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All For The Community – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 6]

All For The Community

All For The Community

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Story Title: All For The Community 

Episodes: 6

Category:  Sex

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This not just a story or single tale of an adventure or escapade, it’s the story of my life and being and you just have to bear with me since it’s going to be a long tale. You might be wondering what brought the epiphany about, why do I want to make my tale, the story of my life, my existence public knowledge? I truly have no answer to that question as there was no catalyst to my need but just a warped sense of the exhibitionist, wanting others to know that I have done, who I am and how far I can go. So just sit back, see this tale as an epic adventure, something like THE HOBBIT or LORD OF THE RING.

I’m twenty-six years old in age but way matured in body and much more matured in spirit. I have the full lush body of the successful porn star. 

My vital stats are 42-26-42. From that alone, you can guess that I am busty and well-endowed in the right places. For those of you not too versatile in the female stats game, what my stats mean is that my bust measures a 42dd cup, full, firm and very soft, always warm to the touch.

My waist is tiny, measuring a meagre 26 from navel to navel while my hips are a massive 42, well-proportioned with full bubble butts that wiggle seductively as I walk. Not to sound immodest, I know I have got an attractive body, in fact, a notch more attractive than the average attractive girl.

My face also compliments my body as though not exceedingly pretty, you could not call me plain. These two coupled together would make any girl vain but I am not since I could easily get what I wanted. My body is ripe, veering towards over ripe. I am very conscious of this fact as I am of my sexuality.

I lost my parents as a toddler of two due to a car accident. I was in the car with them but as fate would have it, I had not even a scare to show for the ghastly accident while my parents lost their lives.

That started or do I say invariably pushed me to the life I now live since I think I would not have chosen this path if my parents were alive.

The only relative ready to take care of an infant two years was my mom’s elder sister as my other relatives were more concerned with the properties my parents left behind rather than the child. They quibbled and fought for what they did not know how the owner acquired and did not even think to put aside anything or consider the welfare of the only child they had left behind.

My aunt was a petite but bitter woman and she took out her bitterness on the orphan she had been saddled with. It wasn’t as if she was overly wicked just that she was indifferent. To her, I was an inconvenience that she had a duty to and she felt her duty was fulfilled by offering me shelter and food. She didn’t notice me or care that I was there. The other members of her family, her sons and husband were the ones who showed a modicum of care but I later got to know that it was not for altruistic reasons that they did this.

In their own little way however, my auntie’s family were caring and accepting, something I could not say about my own flesh and blood; my aunt.

I became aware of my sexuality at thirteen years or thereabouts. I noticed that while girls my age were straight and thin and the plump ones all fat, I was all curvy. 

The curves on my body were obvious even to me and I used to look at the angles and plains of other children, both boys and girls in my age category and wonder why I was different. But there was no body to speak to about my concerns as my aunt didn’t even speak to me except to send me on errands.

I noticed that I started developing painful lumps in my chest even much earlier and my nipples were becoming more obvious and taut especially when I was anxious, eager or excited and I was almost always excited. It took very little to get me excited. 

Bath times became a very enjoyable period for me after I accidentally touched my pussy mound one day while bathing.

A jolt of electricity ran from that nether region straight to my brain and exploded all over my body. It felt like my body was on fire, like my blood had turned to liquid fire. It was such an exquisite feeling that I began craving it always.

I would rub my thighs together whenever I felt the urge and the friction of my thighs rubbing together would create that tingly feeling again, making my body flush and a kind of juice flow from my nether region. I initially though it was pee unconsciously escaping but after some months, I noticed that what was coming out of my body during those rubbing sessions or while I was bathing was pee, it was much clearer and one day I tasted it. It was sweet in a tangy sort of way that I enjoyed. Sometimes, the substance was very thick and rubbery but it still tasted the same. I was baffled even though I enjoyed the taste, I wanted to know more about it. Alas, there was none to tell me.

