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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For The Community – Season 1 – Episode 2


The sound coming out of my cousin’s throat was like that of a ram or goat being led to the slaughter. I initially felt he was in pain until I saw the blissful expression on his face and realised that he enjoyed what he just did. He winked at me and left to sit back in the sitting room.

Alone and still in the bath, I looked at the thick gooey substance that had flown out of James cock and something, I don’t know why kept urging me to taste it. I was initially revolted but was ultimately overcome by curiosity making me to tentatively use my finger to scoop from the blobs on my boobs and tentatively put the finger in my mouth.

It tasted salty and felt warm to my tongue. I swirled it round in my mouth and unconsciously began scooping the remaining blobs from my boobs and licking them from my fingers making sure to savour each taste before swallowing. After licking all the ones on my body, I looked down at the ones on the bathroom floor longingly but knew that I couldn’t bring myself to scoop them up to lick.

I felt sorry to see it go to waste. That was how I became hooked on male cum even without knowing the name for it or the name for where it came from. I only knew that it was a taste I would not want to stop experiencing.

We had taken the ritual to the next level by that act and from then on I would eagerly await the thick sticky substance spurting out of his cock to splatter on my body so that I could lick it off. i think I must have unwittingly lost my hymen by this time as I had experiment with all sorts of items in my pussy in order to heighten the pleasure I was getting. I had used my auntie’s hairbrush handle, used a candle and even used the remote when I discovered that the further inside me an object was, the more the pleasure for me.

I always did this in the bathroom or in the privacy of my store room bedroom very late at night or when I was alone at home. My cousin and I stopped any pretence of ignorance when we were alone and he had progressed from just wanking and spilling sperm on my body while I was bathing to feeling my buttocks and pinching my boobs whenever we were home alone.

One fateful day, the entire family was supposed to attend the wedding of a relative in another town but my cousin James had fallen sick the previous day so I was assigned to stay back at home to take care of his needs. Barely minutes after my aunt and the others drove off, James started running about the room and shouting in glee that it was all a ruse to get us to stay back at home.

He said he wanted to teach me something nice and that us being alone at home was the only way we could do it. I agreed thinking it was more of the bathroom thing. I however told him to let us wait for another hour before anything to make sure that the others don’t come back and catch us doing whatever it was we wanted to do. He agreed reluctantly.

Less than an hour after the family’s departure, he told me to lock the door and take off all my cloths. I was almost fifteen by then and we had been playing with our genitals for almost a year.  He was in the final year of higher institution but was going from home. I complied by quickly taking off my gown and pants (I didn’t use to wear a bra as I had none, even my pants were few then).

My cousin stood back and looked at me ferociously, it felt like he was going to eat me up raw. It was much later that I learnt the name for the look in his eyes, it was lust plain and simple. Then he started telling me the different name for each part of my nether region, asking me to repeat it back to him until he was sure that I had mastered the names.

He made me know the mound between my legs was sexily called pussy and biologically called vagina. That those two pieces of skin covering it was the labia, the big one the labia majora and the inner fold the labia minora, that that sensitive button that use to send pleasure coursing through my body was the clitoris but called clit for short and that I was lucky it was not cut making the pleasure to run freely. He went on and on and on. I enjoyed it but I was dying with anticipation.

I wanted to know what the shaft between his legs was called, what those two balls dangling underneath it were and what the white gooey salty substance was.

He didn’t disappoint me as he told me the shaft had several names; cock, penis, dick, etc that I should pick whichever I wanted.

Cock sounded more manly and I decided that was what I would call it. the balls, I could call balls, sperm sac etc. while the white gooey substance was the sperm. I was growing impatient by this time. I wanted to feel it, touch it and truly know what it was. He then made me seat on the couch and he sat beside me. He had taken off his cloths by now and was as naked as me.

The only sound in the room was our ragged breathing as he directed my hands to his cock and wrapped my right hand round it. it was hard, felt like a thick live sausage as it kept jumping up and down and back and forth. I squeezed and he groaned. I catalogued that in a rational part of my brain to signify pleasure, he liked it being squeezed. I squeezed it again, a little harder and he groaned more but held my hand telling me that I was moving to fast. I relaxed.

Then he touched my boobs and pleasure spread through them, it felt different from the pleasure I used to feel whenever I touched them myself. It was more intense. Then he bent his head and took one of my nipples in his mouth, I almost died from the pleasure that radiated through my body, it was much more intense from what I experienced when he touched them.

I groaned loudly and involuntarily, my chest pushed upwards and forwards as if to present more of my boobs to his hot mouth. He began sucking on them and that was where I lost all control as something pleasurable and fierce swept across my body to pool in my nether region. It felt like there was a fire in my nether region that was screaming to be quenched.

I gasped and pushed upwards, unconsciously, unaware of what I was doing but doing something. The pleasure I was experiencing was greater than any I had experienced from touching myself or rubbing my thighs together.

I thought I knew pleasure but this was what real pleasure was. His hands felt feverish on my body as he traced them all over me to rest on my pussy mound. Involuntarily, my legs opened up and his fingers slipped in. I gasped as I felt his finger inside me, my inside felt hotter and wetter than ever before. I just couldn’t fathom the feeling that was coursing through me. I didn’t understand it but I also didn’t want it to stop. I begged him not to stop. His mouth left my by now very hard nipples and I felt bereaved but was instantly aflame again as his lips trailed all over my body, moving from my boobs to my belly, down to my navel, licking along the way, leaving a trail of fire in his path.

I was by now making pathetic mewling sounds as feelings I didn’t know existed made themselves manifest in my body. I couldn’t think, couldn’t breathe and didn’t want the feelings to end.

I noticed I was lying back on the couch when I felt his tongue on my pussy mound. I screamed and shuddered as an eruption exploded in my pussy. I made to clamp my legs shut but he held on tightly to them, holding them open as he proceeded to clamp his mouth on the knob he had called clit. It was way beyond what I could explain as he licked, sucked and probed the inner recesses of my being. I kept releasing and releasing those fluid he had earlier called pussy juice. I was way in over my head, in a place I did not know existed.

Then I felt like I was cresting as he shoved his tongue deep inside my pussy and made fast and hard stabbing motions with it. I saw a very bright light right in front of my eye, as if it was getting prepared to explode. I felt his lips once again clamped on my clit as he shoved two fingers inside that deep greedy hole of mine he had called a pussy.

He was working those fingers like I worked my aunt’s hair brush inside me, then he bit down on my clit and I felt the whole world explode as I gasped and shuddered and something massive started from my pussy, raised through my body, my brains and made me curl my toes as I screamed and lost consciousness.

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