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All For One – Season 3 – Episode 7

Season 3

Episode 7

But Mandy hadn’t gotten up and had chuckled along.

“He does fine!” she said excitedly.

“‘Fine. Right? Well…”

Victory and Mandy were both looking at the screen again as the warrior saved the practically naked princess from some evil warriors. Victory reached into his pocket pulling out a joint and a lighter. As he lit it Mandy looked over and rolled her eyes sighing.

“I thought you were trying to sober up…”

“You know weed takes the edge off of the alcohol,” he said, taking a drag.

“Good weed from my friend in the city. You want some?” He offered it to her.

“I shouldn’t,” she said as she took it from him anyway knowing how horny it made her. Victory put his arm back on the cushion next to Mandy as she took a drag.

‘What am I doing’, she thought to herself. ‘Getting high with my ex on a week night barely dressed.’ The pot had made her more self aware of her barely clothed state.

She offered the joint back to him and he moved the hand that was close to her and took another long drag. He tapped the ashes into his mostly empty water glass and offered it back to her.

As she took it he placed his hand on her bare leg looking at the tv again.

Taking a drag, she looked down at his hand. She felt her nipples stiffen as she offered the joint back. He reached over with his far hand and took it from her as he started to move his thumb on her bare leg.

Being so close to her hot ex, the weed, and her not fine sex life with her new boy friend were all making her super horny. Besides, since Scott’s wife returned he has stop seeing Mandy, so she is sex starved. She felt herself getting wet despite herself. She shifted and Victory moved his hand further up her leg.

She was going to say something about it when she realized Victory was looking at her as she was starting at his hand on her leg.

Returning his flirty smirk, she took the joint from him and put it backwards in her mouth and leaned towards him, placing one hand on his shoulder while holding the joint. Victory suddenly shifted and Mandy lost her balance. Victory caught her by a tit and her hip.

“Oops,” she giggled, biting her lip as his eyes looked at her like his cock was already in her.

“How about like this instead?” Victory said as he picked her up by her waist and put her on his lap facing him.

“Now blow,” he said, looking her in the eyes.

Smirking and horny as hell she rocked forward on his lap as she leaned forward, allowing Victory to put the other half of the joint in his mouth. She blew through the joint into his mouth. Victory inhaled the smoke as they looked each other in the eye less then an inch away from each other, her boobs pressed against him. Victory‘s gripped her upper thighs and began to slowly slid his hands up to her waist underneath her shirt.

Tilting his head up, Victory exhaled, blowing the smoke toward the ceiling.

“That was good, baby,” he said as he looked back at her.


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