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All For One – Season 3 – Episode 8 [Completed]

Season 3

Episode 8

Mandy had twisted around though and was watching the warrior and the princess finally go at it. Victory smiled and pulled Mandy by her hips against his bulge. Mandy moaned and turned back to face him, her boobs squished against him, only their two tee shirts between their chests.

He took what was left of the joint from her as she rocked against him, as she pressed her body against his, still rubbing her panties against his hardening cock.

“Mhmm,” she moaned affirmatively.

He smiled inhaling the last of the joint, dropping the roach in the makeshift ashtray. He tilted her head back and up as he leaned in.

Her lips parted and he placed his lips on hers, blowing the weed smoke directly into her lungs. As his lungs emptied he slipped his tongue into her mouth and felt her lick it.

Leaning back she tilted her head up blowing the smoke upwards. Victory took advantage of the situation and leaned forward kissing her neck and sliding his hands around her body, one on her ass and the other against her back pulling her toward him.

She continued to gyrate on his lap as the princess moaned on tv.

“You are so sexy, baby,” Victory said between kisses to her collar bone and shoulder. His hands were working their way up from her hips, sliding the shirt up her body as he enjoyed the feel of her smooth skin against his hands.

He pulled the shirt over her head and started to kiss the swell of her breast as his hands moved across her back and down to her ass, pulling her thong covered wet slit against him.

She rocked herself against him as she orgasmed from the clit rubbing she was receiving. Her labored breathing was ragged against his chest as she rested her head against him.

Her arms were drapped over Victory‘s shoulders as he continued to rub her ass. She had yet to orgasm with John and this was the relief she had been craving for the weeks since she had broken up with Sam.

Remembering Tony, Mandy sat back. As Victory‘s mouth hungrily went to her breast, Mandy pushed away.

“No, I’m sorry, I can’t,” she sputtered.

“But baby,” Victory said, his hands having found their way back to her thighs as she slid back, still straddling his legs.

“We both need this.”

He leaned forward to kiss her as she moved his hands from her thighs. He quickly moved her hand around pulling it to his crotch and onto his jean covered cock.

His jeans were wet from her pussy and she felt herself getting wetter just touching him and imagining him inside of her.

She hungrily kissed back as he leaned in to her. As they  kissed his hands cupped and fondled her breasts, playing with her hard nipples, making them even firmer.

She moved her hands to his belt and undid the buckle with her eyes closed, her tongue wrestling with her ex’s.


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