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All For One – Season 4 – Episode 7

Season 4

Episode 7

After we got back, Queen did chide Gerald for letting my studies slide,

“You can feed your eyes, let be a warning.”

She said, then laughed, hugged me, and kissed me on the cheek.

“Thanks for the great time.” She gushed, then bounced off to her room.

A week or so later, I’d just gotten home from the project site, when Queen came in right behind me. She nearly ran me down headed for her room, rushed inside and slammed the door.

I ditched my stuff in my room, then went to her door.

I could hear her crying inside.

“Queen?” I said, knocking on her door.

“Go away.” She hissed.

I opened the door slowly. She was sitting on the bed.

“Queen, what’s wrong?” I asked, sitting on the edge of the bed next to her.

“I had an interview today.” She sniffled. “I thought everything was going well till I met the head engineer. He said I had impeccable credentials and I would be a great addition to the company, but unless I agreed to sleep with him…”

“Queen, I’m so sorry.” I said, taking her hand in mine. “What a jerk.”

“What am I going to do Gerald? She bawled. I’ll never get a job. It’s been months, and I’m still looking.” She fell over onto my shoulder, sobbing.

I hugged her, letting her cry herself out. Then laid her down on the bed, covering her with a blanket.

I turned to leave, when she reached out and grabbed my hand.

“Please don’t go.” She croaked. “I don’t want to be alone.”

I laid next to her and cradled her in my arms while she sniffled softly. Before long the sniffles became snores as she snuggled into me and fell asleep.

I held her as she slept, stroking her hair, comforting her as best I could.

She awoke some time later, looking a little better.

“Thanks for…” She whispered.

“Feeling better?” I asked.

She looked up at me smiling, then kissed me softly, emerald eyes sparkling like diamonds. “Yeah.”

This was taking an interesting turn.

We laid there, kissing for quite a while. She was a good kisser. I could smell her perfume and feel her hair caressing my face and neck.

This was something completely different for me. My previous encounters were mostly fast, sweaty and frenetic. I wasn’t sure at this point if we were even going any further, and I was ok with that.

I wasn’t going to do anything, I’d let her be in control and just see where this went.


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