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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For One – Season 4 – Episode 2

Season 4

Episode 2

Mandy looked back at him over her shoulder, wordlessly begging him to bend her over and stuff his hard cock into her.

“Lead the way,” Victory commanded.

Smiling she took his hand and turned, leading him into her bedroom. He watched her ass bounce as she swayed her hips suggestively.

Mandy bent at the waist in front of Victory, pressing her hands against her bed, and wiggled her ass at him.

He grabbed her hips and rubbed his cock between her ass checks rubbing her saliva from his dick onto her panties. She moaned enjoying the feel of his cock so close to her pussy.

Victory grabbed her panties pulling them over her ass and letting them fall down her legs.

His cock rubbed against her bare ass and he slipped a hand onto her wet pussy. His fingers found her clit and began to rub it back and forth. Mandy moaned and ground against his hand and cock.

“Oh, yeah… More…” she moaned.

“What do you want?” Victory asked.

“I want you…” Mandy moaned again.

“Want me to what?”

“Fuck me…” Then unprompted, “please…”

Victory took his cock in hand and lined it up with her wet hole. He rubbed it against her as she moaned louder.

Slowly he began to push against her. Mandy groaned loudly and pushed back toward him.

Smirking Victory let her push his head in before moving back slightly.

“Yeah…” she whined and moaned at the same time as she pushed back again.

Victory stayed still this time letting Mandy slowly impale herself, inch by inch, on his cock. As she bottomed out she cried out, “Oh my God!”

As she pulled forward Victory leaned with her. He let her slowly slip off as he positioned himself closer to her. As she moved forward an inch he moved forward half that. He gripped her hips stopping her once the tip of his cock head popped out of her.

With a slight tug of encouragement Mandy began to rock back and forth, Victory holding her hips allowing her to focus on the motion letting her bottom out and keep his cock tip in her the whole time.

As she fucked back into him more and more vigorously she grew more vocal, loudly moaning

“yes” and “oh God.” As the first orgasm she had experienced in months grew close, she speed up slamming into him.

Victory and Mandy had practiced this for a long time and all her experience was coming to bear as she brought herself to orgasm on his cock.

Mandy cried out loudly then buried her face into the comforter on her bed as the long denied orgasm washed over.

Her hands bunched the blanket as she gripped it tightly.

As she relaxed, a smile spreading across her face, her breath coming in deep ragged drags, her pussy slipped down Victory’s cock.


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