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De9jaSpirit Originals 2

All For One – Season 2 – Episode 6

Season 2

Episode 6

Back to Loveth and Gerald

In the shower, he does his best to tell her what he wants for breakfast, but it’s difficult because she’s on her knees swallowing his cock.

His back is against the shower wall holding the top of her head as his eyes roll back. He’s in ecstasy right now.

He wants to fuck her, but she’s not letting go of his cock. The more he tries to pull away, the deeper his cock goes in her mouth.

“You’re going to make me cum again,” he pants.

His moaning is loud and it’s making him uneasy. This is feeling too good to him. No woman has ever deep throat his cock before because of his length and thickness, but Loveth is and it’s driving him crazy. His thighs begin to tremble as he’s nearing another orgasm.

He bunches up a handful of her hair in his hands as he thrusts his hips. He hears her gagging, but she doesn’t stop. In fact, she goes faster and deeper.

Having her throat squeezing his cock’s head is enough to send him over the edge. Which is exactly what’s happening as his cock erupts.

Gush,” he calls out.

She’s swallowing as she continues sucking every drop out of him making sure his balls are empty. When she stands up, she licks her lips smiling.

Hmmm, that’s delicious,” she tells him.

All he could do is stare at this gorgeous woman. He reaches for her arm and pulls her to him. He kisses her as he grabs the sponge and body wash. He starts cleaning her body as they continue kissing. She decides to do the same since she had the sponge in her hand when they enter the shower.

After their cleaning foreplay, they rinse off and step out the shower. She puts on her fluffy house robe while he uses the towel. He’s happy he has his bag with him. He puts on boxer briefs and sweat pants.

He meets her in the kitchen as she prepares breakfast. He’s mesmerize by her. The way she walks around the kitchen. When she bends over to get something out the refrigerator, his cocks leaps.

He sits in the tall stool chair with his elbows resting on the counter holding his face with his hand smiling. She’s in a zone as she fries the eggs. Then she starts stirring the pancake mix in a large bowl.

“You are amazing,” he says.

She smiles.

“What do you mean?” She asks.

“Just the way you are. You have such a positive aura about you. Plus, I like you,” he answers.

“I like you too. I guess it’s because I don’t let things bother me because life is precious. You should enjoy all things in life. The good, bad and ugly. Everything is a learning experience. Whether you want to learn it or not,” she says.

He wants to hop off the stool and take her again, but he’s starving.

“May I help?” He asks.

“Sure, that would be great. Thank you. Could you get the plates? They’re in the cabinet to the right. Oh, please get the orange juice out the refrigerator,” she answers.


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