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All For One – Season 3 – Episode 3

Season 3

Episode 3

Back to Gerald and Queen

“Well, I’m sure you can find a place where you will be appreciated, in love and in your career.” I said, trying to lighten the mood. “Not all men are idiots.”

“Thanks.” She blushed, tiredly. “But, I’m not optimistic.” “My luck with men has been less than stellar.” “I’m not even sure why I told you.”

“Changing the subject.” I said. “Janice didn’t even tell me your name.”

“I’m not surprised.” She chuckled, shaking her head. “We don’t get along very well, I’m Queen” “Thanks for letting me stay here.” “Sorry I’m being a bitch.”

“No worries, happy to help a friend, am Gerald.” I grinned. “I came out to get some food, you hungry?”

“Yeah, actually, I’ve been poking around in the kitchen.” She admitted. “Hope you don’t mind?”

“Make yourself at home.” I smiled.

“You have way more food in there than I would have expected, especially for a guy.” She stated. “You party alot or something?”

“Sure.” I answered. “I club a lot and do ladies too”

“You cook?” She asked.


“My grandmother taught me.”

Gerald explained. “There aren’t any girls in my family, she wanted to pass on her secrets and I was the only one interested.”

“You any good?” She queried. “At cooking I mean.”

She blushed, embarrassed by the question

“Yeah i think so.” I answered, ignoring her mistake. “I’m sure you’ll get the chance to find out.”

“My turn to change the subject, Janice didn’t tell me what your major is.”

She stated. “She didn’t tell me much of anything…as usual.”

“I’m an estate management consultant. At the moment me and my team have a huge project at hand.”

“Hmmm that’s interesting?” She shook her head. “Wow, wish I was that smart.”

“Don’t sell yourself short.” I chided. “I couldn’t even begin to do what you do.” “I am an estate management consultant”

“Ouch.” She winced. “Pretty harsh.”

“I whipped us up a nice dinner, and we talked and got to know each other a little better”

“You got any leads?” I inquired.

“A few.” She said. “But…”

“Well.” I smiled. “Don’t worry about it.” “Things have a way of working out, even if it’s not exactly like you expected.”

“I hope you’re right.” She said, looking uncertain. “I’m kind of running out of options.”

Since I cooked, Queen insisted on cleaning up. I didn’t argue. Afterwards, we retired to the living room.

Queen sat on the floor in front of my stereo, looking at my music collection. “For somebody with no soul, you sure have a nice system.” She giggled. “And I like your taste in music.”

“Thanks.” I said. “I just like what I like, sometimes I don’t even know why.”

Queen put on an album.


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