By the time I was fourteen years old, my body was as fully formed as that of a normal sixteen year girl. My legs had grown longer and lither, my boobs were an average grape size and my hips were wider than those of my cousin James’, girlfriend who was sixteen then. My aunt has three children, all boys and the youngest was about a year older than me while the eldest was nineteen and was in his third year at university when I clocked fourteen.

James and his younger brother John were nice to me in a rivalry kind of way. They both treated me as nice as they could for boys by sometimes giving me some of their food to eat each time their mum was in her usual foul mood and had denied me food. They would each sneak portion of their meals into the store room which also doubled as my bedroom and bid me eat up.

Sometimes, I ended up eating more than they did because half of each made a whole while they made do with half each. I didn’t see anything wrong in this initially but I felt maturity had made James more amenable and that John was only trying to copy his brother.

I had a change of heart however when I caught James watching me through a crack in the door hole of the bathroom. I had been playing with my pussy mound as usual and did not know how long he had been standing there. He didn’t know that I had seen him however.

There was something protruding between his leg which he was pulling on as he watched me and I also watched him surreptitiously. I didn’t know what it was but I noticed that it grew bigger as he pulled and that the expression on his face looked like someone enjoying himself.

His mouth was hanging open and dripping saliva but he was oblivious to it. Curiosity held me and I wanted to know what it was, if he was getting as much pleasure as I was from touching the slit in my nether region from his pulling the shaft between his legs.

It became a ritual, I would wait until only James and I were at home before going to take my bath and I would make an issue of it by telling him I was until he acknowledges that he had heard. I would then take as much time as I could, calculate how long I had before the others returned.

I would touch my already too big boobs, pull on my very long nipples (they are each about an inch long), lean on the wall with legs spread and torso pushed forward while I play with my vagina mound. While doing this, I would cunningly look at the crack in the bathroom door and sure enough, my cousin would be there playing with his cock, breathing hard and drooling like a dog about to get a big, fat juicy bone.

I would draw out the scene for as long as I could just so I could watch him play with his member. I had an insane desire to touch it, to feel it and be intimate with its true nature. I still did not know what it was. 

There was no one I could conveniently ask as despite my physique, I was in JSS2 in a public secondary school and the older students looked down on me. They felt I just ran an overgrowth of hormones but curiosity was driving me crazy the same way my body and its reaction was driving me crazy.

On one of those days when we would play our little game out (I knew he knew that I knew he was watching, I had even stopped closing the door, we were the only ones at home as usual and from the look of things, it would take at least another two hours before any other member of the family joined us. I was having my usual bath session and my cousin was watching and wanking as usual, moaning loudly now as we had grown beyond all pretences.

I was also moaning as we watched each other from across the threshold of the open bathroom door. I noticed that my cousin had rubbed a substance on his cock and the movement of his hands up and down of it was slicker and faster. I had progressed from just touching my pussy mound to dipping my fingers inside my slit to feel the constant warmth and throbbing of that area.

I had also noticed that there was a small pointy mound of flesh just upwards of where my pee used to come out that was extra sensitive. Touching that small button like mound was enough to send the electricity through me at any time, place or day and I indulged. During bath sessions when I knew my cousin was watching, I would touch every part of my mound, rub the crevice between the flap that covered my pussy slit and then move up to touch that knob of supersensitive flesh.

I would let out small screams and moans as the sensation took over me and I await the final explosion that made that thick whitish substance flow out of me with great anticipation.

Even in my pleasure and excitement, I still watched my cousin and the antics he was playing with his cock. I noticed that the shaft had grown much much longer and stiffer and hard several veins standing out from the sides.

My cousin’s eyes were glued to my open mound and would rove from there to my boobs and very hard and painful nipples. My nipples felt like they would detach from my body. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time.

I started feeling the onset of the electricity when I noticed that my cousin’s pressure and pull on his shaft had increased and he was pulling very fast as his mouth hung open and guttural sounds escaped his throat.

As the electricity hit me and I shook with it, I noticed a white gooey substance fly out of James cock.

The force of it was so much that the first jet landed on my boobs and my body while the others landed on the floor of the bathroom.

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