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All For One – Season 4 – Episode 4

Season 4
Episode 4
Mandy and Victory continues

“Good,” he said fucking into her face. “Next time I come over you aren’t going to give me any attitude. Do you understand?”

Grunting with a mouth full of cock she tried to tell him yes. Holding her head in place with both hands he pushed in as far as he could gagging her.

Pulling out, he repeated himself, “Do you understand?”

“Ye… ye… yes,” Mandy finally stated, catching her breath.

“Good. Now come ride this pole,” he said as he lay down on his back on her bed.

She climbed up onto the bed and crawled up his body, kissing up him, her hanging breasts rubbing against him as she went.

When she got to his stiff cock she had no choice but to bob her head on him several times before licking his cock head.

His cock slid across her body and bounced up rubbing her clit as she kissed his neck and shoulders. She rocked her hips rubbing her pussy against him, teasing her opening and clit. Victory’s hands squeezed her ass checks as he enjoyed her ministrations.

“Time to ride,” he commanded.

She moaned again and then lifted her body to comply.

As she lowered herself onto him he watched her breast heave with each deep breath. Her tight pussy slowly took him again, inch by inch.

His hands played with her tits, his thumbs rubbing her sensitive nipples.

She could feel her orgasm grow with each rock and gyration.

“Cum in me,” she cried out as she rode him.

As he watched her tits bounce he released his load into her wet pussy. His hands pulling her hips down trying to force his cock deeper. He grunted loudly as spurt after spurt filled her pussy.

This pushed her over the edge and another orgasm racked her body. Victory watched Mandy’s body shake and her boobs bounce. He loved watching bitches cum on his cock.

She lay down on his chest, his cock softening in her

“Clean me,” he said.

She kissed down him and then sucked their combined juices off his cock.

His hand squeezed her ass as she sucked him.

“You are the best,” he said watching her clean. She swallowed his cum down, hating herself for being proud of the compliment. She cuddled against him, her naked sweaty body pressed against his.

“Alright, got to go,” Victory said standing up his softening cock swinging between his legs.

“Early morning and all.”

Mandy looked from his glistening cock up to his face, emotions swarming through her. She watched him dress equally disappointed he was leaving and that she wanted him to stay so bad.

“See you soon, baby,” Victory called as he walked out the door.

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