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All For One – Season 4 – Episode 6

Season 4

Episode 6

Gerald and Queen continues…

This was an unforeseen development, but I had to admit, I really did miss her company.

“I’m sorry Queen” I said. “The project has been brutal, I’m barely keeping up, but you’re right, I should be more available. I can’t expect you to live like a recluse.”

“Tell you what, I have a day off, coming up.” I stated. “Want to get out of town for a bit, just to decompress?”

“That sounds nice.” She smiled weakly. “You really do that for me?”

“Well I think it would be good for both of us.” I grinned. “I’m so tired right now, I don’t think I’m remembering anything I study anyway.”

“I’ve always wanted to see Studio KDY.” She chirped.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“It’s probably the most famous recording studio in the city.” She beamed. “Elvis recorded there, along with just about everybody else.”

“Sounds interesting.” I said. “It’s a nice drive and I’ve never been there.” ” I cant’ really produce all kind of music, but I’m open.”

“Great.” She smiled. “Only one problem, I’m broke.”

“I’m not exactly rolling in dough either.” I lamented. “If we take our own food and…”

“And?” She probed.

“Well, I don’t want to sound like some kind of pervert, but if we room together, separate beds of course, we could cut that cost in half.”

I offered, hoping she wouldn’t think I was trying anything. (Though at this point, I’d like to.)

“I think that’s doable, provided you let me pay for half.” She smiled.

“Done.” I said. “Shit, now I have to buy some pajamas.”

“What?” She said.

“Damn, didn’t think I said that out loud.” I sputtered, blushing deeply. “I…uh…normally sleep nude.”

Queen giggled wickedly. “Interesting mental picture.”

By the time we finalized our plans, my face had returned to its usual color.

We settled in and ate in the hotel room while we planned the next day. Afterwards, Queen excused herself to take a shower.

“Gerald?” She called out. “I forgot my shampoo, would you bring it to me?”

I grabbed the bottle from her suitcase and went to the bathroom door. She opened it just enough for me to hand in the shampoo, then closed the door.


What she didn’t know was there was a full length mirror behind her and I could see her naked ass quite clearly.

“You’re w-welcome.” I sputtered, trying not to leer.

We spent 3 days in another city. Queen was a great tour guide and showed me all the sights. Queen did some beautiful studio sessions, producing good music, for some artist.

I was the perfect gentleman for the entire time, even though Queen didn’t make it easy. She wore a nightshirt to bed that was so sheer, that I’d have been able to see her areolae though the material, of course her nipples stood out most of the time and it stuck to her ass like a second skin.

When she crawled into bed, it rode up making it clear she wasn’t wearing panties. I’m glad I got PJ’s made of heavier cloth, and a long shirt, it would hopefully hide the erection I had.


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