rubbing my clit but staying still inside me, not moving in or out. After a few minutes, the pain subsided and I felt tingling spreading from my clit which he was rubbing to the inside of my pussy. I felt him look at me and then without any warning pushed further inside me and I screamed from the pain. It felt like a hot iron was embedded in me. He reached forward and covered my mouth with his palm, using the other hand to fondle and pinch my nipples. We stayed in that position for minutes as tears streamed down my eyes from the pain in my pussy. But as usual, the pain finally stopped and I felt only the fullness in my depth.

I looked down to our co joined body and saw that his cock was buried in my pussy to the balls! Then he started pushing back and forth slightly. Thrusting in and out little by little, I still felt a slight pain but this time the pain was interspersed with pleasure.
Soon Uncle Emeka was pulling his cock out of my pussy until only the tip was in me and then slamming back inside me to the balls. Pleasure spread through my body. I was moaning and groaning as pleasure, profound pleasure from the massiveness of the cock engulfed me. His thrusts increased in speed and in hardness as he drilled me like an oil rig.

My legs wrapped around his waist in a vice grip and my arms were tightly wrapped round his back. it felt like he was carrying me off the bed as he wrapped his arms round my back and pounded into me like a possessed man.

My toes curled as I was hit by the mightiest orgasm I had ever had. I screamed and made choking sounds as the pleasure was too much for me to comprehend. My pussy muscles clamped down on his cock as I came and this must have spurred him on also as with a guttural shout I felt his body tense and his cock expand and was making those jerking motions James cock used to make whenever he was cumming but I did not feel any warm sticky liquid in me that used to accompany James jerking.

After several minutes, uncle Emeka collapsed on me and then rolled off me and that was when I saw that his cum was inside the rubber that he had rolled on it earlier. Then I understood the work of the rubber.

I reached down between my legs to touch my pussy and my whole hand just slide effortlessly inside. Uncle Emeka’s giant cock had spread my pussy very wide. 

I felt a smarting pain on the tip of it and then realised that I had a slight tear. He saw me flinch from the pain and then got up, got an ointment and rubbed it on my fast closing pussy. He then held me close as we both slept off. I awoke around 7.10pm and quickly got up telling uncle Emeka that I had to make dinner as my family would soon be back home.

it became a regular occurrence between us as he would come home from work earlier than usual just to fuck me. He made me promise never to allow anyone to fuck me without a condom anymore. when i asked why, he said so that i would not get pregnant or be infected by sexually transmitted diseases. i knew what that was as a health worker had come to my school and given a talk on sexually transmitted infections and even showed us pictures of people and private parts infected. i understood his fears and promised not to allow anyone fuck me without a condom henceforth.

He started buying me female things. He bought me my first bra which was a purple lacy affair that only just managed to support my massive boobs. I felt uncomfortable initially and asked why I had to wear it. He explained that it was for support as my boobs had matured early and that my aunt should have bought me one long ago.

He told me that my boobs would become saggy all too soon if I didn’t wear them. I didn’t want them to be saggy as I had realised the power it had over men, so I endured wearing a bra until I got very used to it but I had to make sure my aunt didn’t see them. Anyways, she was too indifferent to me to notice, until it was far too late.

He bought me several sexy bras and pants and would ask me to model them for him and then fucked me afterwards. Of course he also wanted to buy me cloths but I definitely could not take them as I wouldn’t be able to wear them at home and I had nowhere I was going. In his own way, I guess uncle Emeka fell in love with me as he would make love to me slowly and tenderly and he even said it unconsciously on one occasion.

For me however, I didn’t know what love signified, I was only in it for the pleasure he was giving me and he sure gave me pleasure and showed me much more than James could show me. That was how I became uncle Emeka’s fucktoy.

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