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All For One – Season 4 – Episode 8

Season 4

Episode 8

After a few more minutes of kissing, she looked up at me.

“Don’t you like me?” She queried.

“What?” I answered. “Where did that come from?”

“Well, you’re the first guy I’ve been around that hasn’t made any lewd comments or tried to paw me in the first 5 minutes. I   threw myself at you at the studio city, and you didn’t make a move.” She said. “If that nightshirt were any thinner, I might as well have been naked, and I know you saw my ass in the bathroom mirror.” “I just figured I wasn’t your type.”

Queen, honey.” I smiled. “I think you’re the most interesting woman I’ve ever met and I’d like nothing more than to escalate this relationship, but I also don’t want to move too fast and scare you off. I can’t read you, which really throws me, it’s something I’ve never experienced before. And for the record, that nightshirt damn near killed me, believe me I noticed, as for the mirror, I plead the fifth.”

She laid her head on my chest, then started laughing. “If anyone else said that, I’d call them a liar, but coming from you, I know it’s the truth.” “So you really can’t read me huh?”

“Not even a little.” I admitted. “It’s driving me nuts.” “That’s why I haven’t tried anything, the risk of death was too high, from you or Mike.”

She moved back up and kissed me again.

“Well, maybe this will clarify things.” She giggled, then started unbuttoning my shirt. “Janice will just have to get over it, though I still reserve the right to kill you.”

We slowly undressed each other, then laid down, embracing.

God she was beautiful, I’d been with quite a few women by this point in my life, but I always had a special place in my heart for this beauty.

“You are…” I gasped. “Stunning.”

Looking down at my engorged dick, she smiled.

“Guess you like me after all.”

“Oh Yeah!” I leered, nearly drooling.

I pulled her to me and tongue wrestled her, reaching up to caress her firm, warm breasts.

She purred and snuggled closer.

“We should have done this sooner.”

We explored each other, moving slowly, savoring the experience, learning the territory.

I felt no need to rush, honestly a first for me. I was enjoying discovering all her curves, probing her creases and caressing her skin. She in turn was checking me out as well.

Eventually, we started getting more intimate, I slowly ran my fingers through her pubic hair, seeking her warm, wet slit.

She lightly stroked my abdomen and traced my hairline from my navel to my cock, stopping just before contact.

“Impressive.” She purred.

I gently slipped a finger into her wetness, lightly stroking her clit, eliciting a soft moan.

I leaned down and kissed a nipple, taking it into my mouth and tonguing it gently. Again, she moaned, shivering lightly. “Mmm, nice.”


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