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All For One – Season 3 – [Episode 1 – 8]

All for one

All for one

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Story Title: All For One

Episodes: 8

Category: Romance 

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Season 3

Episode 1

Gerald and Queen continues, as she replied

She brushed past me. “Don’t need your help.” She hissed. “Don’t need anybody’s help.”

“Suit yourself.” I spat, leaving her to unpack.

I retreated to my room to study, trying to resist the urge to strangle her and dump the body in the river.

I came out, several hours later to eat and found her sitting on the couch.

She looked up when I walked in the room. “Sorry if I was rude earlier.” She said. “I don’t like people fussing over me, truthfully, I just don’t like people, and of late, they’ve not given me much reason to.”

“I’m sure this is a big transition.” I smiled. “No problem.” “You’ll find I’m pretty easy going.”

“Well.” She stated. “I should warn you, I have a hair-trigger temper.” “That’s why I need to move.”

I looked at her, puzzled, then sat in the recliner across from the couch.

“I’m from a fairly small town, and unfortunately, my reputation has made it impossible for me to get work.” She admitted. “I nearly got arrested after leaving my last job.”

“Can I ask what happened, or would you rather not talk about it?” I inquired.

She sat for a moment, thinking. “Well, I’m a sound engineer, you know?” She said.

I must have looked puzzled again.

“You know, recording studio, like the big board with all the dials and switches ?” She explained.

I nodded, “OK, got it.”

“Well, there aren’t many women in this line of work.” She added. “And we get harassed constantly.” “Women in music can only get ahead by giving head, or so it seems.” “If one more idiot touches me, I’m going to cutoff his dick and stuff it down his throat.” “Let’s see how he likes a mouthful of…” “Sorry, temper.”

I was honestly shocked, I had no idea that was the accepted norm. “I can see how that would be upsetting.”

“Well, this slimy producer just wouldn’t stop pawing me and making annoying comments, so I slapped the bastard.” She hissed. “My boss, the owner of the studio, told me it was my fault.” “You’re a woman in a man’s world, what do you expect.” He said. “I punched him square in the face.”

“I would have liked to see that.” I said, grinning broadly. “Bet he was surprised.”

She paused briefly, clearly not amused by my comment.

“Well, the only reason I didn’t get arrested is he didn’t want to admit I kicked his ass.” She lamented. “But, of course, I was through there.”

“And don’t even get me started on my ex-boyfriend, the cheating bastard.” She spat. “He had the nerve to file assault charges against me after I kicked his balls up under his chin.” “Fortunately, the police officer is a family friend and got the charges dropped.”

He sounds like a real winner.”

I added. “I’m sorry he hurt you.”

“The really sad part is he’s hung like a horse…big dick, small brain.” She lamented. “Had absolutely no idea what to do with it, I don’t miss him.”


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